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Chaplain job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

To provide pastoral, spiritual, and religious care to patients, carers, relatives, staff and visitors of the hospital of all faiths and none.

To be a specialised resource in matters of spirituality, religion and variable beliefs.

To able to offer experiential knowledge, assistance and advice whenever called upon. To be available 24/7 across the whole Trust when on-call.

Main responsibilities-Chaplain job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Chaplain job description

Chaplain job description



Ordained member of a denomination from the Christian Tradition in good standing order with their religious authorities.

University or Theological College Training

    Authorised by your faith community





 Ordained for at least five years    

 Evidence of successful team involvement    

 Personal experience in effectively coping with a  variety of extremely distressing health situations

Ability to give examples of multi-faith and non- faith working

Counselling experience

















Flexible working    

On-call experience



To be able to demonstrate a proven variety of pastoral, spiritual and religious knowledge

Aptitude to demonstrate self-knowledge



Skills and Aptitudes

Able to work with I.T. equipment and willing to develop skills

Proven presentation and teaching abilities

Ability to reflect on work theologically


Skills in  


offering pastoral, spiritual, religious care in distressing situations  


Personal Circumstances


To live close enough to the Hospital to be on-site within twenty minutes if called out night or day

Able to withstand long and unsocial hours of working

    Able to have the stamina to withstand long periods

    of physical and mental endurance





Meet the needs of the dying and support carers, family, friends and staff.


To ensure professional development is maintained


To provide support and advice to local clergy and churches in matters of mutual concern and interest


To act on referrals respecting the DATA protection Act and patient confidentiality


Teach and facilitate courses as required by the Trust


To work as an effective member of the Chaplaincy team, and multi-disciplinary teams in all matters


To actively participate in the wider work of the Trust as appropriate


Respond to the on-call demand by being on site within twenty minutes


To oversee the Chaplaincy Department when the Lead Chaplain is off site or on vacation or leave.



Able to communicate effectively with all staff, patients and others in situations which may be distressing and sensitive.

To treat confidential information with professional integrity and respect


To accept constructive criticism with professionalism and integrity and to respond positively


To implement such policies and practices required by the Trust and Chaplaincy Department


To be a member of the United Kingdom Board of Healthcare Chaplains and abide by their Professional Code of Practice, and to maintain registration.


To undertake appropriate, regular professional training


To have a full clear CRB check


To undertake the process of auditing and the recording of Chaplaincy work either manually or on the Chaplaincy IT system

Responsible to the Lead Chaplain.


To work as part of an ecumenical Chaplaincy team, this includes volunteers.

To provide for the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of patients, carers, relatives, visitors and staff of the hospital, of all faiths and none.

To have physical stamina as well as psychological and mental strength to meet the desired 50% responsibility of being available for on-call 7 days in 14 (or longer as circumstances prescribe)


To ability to cope with numerous, unpredictable and sometimes distressing encounters

To visit all wards and departments on a regular basis.


Preside at chapel services and offer sacramental rites as required.