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Communications Engineer job description City provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

A Communications Engineer is responsible for the research, design, cost estimation, specification, proposal/bid preparation, proposal evaluation, project management, and acceptance testing of specialized communications systems for various City departments.

Main responsibilities- Communications Engineer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Communications Engineer job description

Business Manager job description

Communications Engineer job description

Knowledge of:

the principles of electrical, electronic, and radio communications theory;

the principles and practices involved in designing, constructing, installing, maintaining, and operating a

variety of communications systems and testing devices;

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) application in Local and Wide Area Networks


the generation of competitive bid specifications to obtain needed equipment at the best cost;

the principles and practices of employee supervision, training, and evaluation;

FCC rules and regulations pertaining to radio systems;











current developments in radio system uses;

the use of spreadsheets and database management software program applications;


the use of project management theories and practices; and

budgetary principles and practices.


Ability to:

perform professional level

engineering duties relating to the research, design, purchase, modification,

and installation of specialized communications systems;

draft engineering project proposals and requests for proposals to vendors to define goals, indentify the

scope, specifications, background, and need, and ascertain cost of equipment and services;

advise a Wireless Communications Administrator of the future communications needs of the City;

provide quality control oversight for project and operations & maintenance functions;

make difficult technical and operating decisions;

provide technical support to departments regarding communications equipment purchases; and

present technical facts clearly and concisely to both technical and nontechnical personnel.

Communication: Communicates with management, vendors, contractors, public officials, coworkers, other City department representatives and supervisors, other governmental agencies and the general public. Contacts representatives of various City departments, outside construction firms, etc., to coordinate special projects and maintain a master plan for communications growth and improvement.


Instructs and trains subordinate level staff and personnel from other jurisdictions regarding

communications systems and issues. Prepares and develops FCC license documents, engineering plans, proposal/bid specifications, and other written correspondence and documents.


Manual/Physical: Reviews final plans, specifications, special conditions, agreements, and the work of contractors and crews to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures and FCC rules.

Operates a motor vehicle requiring a standard Arizona Driver's License to attend meetings regarding communications systems and related equipment, to travel to work sites in order to accomplish tasks, and may operate a fourwheel drive vehicle on mountain roads. Enters data into a

personal computer to use project, engineering, data management, and spreadsheet applications. Meets scheduling and attendance requirements.



Has responsibility for systems management, which includes engineering functions and oversight of the

installation and maintenance of fixed equipment, which may include base stations, fire station alerting

equipment, emergency power systems, digital microwave transport and associated routing, switching,

and multiplexing equipment; and maintenance of communications equipment at the City's tower sites.


In addition, this class diagnoses complaints about system operation and recommends changes or other

actions to improve radio system or microwave transport network performance.



The Communications Engineer also has a responsibility for designing networks (twoway voice and/or data radio systems,

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, alarm reporting systems, and microwave

radio and fiber optic), as well as the oversight of their installation and/or maintenance.


This employee

performs professional level engineering work relating to these responsibilities. This position also

performs related duties as required.


Mental: Under the direction of the Wireless Communications Administrator, assists with planning,

organizing, and directing the engineering activities of the Communications Department. May supervise and evaluate the work of other personnel. Researches, designs, estimates costs of, specifies, develops request for bid/proposal, evaluates proposals for, provides acceptance testing of, and manages specialized communications systems projects for various City departments. Provides technical communications support to City departments. Analyzes special communications project requirements. Researches and analyzes frequency usage and City future communications needs. Resolves procedural, operational, and other technical workrelated problems. Coordinates frequency use problems with other groups and entities. Coordinates work activities with other City departments, municipalities, and agencies.


Oversees field and special tests to determine efficiency, adequacy, and durability of equipment and

systems. Organizes the design, construction, and acquisition of major communications systems. Makes difficult technical and operating decisions. Establishes operating standards for communications systems.


Provides input to the department budget by estimating and developing system, equipment, and

services costs. Estimates labor and material costs from blueprints, and engineering work plans.


performs mathematical calculations, statistical computations, and financial and cost analyses.

Comprehends, interprets, and makes inferences from written material such as engineering plans,

blueprints, schematic drawings, layouts, etc. Learns job related material (new technology and systems) in on the job training and classroom settings.