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Clinical Scientist job description-Radiotherapy Physics provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary  

Main responsibilities-Clinical Scientist job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Clinical Scientist job description

Clinical Scientist job description

The postholder will be expected to assist in all quality assurance, dosimetry and treatment planning activities, contribute to the implementation of new techniques and perform R&D to maintain a service with a national profile.  


To participate in the performance assessment, dosimetry and quality assurance duties for all of the radiotherapy treatment equipment and procedures.

To provide scientific supervision and training of clinicians, scientific staff, medical technical officers and radiographers, and to sustain any strategic change or improvement in the delivery of the service.


 • To provide scientific and technical advice to Consultant Oncologists, other clinicians, Radiotherapy Business Managers, radiographers, and any other relevant staff at both s on all matters relating to radiotherapy equipment, patient treatment and simulation procedures, and for the use made of that advice including the design and development of individual treatments and general protocols. This advice involves providing solutions to highly complex patient radiotherapeutic procedures where accuracy of advice directly involves patient outcomes. There will often be acute patient treatment dictated time pressures associated with requests for such advice where accuracy and safety must be maintained.


• To produce complex three-dimensional radiotherapy treatment plans using complex, dedicated computer software.


• To check complex radiotherapy treatment plans to ensure accuracy and clinical appropiateness of technique.


• To plan and deliver radiotherapy treatments using sealed and un-sealed radioactive sources for the management of gynaecological and thyroid malignancies.


• To advise clinical staff, patients and members of the patient’s family on practical precautions during and after the administration of unsealed radiotherapy.


• To assist in critical patient dosimetry measurements and calculations for external beam, brachytherapy and un-sealed radionuclide treatments.


• To carry out in-vivo dosimetry measurements on patients to validate radiotherapy accuracy.


• To assist in the acceptance testing and commissioning of new radiotherapy equipment.

Qualifications or their equivalent



Honours degree (1st or 2nd class) in Physical Science.

Postgraduate MSc degree or knowledge equivalent to the level of an MSc.

Corporate membership of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (MIPEM), or knowledge and experience equivalent to that level.

State Registered Clinical Scientist.















Minimum of 6 years in Radiotherapy Physics

Management of junior scientific and technical staff.

Implementation of service developments.

Managing and conducting research and innovation projects.

Design and delivery of advanced practical and theoretical training to a wide range of staff.


Skills, Knowledge & Aptitude



Expert knowledge of the characteristics of all types of complex radiotherapy equipment: linear accelerators orthovoltage, superficial voltage, brachytherapy, CT Simulator and simulator units.

Expert knowledge of the techniques employed to measure the performance of all types of complex radiotherapy equipment described above.

Strong team working, motivation, presentation, communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills

Knowledge of all areas of radiation protection legislation relating to radiotherapy and standards of good practice.

Ability to delegate, prioritise, exercise initiative, and manage own work.

Expert ability in numerical and analytical skill.

Ability to use word processing, spread sheet and database computerised packages.

Ability to make accurate and reproducible measurements using complex testing equipment.

Ability to lift and carry heavy precision test instrument cases (suitcase size) upstairs.

Ability to concentrate intensely for long periods of time, occasionally when subject to external distraction, and in an unpredictable working pattern.

Ability to work occasionally in confined spaces.

Ability to deal with distressing circumstances.

Ability to communicate complex information and advice on any of the wide range of topics covered in the Job Description to non-specialists from junior staff up to Consultant level, and to patients.

High level of understanding of the risks posed by, and the appropriate precautions necessary for, working with ionising radiation, sealed and unsealed radioactive sources, and electrical hazards.



To act as a Medical Physics Expert (as defined under the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000) to the Oncology services at both RSH and UHNS s.  

General and Job Specific

• To act as a Medical Physics Expert in cooperation with the other MPEs in the department.


• To participate in all aspects of the routine Radiotherapy Physics Service carried out as part of a duty rota, including treatment planning and checking, delivery of sealed and unsealed source brachytherapy and quality assurance testing of all complex radiotherapy treatment equipment. ...


• To advise architects, estates managers and other  staff on the appropriate design of treatment facilities, including linear accelerator bunker design, and to advise Radiotherapy and ward staff on appropriate systems of work to ensure the protection of patients and staff.



• To undertake definitive calibrations of radiotherapy equipment.


• To create, format, manipulate and ensure the integrity of software, including spreadsheets and databases used for clinical  Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Physics activities.


• To carry out regular quality assurance checks on complex radiotherapy treatment and simulation equipment.


• To participate in all activities and commitments required by the routine Radiotherapy Physics service, in particular those which ensure the accuracy, performance and dosimetry of all external beam, sealed and unsealed source, radiotherapy simulation and treatment equipment.


• To maintain an effective liason with clinicians, service managers, radiographers and other relevant  staff over the provision of the Radiotherapy Physics service.


• To assist with the implementation and development of changes in the service delivery as agreed with the Head of Radiotherapy Physics.


• To regularly initiate and carry out research and development as agreed with the Head of Radiotherapy Physics (RSH), in order to influence national standards of conduct and policy in Radiotherapy Physics. To achieve this aim through presentation of research and development work at national scientific meetings, and through publication of results in national peer-reviewed scientific and clinical journals.


• To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of all current scientific, clinical, commercial and managerial developments relevant to radiotherapy practice, and relevant statutory requirements.


• To contribute to the department ISO9000 quality system in accordance with Department of Health policy.


• To  write protocols for  procedures carried out by the Radiotherapy Physics

Service, and to amend and update as appropriate I accordance with the quality system.













• To participate in local and national inter-departmental dosimetry and quality assurance inter-

comparison programmes and initiatives.


• To be aware of, and ensure that, all working practices comply with statutory requirements for radiation protection and health and safety.


• To participate in emergency exercises, in the reception and treatment of actual contaminated casualties, in other such incidents involving radioactive contamination, and in other activities involved with the National Arrangements for Incidents Involving Radioactivity and the Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear incident schemes.


• To maintain highly specialised skills in the use of specialist dosimetry and quality control equipment to maintain the performance and accuracy of complex treatment and simulation equipment.




• To supervise trainee physicists and postgraduate students carrying out research projects in Radiotherapy Physics.


• To take part in the theoretical and practical teaching and training of clinical scientists, clincians, radiographers, technicians, Keele University undergraduate and postgraduate students, and other staff as required.


To undertake other related duties as directed by the Head of the Department. Personal/Professional Development


• To take every reasonable opportunity to maintain and improve your professional knowledge and competence

• To participate in personal objective setting and review, including the creation of a personal development plan and the ’s appraisal process.