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Compliance Manager job description

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Compliance Manager job description

# 12. Provide compliance advice, expertise and guidance to Service Areas supporting their business objectives. Ensure the dissemination of compliance specifications, procedures, standards and related materials.


# 13. Direct the implementation of information security strategy and instigate investigations into serious breaches, reviewing recommendations and reporting appropriately. Ensure that remedial action, including training is organised.


# 14. Review new business proposals and planned technical changes and provides specialist guidance on security issues and implications.


# 15. Lead the introduction of a Service Management framework, ITIL, across ICT Services, ensuring that process ownership is defined, that responsibilities are understood and that periodic reviews and recommendations are made.


# 16. Identify, research and recommend new ICT compliance services.

# 17. Develop reports and reporting strategies to assess ICT compliance trends and usage.

# 18. Act as the main point of contact for important ICT compliance issues and general governance of the use of the organisation`s ICT infrastructure.

# 19. To be the lead officer for Quality Assurance issues and initiatives within ICT Services

# 20. Protect and enhance the organisation`s reputation by providing innovative, effective and robust services, which protect the delivery of organisation`s services.

# 21. Assess and implement the organisation`s compliance developments on time and within the project`s budget.

# 22. Deliver regular service improvements where appropriate against competitive deadlines to public and internal audiences thus demonstrating continuing progress and value.










Compliance Manager job description [cont]

# 23. Prioritise requirements and balance resources on an ongoing basis responding quickly and effectively to the demands of operational services.

# 24. Liaise with suppliers, including negotiating contractual arrangements.

# 25. Represent the organisation on external bodies, both public and private sector.

# 26. Communicate with external parties in this field for best practices and standards.

# 27. Fulfil all relevant internal and external auditing requirements.

# 28. Brief or give presentations to groups of employees at any level, members and external groups.

# 29. Undertake responsibilities in relation to the Service Area`s Service Planning process.

# 30. To be conversant with developments external and internal to the Authority and assess their implications for the organisation`s ICT compliance services.

# 31. To ensure Health and Safety standards are maintained.

# 32. To promote and be committed to the principles of Equalities and other organisation Policies.

# 33. To promote the overall aims and values of ICT Services and the organisation.

# 34. To support ICT Services and it`s business goals through flexible joint working arrangements between teams and sections.

# 35. Develop procedures, standards & protocols and ensure their compliance.

# 36. Develop reports and reporting strategies to assess ICT infrastructure trends and usage.


Compliance Manager job description [cont]

# 37. Develop and maintain the team`s KPIs, assisting with reporting and planning improvements, and aligning service improvements with KPIs.

# 38. Ensure the operation of the Compliance Group is consistent with the Service Area`s Annual Service Plan, Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan.

# 39. Ensure the organisation`s Performance Management System is applied throughout the team and that all subordinate employees are:

# - Aware of and work to their goals and measurements of achievement.


# - Know their role and purpose within the service and can relate these to the organisation`s Corporate Strategy and Committee priorities.

# - Assisted in applying Performance Management to ensure the maximum delegation of responsibility and development of personal performance.

# 40. Review the output of the team periodically to ensure that the development of people takes place as part of the Business Plan and is in line with Investors in People indicators.

Free job description Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager job description [cont]

# 41. Promote ICT Infrastructure services by whatever means are appropriate and available, so as to ensure a positive image to customers and the rest of the Authority.

# 42. In accordance with the Performance Management system agree with the Business & Strategy Manager the setting of main goals and the measurements against which the Compliance Group Leader will be assessed for level of achievement. Keep goals under continuous review and updated as necessary, in conjunction with the Business & Strategy Manager. Agree with the Business & Strategy Manager a personal learning and development plan.

# 43. Ensure that all activities undertaken reflect and respect environmental considerations in accordance with organisation policy.

# 44. Ensure that services are delivered in accordance with:

# - Legislation

# - Best professional practice

# - Effective processes/mechanisms


# - organisation policies

# - Guidelines or requirements of organisation`s committees, Chief Executive or Directors

# - Business plan for ICT Services

# 45. Perform other such duties of a similar nature as from time to time may be required.

# Fundamental to fulfilling the responsibilities of this post is the ability to respond flexibly, positively and successfully to the ever-changing pressures which local authorities face. This job description is a guide to the level and range of responsibilities the post holder will be expected to undertake initially. It is neither exhaustive, nor inclusive and will be changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances and demands.

Education and Qualifications:

Applicants should have an ICT degree or equivalent professional qualification.

Achieved or studying for relevant management qualification.


Experience: Compliance Manager job description

Management experience within an ICT environment, managing the creation and implementation of strategic policies in either the Public or Private sectors

Significant experience of requirements analysis and specification.

Working knowledge of compliance frameworks e.g. IS0270001.

Relevant experience demonstrating an aptitude for analysing systems, processes and operational procedures


Skills: Compliance Manager job description

Ability to provide effective advice, guidance and support to customers at all levels.

Ability to interpret and apply government legislation.

Able to influence business change.

Proven record of project management.

Working knowledge of Microsoft products.

Possess excellent communication skills



Knowledge of methods and techniques for risk management, business impact analysis, countermeasures and contingency arrangements relating to the serious disruption of communications services.

Knowledge of ITIL Service Management

 Lead officer in charge of staff providing ICT related compliance and service management services:

To assure the compliance of ICT related organisation policies and legislative requirements.

To implement and manage information security policies and associated ICT risks.

To manage the licence compliance of the organisation`s ICT assetts

# 1. Lead and manage a team of professional staff, developing, coaching and encouraging members of the team thereby enabling people to contribute as fully as possible to the development of the organisation`s Services.


# 2. Recruit permanent and contract staff in relation to ongoing operational needs and project requirements, in accordance with Equalities legislation, good practice and organisation`s Procedures.


# 3. Plan the delivery of audit checks for ICT compliance purposes, reviewing conclusions and report recommendations for improvement.


# 4. To deputise for Business & Strategy Manager when required

# 5. Direct the assessment of all ICT related risks, including those associated with business continuity.


# 6. Engage with all parts of the Service Area to implement robust processes and procedures.

# 7. Facilitate change within the Service Area by delivering training events, workshops etc.


Compliance Manager job description [cont]

# 8. Fulfil Service Management Tool Systems Administration function.


# 9. Take responsibility for ensuring risk assessments are undertaken and make recommendations for action, ensuring that the Service Area`sBusiness Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan are considered.


# 10. Take responsibility for the accurate recording, monitoring and funding of ICT asset licence compliance, including but not limited to software applications and databases.

# 11. Develop policies for information security improvements adopting appropriate nationwide standards and policies, e.g. ISO17799, FAST, and complying with ethical, environmental,quality assurance and professional requirements.

To ensure the adoption and compliance of information security standards and methods.


To introduce and review service management processes (ITIL) across all teams in ICT services

To be the lead officer on Quality Assurance issues and initiatives across the service Major