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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Build and Release Engineer Job Description

Job Summary

• Manage the systems required to build, test and deploy software into a range of environments spanning the full software development lifecycle for video production systems.

Main responsibilities-Build and Release Engineer Job Description

You will:

• Accept software components from the product development teams or third party vendors and produces software builds for deployment into a range of environments


• Ensure build and release processes and procedures are followed.


• Assess, plan and assist the product teams with the design of release packages prior to deployment into the environments.


• Produce build definitions for the generation of software which will have multiple software branches and versions of both bespoke software development and 3rd party vendor applications.


• Produce software builds and carry out fault diagnosis relating to build failures and documenting and the results.


• Ensure, where possible, that an automated approach is being taken to all aspects of software build and management.


• Facilitate discussion and conflict resolution on build and release issues


• Generate and maintain configuration management records for releases and software builds


• Support an agile and iterative approach to development, testing, build and release.


• To keep abreast of developments in software engineering and technologies

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Build and Release Engineer Job Description

Free job description Build and Release Engineer

• Significant experience gained in an IT operations or systems integration role.


• Experience in a range of version control, continuous integration and build automation tools and approaches (including open source solutions) e.g. RPMs, Subversion, Jira, Maven, Hudson, Puppet.


• Experience of working with server virtualisation technologies such as VMware.


• Experience of working with a Linux, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Oracle, MS SQL and .NET


• Experience of working with SOA enterprise integration technologies such as IBM WebSphere or JBoss is highly desirable.











• Ability to work proactively and collaboratively with third party vendors and their support departments to aid issue resolution.


• Experience of working on large scale agile projects, and working in an environment which is running multiple concurrent Scrums.


• Experience of using Agile approaches such as SCRUM, TDD, User Stories, Release Planning, Retrospectives.


• Have a degree in Electronics, Physics, Computer Science or a related subject.


• Experience of working in a broadcast media environment would definitely be an advantage.


• Experience of working on Enterprise scale technology solutions.


• Devise and operate the processes needed to ensure software builds are fast, automated and reliable.


• Analyse, plan and assist the development teams with the design of release packages for deployment


• Ensure visibility of the status and configuration of all builds within a range of environments

• Takes direction from and is accountable to the team environment and build lead


• This role is required to enhance the system to meet new requirements, to provide development support and maintenance