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Chief Operating Officer job description

Job Summary

In this case for schools

The COO plays a leading role in managing the ambitious change management agenda.    Responsible for managing a wideranging portfolio including: strategic planning; finance and risk management, as well as other corporate services including HR; professional administration of the taught programmes, continuing professional development, research and knowledge transfer; marketing and

Main responsibilities- Chief Operating Officer job description

Strategy and policy formulation


Development of strategy and drafting of strategic plan;


ii. managing the iteration of strategic proposals then subsequently with the wider senior management team;


iii. Gaining support of the University for the strategic plan;


iv. working closely with other senior personnel across the con-joint Schools, effective management and coordination of the con-joint strategic planning processes, including the formulation of implementation plans;



v. reviewing management and administrative systems and infrastructure, including enabling management policies, so that they deliver economies of scale, integrate the operations and

fully support the work of the Schools; and


vi. reviewing University strategies and operations against the needs of the Schools, ensuring that University strategy is supported by the strategy, and, together with the Dean,

discussing disconnects between the needs of the Schools and the wider University and agreeing solutions with the Vice Chancellor and the University COO. For major strategic

issues which will impact on all Schools, work closely with the Dean to ensure wider support.  



Performance Management



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Chief Operating Officer job description

v. ensure effective implementation of change management processes; and


vi. ensuring that the viability, resource requirement and risks involved in the development of new

courses and other products are fully analysed and considered by the management.









Management Information


i. determining what management information is required for the proper management of the

Schools; and


ii. ensuring the production of such management information as is required by the University and for the proper management of the Schools; Operations management


Financial and resource management


Chief Operating Officer job description



i. effective management of the  finance team to ensure effective financial planning and budget management support, including management of resource;


ii. allocation processes that meet the requirements of the  strategic plan;  


iii. working closely with the Finance Department to ensure compliance with financial policies and procedure to establish workable and effective controls that mitigate identified



iv. applying good business practices to the management of the accounts. Ensuring that employees who prepare financial transactions provide adequate evidence and

documentation to support internal and external audit processes;


v. ensuring effective reporting and monitoring of the  financial plan;


vi. ensuring new products and initiatives have proper business planning and projections; and


vii. set profitability targets for revenue generating activities.












Human Resources


 Chief Operating Officer job description


i. ensuring effective management of HR issues within the Schools so as to deliver the Schools HR strategy for all staff in line with Schools and University HR policy;


ii. effective management of professional, senior administrative, technical and clerical staff within

the Schools, including recruitment, induction, probation, promotion, performance, conduct, attendance and staff development;


iii. working closely with other senior personnel and the University`s HR Department, effect

implementation of any necessary change management processes;


iv. workforce planning, inter alia, develop and implement relevant management and staff structures to deliver the University`s current and longer term needs, ensuring that staff have the skills and support necessary to enable them to achieve effective performance; and

v. ensuring compliance with employment law and other relevant regulations.

<b>Information Services</b>

<p>i. management of IS within the Schools to support the delivery of professional management

information, e-learning, library, web and other discipline based IT services to all staff and

students, in line with Schools strategy; and











<p>ii. working with the Central IS department, ensure compliance with University policies and

legislative requirements.




 Chief Operating Officer job description


i. management of facilities within the Schools to ensure the smooth running of the Schools in

line with teaching and other strategic needs.

ii. working with the central property and facilities department, to ensure compliance with

University policies and legislative requirements.

iii. ensuring that the timetabling activity is performed accurately and in a timely manner, with

appropriate support.



Marketing & Communications


 Chief Operating Officer job description


Integration and effective management of the marketing team, ensuring the development and implementation of a clear marketing and PR strategy and plan for the Schools

aimed at realising the strategic objectives, including communications with potential students, current students, alumni, staff and other interested stakeholders both nationally and internationally;


In addition, the post holder will act as an intelligent client for the centrally provided PR, recruitment and market research services provision for the Schools, ensuring that their provision supports the  activities and plans, including the negotiating of service levels

Management Experience and Skills


 1. Experience of managing significant organisational change

2. A successful track record of creatively developing practical strategy and translating strategic plans and decisions into operational practice

3. Proven leadership, people selection and people  management skills, enabling the post holder to hire, develop and motivate staff to fulfil their potential. He or she should also have experience of managing networks of stakeholders, both internally and externally.

4. Excellent communication skills

5. Capacity to foster a positive and supportive culture within the Schools where staff share a sense of common purpose and adherence to the Schools` goals

6. Proven experience and skills in managing the delivery of corporate services in a complex organisation, including very strong financial planning, and management skills and experience

7. Successful experience of overseeing marketing programmes and plans, and media relations,

8. A capacity to work productively with a wide range of personnel in an academic organisational


9. Experience of operating in an organisation in which a consultative style of management is


10. Experience of dealing with people from different cultures desirable.  

11. Experience of dealing with media and marketing issues, as well as coordinating institutional  responses to internal and external enquiries is desirable.


Personal Qualities

Chief Operating Officer job description

1. Strong interpersonal skills: influential, persuasive, flexible, with a tolerance of ambiguity

2. Empowering, listening and supportive management style


3. Proactive, imaginative, with a flair for problem solving

4. Empathy with the goals of an academic organisation, operating in a business-like manner

5. Commitment to customer service

6. Sophisticated oral and written communication skills across all media

7. Capacity to deal with a wide range of relationships and situations

8. Accountability for results

9. Negotiating, influencing and persuasive skills applicable across a range of complex situations

10. Self-motivated with a low need for external structure

11. Team player

12. Coaching skills

13. Ability to travel


Free job description Chief Operating Officer

  communications; and acting as client for centrally provided information services, careers services, alumni services & development, student services and property & facilities.


The COO has  direct responsibility for managing all professional and corporate services and for supporting the achievement of outcomes

associated with the teaching and research programmes.



Chief Operating Officer job description


i. agreeing yearly programme performance targets and plans for achieving those targets with relevant staff, in the light of the overall strategic plan.



ii. ensuring that the Schools operate within all appropriate regulations and procedures, including, inter alia, Financial, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policies.


iii. develop and implement relevant management and staff structures to deliver a con-joint Schools structure, and meet current and longer term needs; ensuring that staff have the skills and support necessary to enable them to achieve effective performance.


iv. work in partnership with the Chief Operating Officer to ensure central services facilitate achievement of the  objectives.