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Dermatologist job description provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary



Responsible for the current Consultant Dermatologists, for the development of primary, secondary and tertiary care.    

To have shared management responsibility with the current Mohs / Dermatological Surgeon in the provision of a Specialist Skin Cancer Surgery Service.  

Main responsibilities-Dermatologist job description



 It is envisaged when the service is fully operational a Consultant ‘one stop’ clinic with a Nurse- led procedure list running along side it will run weekly . In line with agreed chronic disease pathways there will be Consultant and Specialist nurse - led follow up clinics and Nurse - led patient education clinics.


There is an emphasis within the service model for Consultants to provide General Practitioner education in the early diagnosis and first line management for common dermatological conditions. This will be undertaken through workshops held throughout the year

Dermatologist job description [cont]


Contractual Commitment


The post holder will have continuing responsibility for the care of patients in his or her charge and for the proper

functioning of the service, and will undertake the administrative duties associated with the care of patients and the running of the clinical department.


Indicative Workload



Clinic templates are predominately for new patients as the majority of Mohs surgery follow up and discharge takes place in the specialist nurse led clinics within the Mohs unit.


Learning and Personal Development


The post holder is responsible for maintaining their own continuous professional development. The post holder will be expected to work towards continuous professional improvement, in line with service needs and changes in medical practices ensuring they maintain up to date knowledge of the literature on Mohs excisional surgery.


Dermatologist job description [cont below]





Dermatologist job description

Dermatologist job description [cont below]


Clinical Audit


The Dermatology Centre has a well-established tradition of managing its activities according to quality development principles.  The post holder will be expected to play a leading role in the further development of continuous clinical performance monitoring and

successful change management.


The appointee will be expected to attend and participate in medical audits.  Regular audit meetings involving all the

dermatology consultants are held at the Dermatology Centre.


Dermatologist job description


Research and Development


The main research interests of the Dermatological Sciences Research Group are:





Skin-nutrient interaction

Brain-skin axis



Skin Cancer


Evidence-based dermatology

Tissue regeneration




The Department of Dermatology plays an important role in the education of medical students and the successful candidate will participate in undergraduate teaching.  















This will include assisting in problem-based tutorials; acting as an educational supervisor to students during special study modules and research options projects; teaching in the clinical skills laboratories and offering other teaching according to the demands of the curriculum and interests of the appointee.


Performance Management


There will also be a requirement to participate in postgraduate and multi-disciplinary teaching.  There is a requirement for consultants to act as mentor to junior medical staff and/or provide supervision and guidance to trainees in the directorate. This also includes:



The need to have a clear understanding of performance management.


The need to support a performance management culture, which includes empowering others to take responsibility.


The ability to develop and recognise the performance of others.


Dermatologist job description


Delivering Service


The post-holder will be expected to take a lead role in ensuring delivery of a quality service. This will include the following:


Implementing and ensuring policies and procedures.

Reviewing and allocating resources appropriately

Reviewing and managing progress and improvement within the area.


The post holder will be required to work with the operational management team to ensure that services are delivered within agreed parameters i.e. 18 week standard and national outpatient waiting times.


The post holder will be expected to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the clinical service (and to the academic performance of the hospital)

Dermatologist job description


Team and Partnership Working


The post holder will be required to work in partnership with colleagues of all disciplines, external links to the hospital and service users, to ensure the creation of a quality service. The post holder will be expected to commit to shared goals in the department by building effective teams and partnerships and valuing the roles and contributions of others.

Infection control










You are accountable for the effective deployment of activities that ensure that your department/ward/clinical team is reducing hospital acquired infection.  You will ensure that you and your staff comply with the hospital policies on infection, prevention and control.  You will ensure that you and your staff receive the training required to maintain competence to execute the hospital`s policies on infection, prevention and control.  You have a responsibility to bring deficiencies in the deployment of such policies to the attention of your line manager.






The post holder will provide general dermatological services at SRFT/CAT Service within the area and a Mohs excision service at SRFT.  During the first year following appointment it is anticipated that referrals to the Mohs service will increase and this will be reflected within the job plan as general dermatology surgical sessions and clinics may need to be reduce accordingly and replaced by Mohs assessment clinics and Mohs surgery sessions.



The post holder will provide clinical leadership for the area.


In addition to providing a Mohs excision and reconstructive service, approximately one third of all the workload is to perform Mohs excision of complex facial tumours in collaboration with Plastic, Oculoplastic, ENT and Maxillofacial Surgeons.