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Data Quality Manager Job Description

Free job description Data Quality Manager

Job Summary-Data Quality Manager Job Description


In this case in Clinical Coding and Data Quality,  responsible for developing clinical coding and data quality strategies to ensure that data quality is maximised for clinical coded data across all data types, also the management of the clinical coding team and a data quality team.


Main responsibilities-Data Quality Manager Job Description


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Data Quality Manager Job Description

Data Quality


Responsible for, and establish, the routes to be followed in improving, maintaining and monitoring data quality,


Will include other systems that collect process and report operational and performance data, from which the Commissioning Data Set (CDS) and performance information is extracted.


This role will work with the system manager of each system to ensure that there is a corporate standard for data capture which is implemented across all systems.


Clinical Coding Specific


•Act as professional lead and be responsible for the overall management and strategic planning for the clinical coding department.


•Update relevant committees on complex coding issues and significant future developments of accurate clinical coding and case mix grouping systems.


•Ensure the Coding function meets the requirements of the  agenda


•Develop and maintain effective working relationships with consultants and their clinical teams to ensure quality and depth of clinical coding is achieved. In order to achieve this, you will be required to communicate sometimes highly complex coding rules to various medical, clinical and administrative staff.



Clinical Coding


The post holder is responsible for developing and implementing best practice systems to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of clinical coding.


Planning for the Clinical Coding function ensuring the provision of good quality coded clinical data. The Data Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that national requirements relevant to clinical coding are achieved to the highest possible level and for ensuring the department is adequately trained and audits are undertaken in line with the coding audit methodologies.


Also that there is a robust and implemented strategy for clinician engagement in the coding process.

•Have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complete clinical coding function and statistical data.


•Deliver 100% completion of clinically coded data within the appropriate monthly deadlines.


•Monitor un-coded episode reports and following up on all outstanding activity.


•Use tools to analyse and benchmark clinically coded data against peer groups, to ensure depth of coding is comparable and take appropriate actions as necessary


•Ensure Clinical Coding staff are trained to national standards and are regularly informed about external and internal updates, developments and issues regarding clinical coding practice and guidelines.


•Organise the required annual external audits commissioned by the Audit Commission, CCGs and for Information Governance.


•Be involved in the migration to different coding structures as and when applicable, becoming fully experienced in those structures to enable the training of  staff to continue, and data quality standards to be maintained.


•Be the  lead and focal point for clinical coding queries and where applicable submit these sometimes complex coding queries












•Participate in the implementation of all computer system development projects, enhancements and changes to computer systems which affect clinical coding.


•Represent the  on the National and Regional Clinical Coding Management Groups and act as liaison with the National Clinical Coding Office.



•To continually raise awareness of Clinical Coding for junior doctors by any means possible.


•Work with and provide feedback to divisional managers to enhance quality information recorded in case notes.

•Implement recommendations from all external and internal audits.


•Be responsible for maintaining all  Policy & Procedure documents relating to Clinical Coding and Clinical Audit.


•To ensure that all activity is captured and all potential income is realised.


•Be responsible for the development of internal audit processes for clinical coding.


•Ensure that clinical coding performance reports are regularly reported to the ’s data monitoring groups



•Act as a key member of the Data Quality Group chaired by the Associate Director of Business and Performance


•Any other duties commensurate with the level of the post as determined by the Information Manager.

•Act as part of the project team for the implementation of the data warehouse with regards to advising the  on the strategy for clinical coding following the plans to replace CSC PAS in line with the ’s Information Strategy.


•The post holder will improve the quality of the patient information held within the medical records through the development and implementation of a coding education programme for clinical staff.














•The post holder will develop and improve relations with clinical teams and corporate departments, as well as increase the professional profile of clinical coding at all levels both internally and externally.


•Have overall responsibility for the clinical coding team with regards to their training, appraisals and personal development plans.


•Mentor and guide subordinate staff both in a management capacity and in a technical capacity regarding coding conventions. The Data Quality Manager will act as professional mentor to all coding and data quality staff.


Data Quality Specific


•Working with the Information Manager, be responsible for the overall management and strategic planning in all matters relating to data quality.


•Be one of the ’s leads and focal point for data quality queries.


•Working with the Information Manager, act as the ’s subject matter expert on all data definitions and data capture. This will also involve ensuring that awareness is raised of data dictionary definitions and data standards.


•Data capture procedures must contain the current and relevant data item definitions in use for that procedure.



•With the Information Manager, be involved in the dissemination, and where necessary, implementation of Information standards Notices (ISNs)


•Be responsible for the data quality related indictors in the IG (Information Governance) annual Toolkit submission.


•Be responsible for undertaking audits of data quality . T


•Put in place mechanisms to ensure there is feedback to individual specialties and users where necessary on data quality issues. The philosophy will be that data should wherever possible be corrected at source.


• ensure  procedures cover all processes that capture patient information on key systems.


•To provide and devise an awareness campaign to clinicians and senior managers


•Act as part of the data warehouse project team with regards to data quality as data from multiple  systems is integrated into the data warehouse.


•Ensure data quality measures and performance is formally reported, internally on a monthly basis and externally as required.


•Manage a small data quality team developing robust objectives for every member of the team in line with the  and departmental objectives. Ensure they have an annual appraisal with personal development plans.


Financial responsibility

Assist the Information Manager with the budget management for the Clinical Coding and Data Quality department; maintaining, setting and monitoring the department budgets.


•Authorises overtime, travel and training expenditure for the department.


•Raises purchase requisitions for department resources.


•Approves the authorisation for invoice payment.












Experience Required



Minimum of 5 years’ experience of clinical coding.


•Experience of communicating complex issues and data concepts to a range of people.


•Experience of managing/supervising staff.


•Experience of liaising with clinicians to improve the clinical coding process


•Experience of liaising with operational staff to improve the accurate capture of patient based data.

•Experience of planning and implementing specialist projects


•Good understanding of PBR and the terminology involved and will be able to translate it into everyday practice


•Good understanding of HRGs (Healthcare Resource Groups)

•Proven and in depth knowledge, experience and understanding of coding classification and standards in the ORGANISATION  environment.


•Proven clinical coding experience covering a wide range of acute hospital clinical specialties.


•Excellent understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology


•Competent in the use of clinical coding computer based systems