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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Chief Executive job description

Job Summary

He/She will manage the overall business to ensure strategic and business plans are effectively implemented, the results monitored and reported to the Board, financial and operational objectives are maintained and delivered and

the highest levels of performance to target and professionalism are consistently maintained.

Main responsibilities- Chief Executive job description

Strategic Leadership and Teamworking


1. Providing effective leadership to the Executive Management Team and employees, ensuring that the Executive Team operates effectively and that targets, objectives and work programmes are delivered to the required standards of performance and governance.


2. Acting as the principal interface with the Board and stakeholders. Providing advice on all matters relating to the Authority`s responsibilities, functions and policies, and to implement the decisions and the policies of the Board.


3. Leading the development and execution of the Strategic Business Plan, including establishing the vision, values and strategic priorities for the organisation in consultation with stakeholders.

Effective Communications / Customer / Community Focus

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Chief Executive job description

6. Developing and maintaining a strong partnership arrangements, and ensuring

shared services are delivered effectively and efficiently.


Maximising Potential and Delivery


Chief Executive job description


7. Securing continuous improvement in the performance of the organisation whilst ensuring realisation of the full benefit of the business model through the development of

efficient and effective national services for the criminal justice community whilst also establishing and agreeing clear baselines and challenging targets for service delivery to demonstrate continuous performance improvement to customers and the Board.


Planning and Organising


Chief Executive job description

 1. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and a proven ability to communicate effectively with a wide spectrum of  stakeholders and to work constructively with a broad range of customers, public bodies and partners at both operational and senior levels.    Demonstrable evidence of strong negotiation skills and a proven ability to influence outcomes through effective reasoning and persuasion.


2. A successful track record of leadership and strategic management with significant achievement at a senior level within an organisation of comparable scope, size and complexity within the public, voluntary or private sector.


3. Strong evidence of delivering performance improvement, positive outcomes and establishing and maintaining a high performance culture.


4. Successfully led a major organisational and/or cultural change programme within the public, voluntary or private sector.


5. Sound political awareness and judgment at local, regional and national levels.


6. Sound financial management skills and commercial awareness with significant understanding and experience of related issues around risk management and governance.


7. Demonstrable commitment to diversity.






8. An inclusive and visible leader who motivates and empowers.


9. A personal and professional credibility that promotes and enhances the organisation`s reputation locally, regionally and nationally.



Business Manager job description

Free job description Chief Executive


4. Establish a strong and effective relationship with stakeholders, other public sector bodies and Agencies to influence and respond to public sector policy at the highest level and contribute to delivery of wider government priorities; This will include Chief Constables, Trades Unions, the media etc.


5. Establish and maintain strong and effective relationships with regards to a comprehensive Stakeholder Management Plan in a `high performance` culture which supports

transparency, innovation, team working and ensures effective communications and relationships are maintained with all stakeholders.

8. Management of organisation resources within approved budget and in line with Accountable

Officer responsibilities, ensuring provision of accurate and timely financial reporting in accordance with Board requirements and as input to Governments Spending Review and Budgetary process.



9. Ensuring compliance with statutory duties, regulation and legislation and development of detailed annual and operational plans to align with long-term strategy and budgets and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation`s underpinning business process.



10. Ensuring the development of Information Technology strategies to assess and deliver the

needs of the organisation and its Customers as well as to support evidence based decision