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Accounts Payable Processor job description

Job Summary-Accounts Payable Processor job description

To process invoice transactions using the financial system Oracle Accounts Payable (‘AP’) thereby making invoices available for payment. This must be done in a speedy and accurate manner. Also required to assist  suppliers and budget holders, with routine invoice queries.


Main responsibilities-Accounts Payable Processor job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Accounts Payable Processor job description


Balance all bank statements against ledgers and receipts for credit card purchases


Maintain physical and electronic files for accounts payable


Process applications


Cross-train on billing and invoice creation.


Assist with Branch monthly and quarterly accounting records as requested


1. Download Branch bank records


2. Assist in internal branch auditing


3. Other tasks as assigned


Knowledge, Skills, Training, Experience


Essential Knowledge and Experience


The post holder will be required to input key data from invoices into the Oracle AP system.  The post holder is required therefore to demonstrate competency in the use of the AP system. Invoices can vary in complexity. Simpler invoices (‘standard invoices’) would require a relatively short induction period (several weeks) however more extensive experience of Oracle AP is required for complex invoices i.e. those that have to be matched to a purchase order, include multiple VAT rates, split budget codes, etc. This experience could be gained over a period of a few months.


A basic awareness and understanding of financial terminology is required e.g. VAT, discounts, payment methods.


Fundamental numeracy is necessary (i.e. additions, subtractions, calculations of percentages) due to the  requirement to calculate VAT liability, value of discounts etc.


Experience of working in an office environment and procedures involved e.g. dealing with post, misdirected telephone calls.


The post holder may be required to prepare/use basic spreadsheets word documents


GCSE Maths, English, ECDL or an equivalent portfolio of experience














Essential Communication skills


Communication skills are required principally when dealing with customers enquiring over incorrect/late payments. This can require calmness and tact as suppliers can occasionally be angry and or aggressive. Suppliers may need persuading that overdue invoices can wait until next the scheduled payment run rather that initiating one of payment which results in a cost to the .


Also required to answer routine invoice queries from  staff e.g. budget holders, other Finance staff.


Communication will be in person by telephone and e-mail.


Essential Analytical and Judgmental skills


Attention to detail will be required as a large variety of invoices are processed and key data will held be in different fields on different invoice types. In addition the ability to analyze and check invoices is required e.g. to ensure all invoices are correctly authorized for payment or establishing if an invoice for maintenance services relates to a future period.  


Invoices may contain incorrect data e.g. price calculations. The post holder must be able to identify and correct such errors and discrepancies.


Post holders are also required to have knowledge of the  VAT regime and be able to identify if VAT on certain invoices can be recovered. This can become complicated if invoices contain different types of goods and services. Calculations are then required to determine overall levels of VAT recovery.


A methodical approach is required when checking supplier statements for unpaid invoices.


A degree of initiative is also required to perform searches in Oracle AP e.g. tracing payments after company name changes have been made.
















Planning/ Organisational skills


The post holder is required to prepare work within prescribed timescales without direct supervision. Work must be planned to meet monthly financial timetables.



Physical Skills


Proficiency in keyboard skills is essential as is the ability to navigate in windows environment using the mouse.  Formal typing qualifications are not a requirement  however the post holder will be required to process invoices quickly without sacrificing accuracy especially to meet month end deadlines (over 100 per day). Excellent keyboard/mouse skills are therefore required.


The majority of the working day will involve VDU/keyboard use.


Ability to concentrate is required when inputting data for long periods of time particularly as interruptions to work can be frequent from telephone calls.

Process accounts payables in a timely manner including:


Enter all bills and invoices to be paid into system


Process bills/invoices approved for payment weekly via ACK, online bill-pay or check


File paid bills/invoices


Monitor credit card balances weekly to semi-monthly, depending on travel loads, to assure limits are monitored.


Reconcile credit card statements to receipts and QB ledger


Process any approved refunds as needed


Maintain and update changes to QB database payable entries

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