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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Chief Executive Officer Job Description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

• To provide visionary leadership; leading the Strategic development of the organisation in line with the vision and aims agreed

• To ensure the effective operational management of the organisation in all respects, including the management of all  resources.  

• To ensure the delivery of  activities.

• To support and advise the Board of Trustees.

Main responsibilities- Chief Executive Officer Job Description

Business Manager job description

Chief Executive Officer Job Description

Key responsibilities

• To play a lead role in advising the Trustees on vision, strategy, policy, resources, and organisational structure

• To ensure that Trustees are given sufficient information and guidance to enable the Board to fulfil its function and legal responsibilities


• To exercise overall responsibility for financial planning, management, and control.

• To ensure that appropriate systems and structures are in place for  to meet its short and medium-term commitments and objectives.

• To provide appropriate leadership and management of staff and volunteers


• To determine  stance on issues of public policy, co-ordinate its response, and represent its views in the outside world

Main Tasks:


Vision and Strategy

• To remain fully informed of developments in local and national policy and strategy relating to all the services provided by .  

• To actively support, advise and guide the Trustees in their setting of  long-term strategic plans and objectives.

• To develop and regularly review  medium and long-term strategies and objectives, in association with the Trustees.

• To develop short- and medium-term strategic plans, and ensure that these are regularly reported to the Trustees.

• To identify any problems in achieving plans and objectives, and develop methods of minimising any associated risks or loss.

• To ensure the ongoing monitoring, evaluation and review of all  services and activities, involving the Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and service users.



Staff Management

• To lead the management team and to direct, co-ordinate, and performance manage the work of the Assistant Directors and other posts as appropriate.  

• To ensure that the work of staff reporting indirectly is appropriately directed and performance managed.  

• To ensure policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of all  staff and volunteers.  

• To ensure effective systems are in place for recruiting, managing, training, and developing staff and volunteers.

• To ensure that  meets its legal and statutory obligations to staff and volunteers and strives at all times to follow best practice as an employer.  


Financial Management and Revenue Generation

• To ensure the effective management of  budget and ensure the probity of the organisation’s finances.

• To oversee the preparation of the annual budget for the agreement of the Board of Trustees.

• To oversee the maintenance of financial records and ensure regular management accounts are produced in order to monitor and control expenditure and cash flow.  

• To ensure the annual accounts are prepared for the annual audit.

• To ensure that  has an adequate funding strategy, monitor its success on an ongoing basis, and report any shortfalls promptly to the Trustees.  

• To ensure that the financial information given in applications for grant funding is adequate and accurate.  

• To ensure that  meets its funders’ requirements on monitoring, reviewing, and reporting of funds used.









Programme Development and Service Provision

• To ensure that  develops and delivers a programme of activities and services that is in line with its strategic plan.

• To ensure that all services and activities are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, looking at overall effectiveness, best use of resources, and contribution to meeting  overall objectives, in addition to specific funders’ evaluation criteria.

• To be active in identifying new opportunities, ensure that they are appropriately researched and fully costed, and explore revenue options to realise them.

• Ensure achievement of Quality Standards (eg: PQASSO)


External Relationships / Representing

• To raise awareness of  work and gain support with organisations, institutions, companies and statutory bodies whose work is relevant to  field of operations.



• To represent  on key local, regional and national bodies to further the interests of the organisation, young people and voluntary and community sector services for children and young people.  

• To develop and encourage partnership and multidisciplinary working in line with national and local strategic policy.

• To act as the chief  spokesperson and ensure the effective management of  media profile.  

• To foster good working relations with current and future funders.

• To ensure that all policy recommendations, representations to government bodies, public statements and responses made on  behalf are in line with  governing document and accurately represent  views.












• To facilitate meetings of the Board of Trustees.

• To report quarterly to the Trustees on  activities and financial position, and to prepare other reports, reviews, and position papers as required by the Trustees.

• To ensure that the Chair and the Board of Trustees are appropriately informed and supported to make decisions, develop policy and provide direction.  

• To ensure that  complies in all its roles and activities with all relevant legislation, including that applicable to Charities and to Companies.

• To uphold the commitment of the service to the provision of equal opportunities in all aspects of its work.  

• To complete an annual appraisal and review of the job description with the Chair or delegated Trustee.

• To prepare the annual report for the AGM.



• To keep abreast of related external developments.

• To undertake the duties of Company Secretary to the limited company.

• To act always in  best interests.

• To undertake any other duties which the Chair or, through him/her the Trustees, may from time to time require.