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Buying Manager job description


The Buying Manager will be concerned with maximising the effectiveness of purchasing.  


 Buying Manager is also responsible for managing the budget, the buying team, the supply chain and the product.

• Experience of managing budgets in excess of £MMm.

• Considerable knowledge of buying toys or children’s promotional gifts

• Experience of team management, customer service and supply chain management

• Knowledge of setting up and running comprehensive QC along with safety, social and environmental assessment and monitoring systems and processes.



• To ensure  company remain market leaders in terms of the quality and innovation


• To ensure that all products strictly adhere to the relevant safety standards and, as such, to be fully across all current safety requirements within the industry and the UK

• To work collaboratively with all internal stakeholders to manage the internal briefing and approval processes.

• To develop new ways of sourcing to improve cost efficiencies


• To monitor product quality and safety throughout the supply chain, ensuring that delivered product meets customer expectations and is as ordered.

• To manage any new launches, source relevant and innovative products and ensure process set up for new title.

• To encourage creativity and product innovation in the  that the team and suppliers at all times


• To manage suppliers to the benefit of  and ensuring that our purchasing operation is always conducted in a professional manner and in accordance with good business practice. To measure supplier performance and add / remove from preferred supplier list as benefits the business.

• To manage internal stakeholders, giving direction as necessary on how to achieve the best outcomes and respond as appropriate to any gaps / opportunities.

• Contract management – to ensure that terms and conditions and  supplier contracts are in place for all suppliers, and in a manner to protect  from deliberate or accidental non-compliance.

• To continually monitor / review / develop supply base as benefits the changing needs of the business and to be sure that we are always working with the most appropriate suppliers for our sector.

• To work closely with distribution companies, finishing companies, suppliers and printers as appropriate to ensure the smooth operation of operations – to include supply of product, manner of supply / presentation, cost negotiation of operations, quality control, scheduling, cost control, capacity.

• To publish meaningful, accurate and workable schedules to all stakeholders and in good time. To monitor adherence to schedules and take appropriate actions where slippage occurs.



• To be responsible for all aspects of day-to-day team management, including recruitment and selection, appraisals, individual and team development and motivation, task allocation and work quality assessment.

• To continuously seek more efficient working practises and standardise processes.

• To ensure that the Buying Team is the communication link for all buying activity, managing format changes and ensure all parties are fully briefed.





• To ensure appropriate functionality of all products, via routine testing of all product prior to final acceptance.

• To manage the safety due diligence testing process to ensure compliance with EU legislation. To ensure that any product that fails the due diligence testing is dealt with according to contractual terms with the supplier.

• To ensure that the team and relevant stakeholders are kept fully informed of relevant safety legislation / recommendations / reported safety failings / safety lab developments.

• To establish a level of knowledge and awareness of safety legislation within the buying team and ensure regular training updates occur.





• To lead the ethical auditing programme in line with  Ethical Policy.

• To ensure that only audited factories, with no critical failure points, are used from a preferred factory list.

• To measure factories ethical standards through monthly KPI’s.

• To support suppliers with their factory management and compliance to the ethical policy.

• To hold ethical review meetings with each supplier and review factory corrective action plans to ensure continuing compliance with the ethical programme. To minute actions from the meetings for internal audit purposes.

• To engage with the company’s environmental impact reduction programmes, especially where related to the supply, manufacture, distribution, recovery, recycling and disposal of covermount products. To research and evaluate alternative solutions and to engage with appropriate agencies.

• To establish and maintain efficient and workable systems to track all products through their life cycle, and ensure the maintenance of a comprehensive and searchable database to include key schedule dates, product and supply information, costing information and risk assessment / testing data.

• To ensure that risk assessments are conducted on all products, and that where follow-up actions are identified that these are followed through, recorded and action taken where required.

















• To directly manage £MM budgeted spend. To ensure each covermount is within budgeted spend over the financial year. To report on a monthly basis spend against budget.

• To manage the budget against exchange rate fluctuations and seek to find ways to minimise impact on spend. To ensure influences in the market are widely communicated and understood through the business.

• To develop 6 month (in advance) plans

• To ensure security of supply – that products are delivered on time and on quantity, and that the supply base is adequately vetted.

• To manage contingency / business continuity, so that there is a robust strategy for replacement gifts where required.

• To control negotiating strategy / buying protocol etc, to ensure that all products are bought in a professional and cost effective manner, in accordance with  purchasing policy and with due regard to best purchasing practice. To ensure that the company’s purchase order system is followed.

• To liaise with Accounts Payable to ensure that payment of all covermount invoices are on-time



• To comply with all relevant  safety rules, procedures and guidelines and to be aware of responsibilities under the  safety policy.

• To comply with ’s policies on Diversity and to apply the principles of the policy when carrying out the role.