IT Data Manager

IT Engineer Security job description

IT Security Engineer

Content Campaign Manager

Investigation job description

Internal Communications Executive

Chief Information Security Officer

IT Forensics Specialist

HRBP People Development

Human Resources Specialist

HR Systems Analyst

Human Resources Director

HRBP job description

HR Services Director

HR Shared Service Centre Administrator

Human Resources Reward Analyst

Head of Internal Communications & Engagement

Head of Data Architecture

Corporate Security Manager

Exit & Transition Lead

Head of Digital

Digital Artworker

Data Migration Lead

Studio Manager

Head of HR Resourcing

Safety Systems

Digitial Administration Assistant

Digital Analytics Assistant job description

Digital Communications job description

Information Security Technical Specialist

IM&T Trainer job description

Communications Officer Digital and Design

Digital Transformation Director

Human Resources Job Descriptions

Safety Systems Analyst










Digital and Social Media Officer

Digital Analyst

Customer Support Analyst 

Digital Communications Officer

eCommerce Analytics Manager

Digital Applications Developer

Technology Engagement Manager

Information Security Risk Management

Business Intelligence Reporting Developer

HR Project Lead

Sound Designer

HR Case Manager

Senior Digital Specialist

Digital Media Officer

Multimedia content developer e-Learning

Digital Marketing Officer

SOC Analyst

SOC Specialist

Digital Support Officer

Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist

Digital Content Messaging Manager

Digital and Print Designer

Information Security Manager

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Intellectual Property

Technology Lawyer job description

Digital Solutions Programme Manager

Commercial Architect

Safety Adviser

Digital Specialist

Account Manager

Digital Strategy

IT and Systems Trainer

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There are literally many reasons for needing to check out job descriptions for different jobs.   You may be an employer who needs to write a jd quickly for recruitment or job advertisement purposes and doesn`t know where to start.  From experience it is useful to have something which acts as a starting point.  In many cases on this site you will find several descriptions for a particular job and you can then compare them and perhaps use a little of each one to compile the jd.

Welcome to our database of free job descriptions.  You will find thousands of free job descriptions within our database which we hope will assist you in your quest to better understand the content of various jobs.   Perhaps you need to know about a jd for Sharepoint Administrator, Application Developer or IT Help Desk.  You will find them and hundreds more Information technology jd`s in our IT section.    





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2] Main Responsibilities-The main duties and tasks required to be undertaken.  Sometimes this section is known as "job duties"


3] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-

What sorts of knowledge and experience and qualifications are required of a member of staff to undertake this sort of role?

You will see the red panels and buttons below through this website.  Each one contains a job description, just click on a few and take a look.  


These tend to be those that people are actively seeking, some of which you can check out below.

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Perhaps you work for a job agency who needs to better understand a job for which you may be taking a brief.  let`s face it, however experienced you are there is always a new job title/position which is a bit unfamiliar and needs checking.


Other categories of people who use this site are job seekers and students, both of whom who wish to understand more about what a job entails.  Sometimes it is very difficult to get a feel for exactly what tasks are required to be undertaken in a job.  This is a good place to start and the volume of job descriptions in different types of roles can assist with career choice.


If you are after managerial job descriptions for Management jobs or medical job descriptions for Doctor jobs, you`ll find the largest number of links on the menu left.  The same goes for Accounting, Marketing and Executive job roles.

Of course we have free jd`s from every business sector and every type of occupation including IT, Medical, Management, Sales, Accountancy, Executive, Marketing and many, many others such as Insurance Agent or Insurance Specialist Job Description.   They are for real jobs.   How about something a bit more customer focussed like Customer Relationship Manager or Marketing Specialist, these and many, many more are here.

If you take the IT Help Desk example, this position is often known by different names in different organisations.  It could be Help Desk Manager, Help Desk Technician, ICT Help Desk Analyst or numerous other job titles.  We provide examples of all of these and for many more IT jobs as well.  You can use several together to ensure that you are not missing any key responsibilities for your jd.


Ather good example for this is the position of receptionist, the most searched for jd on the internet.  There are at least 10 reception jd`s on this site.

Some lawyer Job Descriptions





























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