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Database Architect Job Description

To be an expert Database Engineer and offer analysis, design and system performance tuning to support the range of databases (particularly MySQL) that drive the Metadata Publishing and Serving systems of Publishing Services.


Technical Leadership


1. Developing high-performing, scalable database solutions including schema design, storage engines, indexing strategies, and SQL tuning.

2. Provide technical direction on projects and expertise in metadata publishing technologies and specialist knowledge in your own area to the team.


3. Produce and contribute to documentation (e.g. product backlogs, specifications) for both internal and external audiences.

4. Advise, recommend and manage the introduction of new technology and practices.


5. Experience optimizing and tuning database schemas and parameters to achieve massively high volume and efficient SQL throughput.

6. Scope new projects and proposals, i.e. given high level requirements, suggest possible database solutions, identify components/tasks, and provide estimates.


7. Troubleshoot problems and faults and provide additional support for your team.

8. Ensure project quality of work meets  standards and guidelines.

9. Build relationships with other development and operational teams and assist the integration of business processes and software engineering activity across the organisation


10. Present information, ideas and best practice with other technical teams in the  and the wider development community through internal and external conferences and workgroups.


11. Mentor other staff on technology, best practice, and  standards and guidelines.

12. Assist with the development of relevant standards and guidelines.


13. Liaise with internal clients on the scope and specification of projects

14. Ensure operational issues are considered and planned for when major new products, releases or versions are rolled out



1. Commercial experience of: Object-oriented analysis, design and development, test driven development, relational database systems, high performance systems.

2. Experience of diagnosing and fixing problems with highly available, high-volume, resilient MySQL instances.

3. Experience of working closely with Software Engineering teams throughout the development timeline.

4. Experience of one or more ORMs (e.g. Hibernate, DBix::Class, MyBatis).

5. Application of principles of Normalisation and DeNormalisation to commercial database design.

6. Experience of using Tomcat, Spring Framework, Hibernate and Maven2.

7. Significant and demonstrable Java development experience, including using a JPA and JTA.

8. Demonstrable experience of implementing Java best practice – especially around scalability and performance of web-services.

9. Must have an enquiring mind with well-developed analytical and investigative skills.

10. Be self-motivated with drive and good organisational skills to work to challenging deadlines.

11. An ability to rapidly and effectively understand and translate product and business requirements into technical solutions.

12. Experience of working with 3rd party vendors and development teams.


13. Proven experience of project working and commercial development processes - particularly Agile methodologies.

14. Experience of working in an environment where products have to be delivered to specific time-scales.

15. Experience of supporting, modifying and maintaining systems and code developed by teams other than your own.

16. Experience of working with code repositories (e.g. Git, SVN), bug tracking tools (e.g. Jira, Bugzilla) and Wikis (e.g. Confluence).


Desirable Knowledge and Experience


1. Commercial experience of XML databases (e.g. MarkLogic, exist-db)

2. Commercial experience of document databases and other NoSQL solutions (e.g. CouchDB, MongoDB)XQuery/XSLT/XPath)

3. Commercial experience of: Object-oriented analysis, design and development, test driven development, relational database systems, high performance systems

4. Commercial experience of designing and building RESTful interfaces

5. Demonstrable experience of contributing to open-source projects

6. Demonstrable experience using JMS

7. Use of message-queues (e.g. ActiveMQ) and real-time messaging protocols (e.g. XMPP)

8. Knowledge of  output and the potential for interactive technologies to enhance the  offering

9. Demonstrable experience of test-driven development alongside use of automated test frameworks, mocking/stubbing and JUnit

10. Demonstrable experience of implementing Java best practice – especially around scalability and performance of web-services