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Delivery Specialist Job Description

Job Summary

Working as part of a technical team, the Delivery Specialist will have responsibility for the solving of technical problems related to the delivery of online and other services supported by the team.  Problems and requests may be logged and will come to the Delivery Specialist directly, through email to a group address, or through the service desks.

Main responsibilities-Delivery Specialist Job Description



• To respond to problems related to web sites, as logged by staff


• To respond directly to problems lrimarily via email, occasional direct verbal contact


• To be on a rota for providing sole out of hours support responding to key contacts and being a third line support resource for the service desks.



• Provide expertise in internet technologies to other groups and represent on relevant project boards


• To develop an understanding of the technical and editorial environment so that service delivery is compatible with business need, and so that editorial judgement can be applied to problems when providing out of hours support.


• Manage the relationship between various support teams, both inside and externally, to ensure continuity of service



• Provide technical advice to partners, and to work with Business Development as required to support commercial relationships


• Scheduling and monitoring of media streams to cover output.

• To implement and communicate plans for the improvement of services delivered online.


• Manage and deliver projects that will have an effect on the external delivery of output

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Delivery Specialist Job Description

Free  Job Description Delivery Specialist


• Liaise with internal and external suppliers for the provision of technology services including taking part in the relevant procurement processes for new services


• Cover for colleagues as requested by line management.


• Recommend and make decisions on technology purchases that will be of value


• Procure and purchase products and services to improve internet delivery methods, within existing capital projects and for general capital purchases, and to manage leases for equipment used and supplied by technology partners


• Represent on company groups and with external companies and industry bodies as required

• Considerable experience of diagnosing and fixing technically complex problems across a variety of hardware and software platforms


• Experience of providing support services to a large and diverse user base.

• Understanding of content production systems and content creation software


• Strong working knowledge of digital audio and video production,


• Ability to install and manage servers using Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux server operating systems



• An understanding of live service monitoring, including the ability to configure SNMP and Nagios software


• Technical experience of a wide range of software used to create content for online services, such as Adobe graphic and video production software and Windows and Apple operating systems.


• Experience in the use of audio and video codecs, and knowledge of how the choice of codec and its configuration influences the quality of the resulting output.



• Ability to set up and configure server software for live use, demonstrations and internal evaluation.  Knowledge of Perl scripting and Apache software is desirable but not essential.


• Experience and in-depth understanding of web technologies


• An understanding of network issues, including TCP/IP, DHCP and DNS, along with an awareness of security and other implications for internet-connected devices


• An understanding of digital audio and video standards, and ability to troubleshoot issues within the baseband and encoded signal domains.











• Ability to set up computer hardware and related equipment for presentations and demonstrations of web-based content, and to run the technical delivery of live events.


• Ability to manage the workflow of issues logged, and to devise ways of handling and tracking the problems on an ongoing basis.



• An ability to apply sound judgement to problems so that any loss of output is kept to a minimum


• The ability to comprehend and communicate clearly on a wide range of technical matters as well as the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively with customers at all levels in a culturally diverse environment.


• Excellent customer service skills with the ability to identify a customer’s requirements and to recognise whether these can be met effectively from the resources, timescales, skills and funds available.

• Ability to manage workload plus scheduling in any ad-hoc work and keeping customers informed as to progress.

• Project management skills


The Delivery Specialist will advise accordingly, and will also have third-line support responsibilities for calls logged through service desk.  Other problems and requests will come from members of the public, and the Delivery Specialist will be expected to respond to these and ensure content is available to the widest audience possible.


• Provide solutions to technical problems, documenting solutions for colleagues where appropriate.


• Provide expertise in internet delivery methods and represent the team on projects


• Installation and management of servers used for the creation of content delivered via the internet and intranet, using Windows, Unix and Linux-based operating systems.