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Broadcast Journalist Producer job description

Job Summary

To initiate and produce, as part of a team, a wide variety of news and current affairs material for Radio and/or Television.

Main responsibilities-Broadcast Journalist Producer job description

1. To carry out in-depth research to a broad brief, with minimal supervision across the whole range of Regional Broadcasting news and current affairs output.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Broadcast Journalist Producer


5. To produce live and pre-recorded radio news and current affairs programmes and to prepare radio and TV packages under supervision.


6. To originate and develop programme ideas; to assist in forward planning of material for future programmes.


7. To provide briefings for reporters, camera crews and other resources staff and contributors.



8. To operate broadcast equipment: in radio, portable recording equipment, self-operating outside broadcasting vehicles and studio equipment; in television, to direct camera crews on pre-recorded and live coverage, to oversee editing and operate gallery equipment.


9. To liaise with and service the requirements of the network newsrooms.


10. On occasions, to administer programmes budgets, ensuring effective use of money and resources, and to supervise the work of Broadcast Assistants.


11. To develop and maintain local contacts and to fulfil a public relations role e.g. responding to enquiries from the public.


12. At all times to carry out duties in accordance with Regional Broadcasting Health and Safety guidelines policy.

This is the core professional level in journalism within Regional Broadcast. Journalists are employed across a range of functions and with different skills, knowledge and experience. There is staged progression through the level which is related to review of performance and the achievement of specific objectives at every stage.


1. On initial recruitment, either a recognised journalistic qualification or substantial practical experience in journalism (likely to be around 3 years’).


2. People with a similar amount of experience in broadcast journalism may be appointed at a higher level within the salary range.


3. First class news judgement.


4. Good broadcasting and on-air skills where appropriate.













5. Good writing skills.


6. Ability to originate and develop programme stories.


7. Ability to work co-operatively as part of a small team.


8. Knowledge of production techniques and facilities in both Radio and Television and the ability to develop Multi-Media production skills.





9. An understanding of Producer Guidelines and awareness of legal considerations applying to all types of output.


(A job description is a written statement of the essential characteristics of the job, with its principal accountabilities, incorporating a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance. This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved).

Free job description Broadcast Journalist Producer



2. To write material for programme scripts, bulletins and links, exercising editorial judgement, maintaining professional journalistic standards and adhering to policy and legal and contractual guidelines.


3. To undertake interviewing and reporting duties, under broad direction in both recorded and live situations, in studio or on location, for both Radio and Television.


4. To prepare and present bulletins, including assessing incoming copy, sub-editing news copy and deploying the necessary resources.