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Clinical Physiologist job description respiratory provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Clinical Physiologist job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Clinical Physiologist job description

Clinical Physiologist job description

The Clinical Physiologist will be responsible for performing a wide range of complex invasive and non-invasive respiratory investigations including analysis and reporting of results and clinical interpretation with their own patient workload.  The post will also involve some supervision and training of staff and will also include some organisational duties to assist the smooth daily running of the department. The postholder will continue to develop skills and knowledge in highly specialized procedures and working toward highly specialized professional accreditation. The work of the postholder must be reliable, accurate and to a high professional standard. They will also be involved in the initiating and following-up of sleep apnoea patients.  

Qualifications or their equivalent



Honours degree (1st or 2nd class) in Physical Science.

Postgraduate MSc degree or knowledge equivalent to the level of an MSc.

Corporate membership of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (MIPEM), or knowledge and experience equivalent to that level.

State Registered Clinical Scientist.





Minimum of 6 years in Radiotherapy Physics

Management of junior scientific and technical staff.

Implementation of service developments.

Managing and conducting research and innovation projects.

Design and delivery of advanced practical and theoretical training to a wide range of staff.


Skills, Knowledge & Aptitude



Expert knowledge of the characteristics of all types of complex radiotherapy equipment: linear accelerators orthovoltage, superficial voltage, brachytherapy, CT Simulator and simulator units.

Expert knowledge of the techniques employed to measure the performance of all types of complex radiotherapy equipment described above.

Strong team working, motivation, presentation, communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills

Knowledge of all areas of radiation protection legislation relating to radiotherapy and standards of good practice.

Ability to delegate, prioritise, exercise initiative, and manage own work.

Expert ability in numerical and analytical skill.

Ability to use word processing, spread sheet and database computerised packages.

Ability to make accurate and reproducible measurements using complex testing equipment.

Ability to lift and carry heavy precision test instrument cases (suitcase size) upstairs.

Ability to concentrate intensely for long periods of time, occasionally when subject to external distraction, and in an unpredictable working pattern.

Ability to work occasionally in confined spaces.

Ability to deal with distressing circumstances.

Ability to communicate complex information and advice on any of the wide range of topics covered in the Job Description to non-specialists from junior staff up to Consultant level, and to patients.

High level of understanding of the risks posed by, and the appropriate precautions necessary for, working with ionising radiation, sealed and unsealed radioactive sources, and electrical hazards.



• Measurement of static lung volumes by whole body plethysmography

• Measurement of static lung volumes by helium dilution

• Transfer factor for carbon monoxide by single breath method

• Assessment of bronchodilator response, with short and long acting drugs

• Investigation of neuromuscular respiratory defects by postural Spirometry

• Investigation of neuromuscular respiratory defects by maximal inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures

• Measurement of exercise limitation by 3 minute / 6minute walk test with oximetry.

• Training and assessment of inhaler techniques


The postholder will be supported to develop competencies in the following tests:

• Investigation of sleep disordered breathing by domiciliary oximetry and nasal flow on inpatients and out patients.

• Continuous PAP titration sleep studies

• CPAP set up, education, home monitoring and maintenance of equipment

• Ability to follow-up patients on CPAP therapy, trouble-shoot problems and alter treatment if required.

• NIV support, specialist advice in liaison with lead NIV consultant and nursing staff

• Assist with practical training in NIV specifically BiPAP machine set up and mask fit aimed at nurses and senior house officers

• Assessment of bronchial challenge using nebulised histamine

• Assessment of Hypoxic challenge (fitness to fly) whilst sat down and during exercise

• Blood gas analysis

• Asthma exercise test

• Methacholine challenge

• Cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

• Measurements of breathing using non-invasive techniques






The postholder will be required to autonomously manage their own workload and will be involved with development and management of other junior technical colleagues and participate fully in the ongoing development of the services. You will work within general , occupational and professional guidelines. They will have no direct supervision on a daily basis but will refer to the Manager if they require assistance on matters in highly specialised clinical areas related to patient safety or in high complex non-clinical issues. Work is reviewed at annual appraisal and other issues discussed at monthly meetings or when required.  


CLINICAL OR TECHNICAL RESPONSIBILITIES -Clinical Physiologist job description

To deliver the procedures listed unsupervised, gaining accurate and clinical valuable measurements:


• Measurement of dynamic lung volumes by Spirometry and flow volume loops


PERSONAL SKILLS & RELATIONSHIPS-Clinical Physiologist job description

• Obtain reproducible and clinically meaningful results, acknowledging when to reject poor measurements and technical errors in order to gain the best and most accurate results.

• To put patients at ease and minimise their distress by adapting language/ behaviour/procedures to suit the patient, particular needs regarding ethnicity, mental or physical disabilities.

• Assess patient tolerance to testing procedures and terminating testing if/when required.

• Supervise and encourage patient ensuring the best possible results are achieved and an understanding of the test technique and importance is conveyed effectively.


• Listening to patient with empathy, patience and tolerance, comforting upset or distressed patients and relatives.

• Communicate effectively with departmental colleagues and other members of staff in all aspects of patient care and respiratory physiology.

• Deal with any queries or problems in a suitable manner.

• Enter patient details and results onto a database ensuring accuracy. Then reporting the findings of the tests to a basic level.

• Using judgment and clinical experience to assess when advice is required from more specialised staff or medical staff.

• The post holder should be of sufficient stamina and health to be capable of long periods of walking and bending, moving, handling and positioning of patients and equipment both light (spirometer) and heavy (gas cylinder). Equipment may need to be maneuvered into confined spaces, such as around patient’s beds and when there are obstacles such as drips, ventilators, monitors and catheter bags in the way.


• They will assemble/disassemble complex technical equipment for cleaning and calibration, which may be contaminated.

• The post requires daily frequent and occasionally prolonged periods concentration on information on paper, graphical and numerical data printouts and VDU screens. This is usually during clinical work during analysis and evaluation of results. There may be frequent interruptions to this work responding to emergencies and phone calls.  


• The post holder should be capable of dealing with distressing and emotional incidents on at least a weekly basis. This is usually dealing with patients and relatives who may have received distressing news from medical staff and need emotional support and further explanation, responding to medical emergencies or carrying out investigations on the terminally ill.


• Plans and prioritizes personal workloads according to daily staffing levels and patient sessions.  

• To perform any other duties as deemed necessary by the Manager.

















• Ensure correct usage, safety and appropriate maintenance of equipment ensuring compliance with health and safety;  clinical governance and risk management.

• Perform all relevant calibrations of equipment and quality control protocols within the department, including biological procedures.

• Maintain and repair departmental equipment in conjunction with manager and clinical engineering.

• Sterilise and disinfect all departmental equipment if and when necessary using correct guidelines set out by the .

• Protect the health and safety of staff and patients within the facility, observing  health and safety and infection control policies.

• Involvement in continual professional development and attendance at relevant external/internal courses, seminars, lectures etc. in which appropriate information can be gained relating to physiological, scientific and medical matters.


• Ensure all mandatory training courses such as manual handling, fire, resuscitation, infection control, health and safety are attended on an annual basis and the knowledge gained is adhered to.

• Ensure safe use of complex equipment involving reporting of faults, routine maintenance and monitoring of stock levels.

• The post holder will be expected to use a keyboard for data entry and report writing.

• To comply with local and national procedures and protocols with the service area as directed by the Manager.




• To demonstrate an awareness of the needs and priorities of co-workers, other departments and of the role of the Pulmonary Physiology & Sleep within the  as a whole; coordinating and cooperating with colleagues and applying a flexible, collaborative, team building approach  

• To maintain departmental statistical records and organize audits where required to improve the quality of services.

• To communicate with and assist the multidisciplinary team, wards and departments to promote excellence in the delivery of care.

• Continually assess operational methods and suggest measures to improve efficiency.




• Attend mandatory training and ensure attendance is recorded in personal professional portfolio.

• To be responsible for own personal and professional development and practice, recognizing own limitations and the need for continuing education.

• To be involved in implementing new ideas and innovations within the specialty/service.

• Participate in the orientation of new staff and development of junior staff.