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Main responsibilities-Data Analyst job description

Data Analyst job description

The post holder will take a data coordinator role with the principle part of this role concerning managing product data bases. There is a small data management component.

Essential Knowledge Skills & Experience-Data Analyst job description

Essential Skills & Experience



• Data management

• Extensive working knowledge of Word, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Microsoft outlook, Excel




Technical/Work-based Skills

• Data entry and analysis including VLOOKUP, conditional formatting, pivot tables

• Graphical and tabular presentation of data within excel


General Skills/Attributes

• Advanced keyboard skills and ability to communicate through IT using packages such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

• Report writing skills

• Team working

• Ability to work flexibly

• Can manage own time and workload, showing the ability to prioritise critical work.



• Demonstrates ability to work constructively with colleagues as a member of a team

• Proven track record of being able to work in an environment with a high level of change, under difficult circumstances and in situations which require for strategic thinking.


Data Analyst job description

The post holder will be responsible for designing and populating data management sheets and reporting on a monthly basis.



a. To receive monthly data from Management.

b. To analyse monthly data in order to compile a set monthly report

c. To populate data bases with product data, and analyse data, as appropriate    

d. To provide a monthly audit of cost savings

e. To manage the data base, ensuring it is correctly populated and accurately attributed to costs incurred.

f. To liaise with finance, regarding invoices, as necessary.

g.To manage data reporting on a monthly basis and feeding back.

h. To project plan around productivity targets

i. To conduct customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis

j. To report progress on a monthly basis

f. To attend meetings.



a. To promote collaborative and multi-professional working across all areas of the service, working with appropriate agencies and organisations.

b.   To prioritise workload according to the needs of the service.


2) Training and Service Development

a. To provide mentoring as required to staff on data management.

b. To actively participate in Continuous Professional Development to develop new skills, and to maintain and update existing skills.

c. To maintain own professional development and requirement to take part in appraisal and KSF process

d. To feedback at bi-monthly project meetings.

e. To attend, minute and actively contribute to departmental meetings.

f. To attend all mandatory training sessions as required by the Organisation.


3)   Communication

a. To implement policies and projects within determined parameters and propose changes to working practices.

b. To communicate project progress, including easily understandable representation of the data, to all members of the project team on a monthly basis.

c. To be able to work with a wide range of partners  to ensure project timelines are adhered to.


4)   Budgetary Responsibility

a. To be responsible for ensuring data bases are kept up to date and a quarterly product report is completed and disseminated within 3 weeks of the financial quarter having terminated.

b. To highlight any risks in achieving financial targets to the Business Manager as soon as they are discovered.

c. To complete checking of all invoices within time-lines specified.


5)   Human Resources


a. To provide pastoral support to students and staff.

b. To line manage and lead appraisals for admin support.


c. Observe and maintain strict confidentiality with regards to any records and information in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.