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Data Warehouse Manager job description

Free Job Description Data Warehouse Manager

Job Summary-Data Warehouse Manager job description

1.Responsible for the management of the data warehouse and business intelligence solution.


2.Act as the lead specialist in matters pertaining to the data warehouse

Main responsibilities-Data Warehouse Manager job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Data Warehouse Manager job description


3.Responsible for the planning, creation and implementation of a continuing programme of analytical software developments, including, but not limited to, the data warehouse.


4.To identify and address the continued development and maintenance of specific information systems, including combined activity and cost systems, relating to the production of returns and support for Payment by Results.


5.Working within the Information Department, provide expertise on further developing, implementing and maintaining the data warehouse and business intelligence tools. A specific area of responsibility will be to supervise the loading, processing and validation of data from various sources into the data warehouse. To design, develop and introduce a range of information support and analysis, to assist in the analysis and reporting activities


6. Rresponsible for developing, adapting and delivering technical improvements to the data warehouse system with associated supporting documentation.  Provide technical support, informal training and advice to information staff to improve their handling and understanding of data held within the data warehouse.




•Degree level education, or equivalent experience and competencies, with a major computing component


•Microsoft Certification of DBA skills, other professional certification or relevant experience


•ECDL or equivalent experience


Knowledge & Expertise


•Experience of designing, implementing and administering databases and database systems


•Good understanding of relational database theory and technology, including experience of using Structures Query Language (SQL) and T-SQL.


•Good experience of using Microsoft SSRS, SSIS and SSAS.


•A good understanding of Data Architecture Principles and Practices.


•Experienced and proficient in the use of Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Analysis Services


•Knowledge of  related datasets

•Understanding of confidentiality and data protection requirements

•Experience and good knowledge of Microsoft Office software


•Good working knowledge of  data definitions and standards

•Good understanding of a wide variety of  and other reference data sources

•Analytical and report writing skills


•Demonstrate the ability to solve problems and make decisions within the parameters of the job role e.g. assessing and dealing with queries relating to information.


•Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and prioritise workload according to the demands of conflicting and unpredictable requests.

•Ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team.


•Possess excellent communication skills in order to provide and receive information which may be complicated e.g. discuss data requests to ensure information is accurate, consistent and of the best quality, with internal and external clients.


 Administrative / Operational Systems Management


Act as first line specialist advice and support for software and interface related issues in relation to the data warehouse, ensuring speedy resolution to facilitate continued system provision.


Analyse, investigate and resolve complex system issues, often involving multiple cause and effect scenarios.


Work with the Information Team in the development, testing and adaptation of all corporate information systems and software tools, new and existing, to support and meet user specifications.


To support the development of master tables, views, stored procedures and functions for information staff and authorised users.


Liaise with the system supplier to resolve all system issues to agreed timescales, maintaining timely and appropriate dialogue with data warehouse users


Ensure robust security measures are in place to allow adequate access for the required users, whilst protecting sensitive patient identifiable data.


Responsible for the administration of permissions to the data warehouse and associated systems.


Provide specialist information and analytical knowledge to interpret complex trend analyses, impacting on strategic, and operational, planning, forecasting and financial areas.

Software updates / releases


Advise the  on the system implications of impending software updates and changes to local reporting, providing feedback / presenting to multidisciplinary groups as necessary.


In liaison with the system supplier, ascertain the impact of new releases, assessing local implications, in order to formulate and deliver a robust project plan.


Where appropriate, develop working groups in order to deliver project actions. Co-ordinating individuals outside of the post holders usual remit, in an effort to deliver key objectives, for example, end user testing.


Develop and maintain revised user documentation.


Participate in supplier user groups.


Where appropriate, participate in the development of new software with system suppliers.










Provide technical documentation to support new reporting processes in the specialist area of data warehouse and business intelligence.


Liaise regularly with users of the data warehouse to facilitate the use of and improve understanding of data sources held within the warehouse.




Develop a scheduled programme of training sessions, ensuring the needs of the  are met.


Advise in briefing sessions and training days for colleagues, managers and clinicians in relation to the use and interpretation of the data warehouse.


Develop and provide training to non-technical users.


To attend supplier run training sessions and maintain awareness of system developments and issues.



Information and IT Strategic Development


Ensure a pragmatic approach to incorporating the data warehouse within the Information Strategy.


Lead in departmental and organisational discussions over the development, priority and feasibility of present and future informational requirements.


Advise on and assist to implement a project plan to deliver a continued programme of data processing software developments to enhance the Information Teams reporting procedures.


Provide theoretical and practical guidance to the Analysis team in evaluating and developing automated processes within their own areas.


Continually review existing reporting procedures, across all departmental sections, recommending change to improve efficiency and accuracy.











Through establishing close links with the Estates and IT departments, ensure minimum disruption, through careful planning of hardware maintenance.





Proactively identify additional areas of improvement and development and propose solutions where they may arise as work within the data warehouse progresses.


Identify and supervise the validation, cleansing and storage processes and identify ways to improve these processes, where possible.


Data standards, identify requirements and any implications in respect of data loads and storage and where required propose a solution to any potential problems.


Designing and developing the structure, procedures and functions of the data warehouse to enable the assimilation of new services.




Implement routine data quality checks as part of the load process and as issues arise, identify and introduce processes and procedures to rectify the situation. This will include working closely with colleagues working on data quality.


To supervise the loading, processes and validation of datasets into the data warehouse system ensuring high standards of completeness and accuracy.