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Clinical Pharmacist job description - provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Clinical Pharmacist job description-

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Clinical Pharmacist job description-2

The provision of an efficient and comprehensive pharmacy service to meet departmental and corporate needs. To support Senior Clinical Pharmacists to implement medicines management plans. To be professionally accountable for any pharmacy function for which they assume responsibility.





- Vocational Masters degree in Pharmacy (4 years) or recognised equivalent.

- 12 months pre-registration training and experience

- Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain




- Pharmacist or pre-registration pharmacist in any branch of pharmacy





- Excellent communication (verbal & written)

- Decisive

- Ability to work under pressure

- Organisational skills

- Ability to work on own initiative and as part of team





- Understanding of issues affecting ORGANISATION & hospital pharmacy

- Therapeutics of common disease states

- Laws relating to Pharmacy Practice




Commitment to continuing professional development

- Good health & sickness record

- Neat, tidy and well groomed

- Good timekeeper

- Flexible working to undertake late duties, weekend / Bank Holiday work and Emergency Duty Commitment.



- Attendance in line with Organisation Sickness and Absence Policy

- Work Health Assessment if required

Clinical Pharmacist job description



2.   Clinical Services -Clinical Pharmacist job description

2.1 Participates in ward and clinical pharmacy services and provides advice to ensure safe and cost effective prescribing and drug expenditure control.


2.2 Undertakes drug history taking where possible of patients admitted to hospital to ensure continuity of their medication and record relevant information in order to facilitate the discharge process. This involves communication with the patient, their GP and hospital medical staff and reference to the patient’s notes in order to obtain accurate details of medication, allergies and other relevant clinical information. This will involve checking of the patient’s own medication and assessing it’s suitability for use where appropriate

2.3 Monitors in-patient and discharge prescriptions for clinical accuracy and cost effective prescribing.


2.4 Assesses the patient’s response to therapy, interprets blood results, and depending on their clinical parameters either adjusts drug doses in accordance with local procedures or advises the clinicians appropriately.


2.5 Advises on therapeutic drug monitoring as appropriate to ensure patients receive optimum and effective treatment.


2.6 Monitors and reports Adverse Drug Reactions that patients experience as a result of their medication in line with national guidance.


2.7 Participates on consultant ward rounds where applicable.


2.8 Records clinical interventions and activities in line with local policy.







1.1     Participates in dispensing services including the clinical and final accuracy checking of prescriptions / orders for inpatients, outpatients, patients being discharged and mental health patients on leave in accordance with local standards, policies and safe systems of work


1.2 Supervises work carried out by other pharmaceutical staff as required ensuring compliance with agreed standards.

1.3 Counsel

 outpatients to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from their medicines.


1.4 Assists medical staff in the undertaking of clinical trials as have been approved by the Ethical Committee by arranging the necessary supplies and aspects of trial protocol affecting pharmacy services in accordance with ICHGCP guidelines & European Directive under the direction of senior members of staff of the Pharmacy department.


2.9 Participates in specialist outpatient clinical pharmacy in accordance with local provision and works with healthcare staff to ensure the efficient operation of these services. This will include duties in outpatient clinics as follows:


• educating and advising patients on how to use their medication, advising on purchase and care of equipment.  Education of patients on doses and possible side effects


• liaison with medical staff to optimise drug therapy


• effective communication with hospital staff, other healthcare and social care staff plus other carers to minimise risks from treatment



2.10 Uses inter personal skills to develop and maintain relationships with patients and colleagues including counseling patients to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their medicines, and educating them regarding the use of equipment for the administration of medicines.


2.11 Participates in the teaching of specific patient groups about their medicines.


2.12 Covers specialist wards and departments in the absence of the designated pharmacist, following appropriate training.



3.    Medicines Management-Clinical Pharmacist job description


3.1 Promotes adherence to the hospital formulary, treatment guidelines and protocols.

3.2 Assists in drug utilisation and expenditure reviews and clinical audit activities.

3.3 Initiates investigations into problems arising from the use of pharmaceutical products* and assists in the development of new methods of service delivery.

(* Pharmaceutical products include all types and forms of medicines, ingredients, dressings and other similar items)



4.  Ward Services


4.1 Liaises with other pharmacy staff providing a supply service to wards in order to maintain safe and economic stock levels. Ensures satisfactory storage of pharmaceutical products on wards and departments and that these products are suitable for use.












4.2 Undertakes or takes responsibility for ensuring that the Controlled Drug stocks on their designated wards are checked by Pharmacy staff every 3 months.

4.3 Provides safe and secure transport of medicines to and from the wards as necessary.



5.  Medicines Information  -Clinical Pharmacist job description


5.1 Provides advice on all aspects of pharmaceutical products as requested by medical & nursing staff and other health professionals.

5.2 Provides information and advice to patients on all aspects of their medication.

5.3 Provides information and advice to healthcare professionals on the manipulations for preparation of intravenous products.

5.4 Undertakes critical appraisal and evaluation of literature relating to the use of pharmaceutical products.


6 Aseptic Dispensing Service 


6.1 Checks and validates prescriptions for intrathecal chemotherapy and authorizes

the release of these items from the Pharmacy.  Is on the Intrathecal Register which permits these functions.

6.2 Assesses patients for total parenteral nutrition (TPN), generates a prescription for the aseptic manufacture of the TPN and ensures that all patients receive a regimen tailored to their specific clinical and metabolic requirements.


6.3 Clinically checks and validates prescriptions received from wards for:

a) aseptic products for individual patient including drug / dose / appropriateness for CIVAS items;

b) protocol / dosing / dose intervals for chemotherapy;

c) advice on appropriate TPN therapy and subsequent variations.



6.4 Is responsible for handling queries on preparation details / stabilities / calculations etc and forwarding to the appropriate persons as required.

6.5 Undertakes the technical checking procedures of batches of aseptically dispensed products made under manufacturing licence.


6.6 Is responsible for undertaking the technical check and final release for individually dispensed aseptic products prepared under Section 10 exemption of the Medicines Act, including adult and paediatric intravenous additives, total parenteral nutrition and cytotoxic chemotherapy in accordance with the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice, local procedures and policies, and safe systems of work.


6.7 Liaises with Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals regarding the supply of Aseptic Products.



7.  Education and Training-Clinical Pharmacist job description


7.1 Participates in in-service training and continuing education programmes within the department and Organisation.













7.2 Keeps abreast of current pharmaceutical practice and knowledge, attending meetings, courses or conferences as necessary, for Continuing Professional Development in accordance with national guidelines from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

7.3 Undertakes a course of study leading to a diploma/MSc in pharmacy practice where appropriate.

7.4 Assists in the training of pharmacists, pre-registration pharmacy students, undergraduate pharmacy students, student pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals.

7.5 Participates in the training of hospital staff in pharmacy-related topics as necessary.



8.  General Duties


8.1 Maintains a high standard of work and promotes the professional image of Pharmacy within and outside the department.

8.2 Ensures that safe working systems are in operation in accordance with Organisation and departmental procedures.

8.3 Ensures that all legal requirements relating to the prescribing, dispensing and storage of pharmaceutical products in the Organisation are met and are in accordance with criteria set out under COSHH regulations.

8.4       Participates in weekend, bank holiday and late working rotas.

8.5 Participates in the provision of Emergency Duty Commitment in accordance with local procedures. This involves the provision of advice and information relating to the treatment of patients and the supply of urgently required pharmaceutical products outside of normal working hours. This may require arranging supply of pharmaceutical products from other hospitals or wholesalers. Takes appropriate action following receipt of Drug Alerts outside of normal working hours in accordance with local procedure.


8.6 Holds a set of keys for the pharmacy department with associated responsibility for the security of drugs and equipment.