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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Business Manager job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Business Manager job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Business Manager




1. To act quickly and pragmatically under pressure to prioritise and resolve technical faults and problems.


2. To simplify and systematically analyse and evaluate technical problems.


3. Willingness to take initiative, originate action and be responsible for consequent decisions.


4. To communicate clearly with a range of people at different levels of the organisation and explain and discuss technical issues using a range of styles, tools and techniques.



5. To work in a manner in keeping with the station values.


6. To engage with the needs of production and operational departments.


7. To effectively plan, prioritise and co-ordinate own and other’s activities.


8. To assess and advise on the technical quality of vision, audio and data in line with company guidelines.


9. To work in a team, and lead teams.




1. Relevant engineering qualifications or demonstrable practical experience.


2. An understanding of radio and television and the associated transmission and carrier systems.


3. Understanding of personal computers, servers, IT systems and networks.


4. A keen interest in broadcast technology, its development and application in the regions.


5. An understanding of current and relevant health and safety legislation particularly electrical safety.




1. Experience of working in a broadcast technology (or similar) environment.


2. An interest in the creative elements of broadcasting.

Business Manager

provide business management support to the company by


1. Robust responses to commissioning intentions

2. Contract and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

3. Sound financial planning, budget control and management



3. Sound financial planning, budget control and management

•Support improved financial management in the services, in collaboration with the financial and management accountants.

•Ensure that managers prepare for and provide data for reference costs, programme budgeting and other requirements including financial recovery plans, supporting the Management Accountants.

•Work with the Director and Heads of service to ensure the services provided can be benchmarked against other comparable organisations and show that value for money is achieved.

•Play a role in empowering front line staff to drive efficiency by understanding financial flows and the actual cost of services.

•Support and facilitate the preparation of financial reports for budget planning and monitoring.



4.Good performance conversations and reporting

•Support the Director in developing and managing a rigorous internal performance management process that identifies variances against service targets and ensures that timely action is taken.


•Support the Director in embedding a performance culture in all services, ensuring that performance data is used routinely to demonstrate effectiveness and further develop services.


•Ensure the provision of regular, timely and accurate information on service performance and provide analysis on complex information to support decision making.


•Present monthly performance reports to the Director, and to the, Executive, Board and commissioners as required.




4. Good performance conversations and reporting

5. Robust business planning

6. Improve use of information systems

7. Customer engagement leading to continuous service improvements

8. Promotion of the service/s

9. Co-ordination of aligned support staff to the company, e.g. assurance, finance, HR, IM and Communications

1. Robust responses to commissioning intentions


• Support managers to ensure that service development plans are in line with national and local priorities, strategies and initiatives, in order to meet the needs of the population and of commissioners of the service.

• Develop an understanding of commissioners’ needs and future plans, in order to inform service plans.

•Proactively identify and develop service design / service improvement solutions.


2.Clear Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)-Business Manager

• To support the contracts team to effectively manage the supplier contract lifecycle, to the agreed quality of service and value for money.





Business Manager

5.Robust business planning and service developments and innovations

•Develop and communicate business plans – aligned to the Trust’s strategic and operational objectives, supported by the Business Development Team.

•Co-ordinate the reporting of business plans on a regular basis, to include operational, financial, governance, quality and business information.

•Be responsible for the analysis of performance intelligence to drive continuous improvement.

•Identify opportunities to establish partnerships, for service developments and new markets or services to tender for.

•Support service managers to develop short and long-term service development plans which reflect local needs and priorities

•Monitor competitor activity to support strategy development.


6.Improvements in information systems and use-Business Manager

•Support the development of improved information systems and reporting.

•Contribute to improving the capabilities and competencies of all staff in the most effective use of Information Management and Technology (e.g. IT systems, assistive technologies etc.).


7.Customer engagement and satisfaction

•Build upon existing capabilities and support services to design and develop robust customer service systems that will enable customer satisfaction feedback to be used routinely in service improvement and development.


8.Promotion of the service and external relationship management

•Promote the interests of the service with internal and external stakeholders to build robust relationships


•Support the development of promotional literature and website content


To establish, maintain and where necessary develop, clear and effective lines of communication with service managers, other directorates and external organisations in order to ensure the development of a shared agenda.