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Coroner job description

The Coroner is dedicated to cases involving fatalities within the sector. As medical/legal death investigator, the position is responsible for establishing and making public the identity of the decedent, when, where, how and by what means the decedent came to his or her death in all cases where jurisdiction is accepted. The Coroner, exercises judicial independence in making formal decisions, which are subject to review by a Supreme Court Justice under the Judicial Review Procedure Act.

• Conducts inquiries into/or assist with all sector fatalities and conduct public inquests if the circumstances warrant

• Researches and identifies common circumstances and systemic issues that may be contributing to forest sector fatalities

• Responds to notification of sector death(s) as Coroner and medical/legal death investigator. This may involve scene attendance on a 24-hour, on-call basis or consultation with field Coroners to provide advice and assistance.

• Determines the nature and extent of the investigation required to establish the identity of the decedent, how, when and where the decedent died and the means of death in all cases where jurisdiction is accepted


• Certifies all unnatural deaths under the Vital Statistics Act

• Exercises legislative power to enter places to examine deceased persons and records germane to an investigation

• Directs investigations and concludes the investigation by way of a formal public report or may preside over a formal jury at an Inquest.


• Makes public the final conclusion of each investigation which serves as the official public death record, ensuring that the circumstances surrounding a death will not be overlooked, concealed or ignored

• Makes recommendations which will prevent future loss of life under similar circumstances, focusing public attention on and initiating public response to preventable deaths in the sector


• Develops and maintains effective relationships with forest industry representatives, Ministry of Forests Safety Officers, agencies, organizations and institutions that have a vested interest in death investigations within the sector

• Contributes to the positive image of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Coroners Service by providing prompt, courteous and effective service to the public in connection with the administration of the Coroners Act and related statutes dealing with death


• Reports to the Chief Coroner and the ADCC any cases that are significant or likely to become controversial or high profile

• Performs other related duties as assigned by the Chief Coroner and/or his designate.


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in the legal, medical or social sciences disciplines, plus a minimum two years experience in a related field OR completion of a two year diploma in Occupational Health and Safety or the same disciplines from a recognized college or institution, plus a minimum three years experience in a related field.


Experience in a related field such as forestry, workplace or industrial safety; experience in death investigation and/or experience in an investigative field. Experience/training in word processing and other standard computer applications (i.e.: MSWord and Outlook). Demonstrable capability to operate within a wireless environment.




• Knowledge of applicable legislation

• Knowledge of government and Coroners' policies, procedures, directives, manuals, etc.

• Knowledge of developments in the area of forensic sciences

• Good understanding of medical terminology

Skills and Abilities:

• Excellent analytical skills

• Excellent leadership, decision making and communication (verbal and written) skills

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Public speaking skills

• Ability to interpret and apply legislation, legal concepts, legal precedents, as well as natural justice and administrative law

• Ability to work under pressure

• Ability to organize workload and set priorities

• Ability to deal effectively with the media

• Ability to deal effectively with families

• Ability to effectively resolve difficult and sensitive problems


Investigative Background, Legal or Medical experience. .

The position has the legislated power to enter places and examine deceased persons and records germane to an investigation. The position attends, directs and assumes responsibility for establishing the circumstances leading to the death. The position concludes the investigation by way of a formal public report or may preside over a formal jury at an Inquest. In addition, the position makes recommendations which will prevent future loss of life under similar circumstances. ...