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Care Assistant Job Description


• Assists with preparation and serving of light snacks and nutritious drinks.

• Helps to ensure that individual dietary needs are adhered to.

• Assists with lifting, turning, moving and re-positioning of patients/residents using appropriate equipment.

• Assists patients/residents with walking and limb exercises.

• Assists with safe transfer of patients/residents from bed to chair in accordance with Our Lady's Hospice Manual Handling Policy.

• Assists with pressure sore prevention.

• Assists with and accompanies patients/residents to other departments and/or Hospitals.

• Assists patients/residents with achieving or maximising independence where applicable.

• Helps promote interpersonal relationships with patients/residents, their families, peers and colleagues.

• Helps to provide recreational and conversational support for patients/residents.

• Ensures patient/resident confidentiality at all times.

• Assists with Last Offices.



Maintaining A Safe Environment:


• Make occupied and unoccupied beds.

• Move and clean beds within ward as required.

• Assist with cleaning of sluice rooms, bathrooms, ward area and ward equipment.

• Delivers specimens to laboratory collection point.

• Ensures that all linen is labelled and disposed of according to policy and linen cupboards are kept tidy and stocked.


• Assists with sorting/storing of linen and labelling/storage of patient’s clothes and belongings.


• Assist with maintaining a clean environment on discharge/transfer of patients/residents.  





Job Summary

Main Responsibilities

Care Assistant Job Description-Knowledge Skills and Abilities

The Care Assistant is responsible for assisting with the provision of individualised patient care while under the supervision, direction and guidance of a Registered Nurse and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.  

Activities of Daily Living


• Assists patients/residents with hygiene needs at the bedside or in the bathroom.

• Observe Skin condition and report and abnormalities to the nurse in charge


• Assists patients/residents with dressing and grooming in accordance with individual preference.

• Assists patients/residents with the use of commodes, bedpans urinals and toilets.


• Empties urine drainage bags and records urine and bowel output.

• Assists in the promotion of continence.

• Assists patients/residents at meal times and ensure patients/residents individual needs are met e.g. by collecting menus.

• Assists with distribution and collection of meal trays.


Experience  Demonstrate a knowledge/interest in working in a  healthcare setting



Core competencies

 Demonstrate an ability to carry out the function of a care assistant as outlined in the job description.

 Demonstrate an understanding of the application of the core values

 High level of English language & numeracy skill.

 Have the ability to evaluate and judge situations.

 Demonstrate awareness of limitations.

 Have the ability to work as part of a team and alone, with minimal supervision.

 Display awareness of line management.

 Demonstrate flexibility with regard to work duties and working hours.

 Have the ability to respond to changing circumstances.

 Demonstrate a commitment to assuring high standards and strive for a patient/resident centred service.

 Display an interest in the three specialities.

 Demonstrate awareness of Health and Safety issues.

 Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of need to respect patients/residents’ and staff privacy.



• Reports/informs ward sister or her deputy when arriving/leaving the ward.

• Reports any unusual occurrence to the ward manager/nurse in charge e.g. pain, distress.

• Delivers and collects ward messages as directed by ward sister/deputy.

• Answers telephone and locate appropriate personnel when necessary.

• Participates in internal rotation including day, evening, night-duty.

• Be prepared to work in other ward areas when this may be necessary to meet the needs of the service.

• Performs any other appropriate duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned to him/her from time to time by designated nurse manager.


Health and Safety


• Be familiar with Hospice policies, practices and procedures.

• To adhere to the policies and procedures laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989 and 2005.

• To maintain a safe work environment in co-operation with the Hospice Management Team and with reference to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989.

• To work in a safe manner with due care and attention to safety of self and other authorised persons in the workplace.

• To report immediately to the Supervisor / Deputy any accidents or incidents involving patients/residents, staff or members of the public.

• Attend to spillages immediately to reduce the risk of accidents/cross contamination.


• To practice high standards of personal hygiene including the wearing of proper attire, grooming, etc.


Infection Control


• Comply with the Infection Control Policy e.g. Hand washing, isolation room procedures, use of personal protective equipment (gloves, aprons, visors)














• Use correct procedures for barrier nursing and strict adherence to Hospital infection control protocol on entering / leaving isolation rooms.

• Maintain a clean environment with due consideration to Health and Safety issues

• Wash and disinfect mattresses / fire blankets / commodes / bedpans / receptacles / patient pillows / leg rests / bed cradles / catheter stands / NG tube stands / suction equipment and receptacles in accordance to Hospital Infection control policy

• Ensure that linen cupboards and store areas are kept tidy and stocked

• Assist with the disposal of clinical waste as per hospital guidelines

• Ensure that used linen is placed into correct laundry bags and securely tied

• Assist in the maintenance of ward cleanliness as per SJH / local standards.

• Ensure that sluice rooms are kept clean and tidy

• Ensure that patients’ wash basins are cleaned daily as per infection control guidelines




• Record care provided on resident/patient flow charts as directed e.g. daily activity, intake and output, PAL assessments.

• Maintain accurate cleaning schedules as per infection control policies.




• To adhere to Departmental  policies at all times.

• To work under the direction of a qualified member of staff at all times

• To report back to a qualified member of staff following attending patient/resident’s care

• To Act in such a manner as to safeguard the interests and well being of patients/residents

• To perform such other duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned from time to time by the Manager or a nominee.

• To ensure confidentiality in all matters of information obtained during the course of employment.


Self Development


• To be aware of current developments and issues in health care by reading current literature and keeping abreast of new developments, attending ‘in-house’ seminars, lectures and courses when possible and as appropriate in consultation with your head of Department.

• To assume responsibility for his/her own professional development and safe work practice


• To ensure a safe environment for himself/herself, colleagues and visitors.



• To ensure confidentiality on all matters and information obtained during the course of employment.

• To have a working knowledge of Our Lady’s Hospice ltd. policies.

• To present and act in a professional manner at all times and ensure colleagues do likewise.