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Job Summary

Detention/Escort Officers are employed within Police Stations and on escort duty at the direction of the Custody Officer or operational line manager.

The purpose of the role is to provide support to the Custody Sergeant within cellblocks in relation to the safe keeping and well being of detained persons.

As Escort Officers under direction of the Custody Sergeant or operational line manager, they will be designated to take an arrested person to a Police Station or, on the authority of a Custody Officer, escort detainees between Police Stations

Main responsibilities-Detention Officer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Detention Officer job description

In accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Food Safety Act, to provide detained people with meals and drinks and to supervise the preparation of detained people prior to attending court, for example washing and exercise, to ensure the general welfare of detained people is considered and met whilst they are in the Custody Unit, and to ensure aprofessional service is provided in accordance with relevant Codes of Practice


Act as Escort Officer under direction of the Custody Sergeant or operational line manager. As instructed, to take arrested person(s) to a Police Station or, on the authority of a Custody Officer, escort detainees between Police Stations and other specified locations.


Detention Officer job description

How the job relates to the work of other officers, groups, committees, general public, both within and outside the Constabulary.


Detention Officer job description

Contact with police officers is a part of the investigation process as a result of the person being detained in Custody, therefore interaction will be of an informative nature. Interaction with the custody Sergeants and Inspectors will be on a directive basis and these instructions will usually require a prompt response.


Interaction with Custody visitors will be to facilitate checks of cells and detained persons. Interaction with doctors, solicitors and relations will be face to face and via the telephone, making or receiving requests in order to facilitate these agencies to complete their role in respect of the detained person.


The productivity of the investigation process surrounding a detained person by the "Officer in charge" is partly dependent on the mental and physical state of the detained person. Therefore it is important that the interaction between custody staff andDetention/Escort Officers especially, and the detained person is as calming and positive as possible.


Detention/Escort Officers need a high level of human relation skills in order to calm agitated and aggressive people. In addition, this ability will also improve the relationship between theDetention/Escort Officer and the detained person therefore improving the working environment for the Custody staff.


Basic keyboard skills


Previous experience of using computers for recording keeping and information retrieval purposes.


First Aid, Health and Safety and Self Defence training


Ability to organise and prioritise own workload and time


Effective communication and listening skills, including the ability to communicate with individuals from a wide range of social backgrounds.


Able to work well as part of a team, not only immediate colleagues and supervisors, but also other police officers and external agencies


Ability to be assertive with detained people whilst at the same time maintaining a concern for their welfare


Ability to remain calm in stressful or potential conflict situations


Attention to detail both in record keeping and also observing the mental and physical state of detained people


Experience of working in a customer service delivery organisation where interaction with the customer is face to face and includes conflict resolution


Knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and relevant Codes of Practice and how these impact on the role


Physical ability to defend oneself and restrain prisoners as appropriate


Appropriate driving permit and full, clean driving licence.


Detention Officer job description


To be fully operational the postholder is required to be fully accredited under the Police Reform Act 2002. This incorporates receiving training in:


Taking Fingerprints


DNA Sampling


Drug testing


Module 3 First Aid


Personal Safety

















On completion of the above the postholder will be self sufficient in the taking of fingerprints, DNA, photographs and the escorting of detainees from the place of arrest to custody or from custody to other areas as directed.


During the three years work experience staff development and experience will be monitored by active PDR Management.


Once the postholder has completed accreditation under the Police Reform Act 2002, three years relevant work experience in the role, and satisfactory PDR the post holder will progress to Scale 4.


Detention Officer job description


Audit Manager

Database Support Manager

Media Relations Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Director Financial Planning

Detention Officer job description

Assisting the Custody Officer in the dealing of all detained people including being responsible for the safety, security and welfare of all detained people whilst in Custody, in order that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and Codes of Practice are complied with, and to aid the efficient and effective running of the Custody Unit. This will include searching of detainees and recording of property.


Update and maintain both manual and computer based administrative systems, including the custody records, within the Custody Unit, to ensure that Force policies are complied with and that accurate and complete information is available to other users of the Custody Unit administrative systems.


As directed by the Custody Sergeant, to contact and liaise with external agencies, for example solicitors, doctors and relatives of detained people, in order that a professional service is provided to detained people and that the Custody Unit complies with conditions under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.


Undertake general care, maintenance and security checks within the Custody Unit, for example keeping the cells, interview rooms and charge rooms clean, hygienic, tidy and safe at all times; to check cells for damage (both before and afterdetention) in order that a pleasant and safe working environment is maintained and a professional standard of service is provided to users of the Custody Unit.


Detention Officer job description


Undertake regular checks on supplies of necessary stocks, for example stationery and food, and order further supplies as necessary in order that the Custody Unit operates as an effective and efficient self-contained unit.


Obtain the fingerprints, photographs, DNA 1 and other appropriate samples of all detained persons prior to Charge with or without consent, when so authorised. You will also have to obtain samples for drug testing purposes post arrest. [cont right]