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Data Warehouse Developer job description

Free job description Data Warehouse Developer

Job Summary-Data Warehouse Developer job description

To support the provision of management information to users across the company.  This will include assisting in the development and maintenance of the MS SQL server data warehouse reporting and back-end functionality (using tools in the Microsoft SQL server BI Stack such as SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL) as well as working with data feeder systems to ensure timely trust wide access to the required Business Intelligence.

Main responsibilities-Data Warehouse Developer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Data Warehouse Developer job description

1.0 The post holder will liaise with staff members to ensure information reports are developed and implemented to fulfil business requirements.


2.0 Will gather information requirements and turn these into information outputs.  This will require managing complex and sensitive information.


3.0 Will provide training to other staff on information and data warehouse tasks.



Analytical Skills


4.0 In conjunction with the Data Warehouse Manager, investigates issues impacting on the operation of the corporate SQL data warehouse.


5.0 Develops reports and automation tools (i.e. scheduled processes) within the corporate SQL data warehouse.


6.0 Assist with interfacing and back-end development work relating to the corporate SQL data warehouse (e.g. SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services).


7.0 Will ensure statutory reports are developed and maintained in the corporate SQL data warehouse.


8.0 Work with the Data Warehouse Manager to migrate data feeds when moving to new source systems.


9.0Undertake data quality checks and reporting in relation to data held on Information Department systems.


Will utilise ETL Data skills (Extract Transform and load) using SSIS SQL Server integration services to import and load data into the Data Warehouse. T-SQL scripting using Management Studio including Views, stored procedures and functions will be used extensively and form the basis of producing reports within the data warehouse.


The postholder will provide input to and work as part of a multi-disciplinary team providing business intelligence  on a range of Performance and Commissioning targets

Planning & Organisation


10.0 Prioritise and plan activities to ensure the best use of available resources, and that all internal and external deadlines are met.


11.0 Liaise with others to ensure inputs & outputs to work are aligned.


12.0 Will need to be flexible and adjust work schedules in order to meet customer / departmental requirements.


Policy & Service Development


13.0 Work with colleagues to ensure systems are fit for purpose and robust.


14.0 Work with staff to ensure that activity is collected and recorded in accordance with  policies and procedures.


15.0 Work with other members of the Informatics Directorate to deliver appropriate information services .  This will include the development and maintenance of supporting documentation on the use of the corporate data warehouse.


16.0 Ensure organisational policies are applied in own work environment.











Human Resources


17.0Provide training in work area to other informatics staff to ensure cross-cover.


18.0Demonstrate the use of IT systems to other  staff to ensure competency.


Information Resources


19.0 Support the Data Warehouse Manager to ensure the corporate SQL data warehouse operates effectively and fulfils the  management information requirements.


20.0 Responsible for the design and implementation of regular & adhoc information reports for internal & external customers using tools such as Reporting Services and & T-SQL Scripting.


21.0 Interrogate  data stores and ensure data quality is sufficiently robust to be relied upon.  Escalation procedures will be put in place to highlight and adjust areas of concern.


22.0 Ensure  Information Governance policy and best practice is followed    (including confidentiality and data quality) to ensure data quality is maximised and confidentiality of information is maintained and applied to all data recorded, utilised and reported on.



Research & Development


23.0 Take part in local audits being undertaken in the  where management information and systems are being investigated.


24.0 Participate in external audits of  activities and information systems/processes.


25.0 Liaise with internal and external bodies in the communication of results of audits.


Qualifications and Training


1.Degree or equivalent occupational/professional qualification


2.Microsoft SQL Server Certification





T-SQL Scripting using Management Studio –including Views/Stored Procedures, Cursors and functions


SSRS SQL (Server Reporting Services) running from T-SQL stored procedures


Sources of comparative/benchmarking information


SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)


Skills and Abilities



1.Analytical and logical approach to problem solving

2.Interpretation and meaningful presentation of information

3.Writing reports and policies

4.Presentation using MS PowerPoint or similar software

5.Database application development and reporting tools (e.g. MS Access, SQL Server, Business Objects, Crystal Reports)

6.Project Management




ETL Data Skills (Extract Transform and Load) using SSIS SQL Server Integration Services to import and load data


Two years experience of Data Mining/Analytical experience in an acute or community setting


Expert user of MS Excel and Access (or similar) for statistical reporting


Application of statistical techniques