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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

CRM Manager Job Description

Job Summary-CRM Manager Job Description

To lead the development, operation and optimisation of email marketing, to grow ourengaged communities and drive commercial performance


Main responsibilities-CRM Manager Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-CRM Manager Job Description




Previous experience of working with Campaign Management tool is essential










Previous experience of working with an Email service Provider is essential


Knowledge of HTML desirable


Solid understanding of data segmentation and profiling techniques



Degree educated or equivalent.


Professional Experience


Extensive experience in a management role is essential.


Extensive experience in an email marketing role is essential.

Sector experience is desirable.

Significant experience in a global role is desirable.

Significant experience in an agency role is desirable.


Free Job description CRM Manager


•OPTIMISATION: Implement a test & learn approach to challenge our existing activity, identify and recommend changes, and drive on-going performance improvement.


•PLATFORMS: Work with IT, Digital, and Procurement teams to develop and/or implement technology platforms that will help deliver email marketing activity more cost-effectively and efficiently.


•LIAISON: Be the ‘go to’ person for all email marketing questions; give guidance and support to regions, brands and products; develop strong relations; build contacts across the industry with suppliers; manage the relationships with our suppliers.


•OPERATIONS: Over-see the day-to-day operations of the email marketing databases and activity and ensure that all activity is to schedule, budget and standards.


•IMPLEMENTATION: Use corporate systems to implement lifecycle email programs in order to generate incremental revenue, engender customer loyalty and reduce churn.


•QUALITY & COMPLIANCE: Ensure all email output is of appropriate quality and complies with all relevant guidelines and procedures.  Ensure the correct functioning of escalation and issue management procedures.


•TEAM MANAGEMENT: Manage and mentor Email Marketing  Executives, responsible for sending many of our email campaigns.  Act as cover when the Email Marketing Executive is away.


•REPORTING: Develop a consistent measurement approach and deliver regular reporting to help improve performance and to inform investment decisions for regions, brands and products.


•BUDGETS: Manage costs to hit budget and improve productivity year-on-year.


Scope & Impact

•Directly responsible for spend budget of x  and has stake in another x


•Manages specialist team


•Works across multiple brands, regions and timeframes and liaises extensively with embedded marketing managers using email.


•Supervises all email communications that go out


•A mistake around use of data can have serious legal and reputational implications.












•Expected to operate relatively autonomously for most operational activity.  Will work with line manager on developing strategy.


•Key measures of success include: increasing emailable database size, audience engagement, delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, revenue attributable; reducing cost of operation per email and per audience member.


Strategic Planning & Decision Making

The email marketing team are directly responsible for the send of tens of millions of emails, and indirectly for hundreds of millions.


This is a relatively new area and we are still setting up processes and platforms.


Decisions operate across several timeframes:


•As an operational area there are continual day-to-day decisions, for instance on whether to allow controversial content within a campaign.


•Campaign planning is a key aspect and will require detailed decision making over a one month to six month horizon



•STRATEGY: Develop overall global & regional strategies for email marketing that will drive increased consumer engagement and revenues, in particular focussing on opt-in/out rates, delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates.


•KPI SETTING: Liaise with regional and central business areas to agree KPIs and targets to meet business plans.


•PLANNING: Drive the planning and implementation of email marketing campaigns to achieve targets.


•OPERATING FRAMEWORKS: Establish a best practice framework to maximise efficiency, consistency and effectiveness.  Provide guidance and support to regional, brand, and product areas that use email.