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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Developer -PHP & Java job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Developer -PHP & Java job description

Main responsibilities Developer -PHP & Java job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Developer -PHP & Java job description

Developer -PHP & Java job description


• To produce software assets from functional and technical specifications.

• To produce associated assets (such as documentation) for a software system.

• To provide technical expertise for system design, implementation and support.

• To provide up-to-date task-based information and progress reporting to the management team.

• To develop Java and / or PHP applications for websites and internal editorial teams, to meet pre-defined functional specifications and project timescales

• To work with Web Developers to integrate server-side presentation logic with mark-up (normally XHTML/CSS) to produce dynamic pages.

• To use standard unit testing tools to ensure the integrity and stability of web applications

• To develop mobile automated test capabilities for Android and iPhone

• To assist Technical Project Managers in producing functional specifications and timescales for new development work.

• To work with in-house Content Management System (CMS) to integrate application functionality with content.

• To remedy application issues submitted through our issue-reporting system

• To conduct code reviews with other developers to ensure a high standard of quality and maintainability in new application code

• To produce high-level application design documents

• To maintain an up-to-date repository of all source code

• To ensure all application work is fully documented

• To review processes, recommend and facilitate changes required


To maintain an informed interest in emerging technologies so as to assist the Digital Media team in deciding how web content should be implemented.

• To drive and participate in the setting of departmental standards in the areas of Configuration Management, Tool Adoption, Coding Disciplines.

• To design software systems, providing suitable specifications and task breakdown of the system design.

• To ensure the accurate and up-to-date logging of time by the team.


• To provide a professional customer face for the team.


• To provide a running plan of tasks and ensure the completion of tasks in the timeframes committed to.

• On a rotating basis with other members of the development team:

o Monitor and log new day-to-day requests coming in to the development team

o Ensure that the team’s task board and electronic task tracking system are an accurate reflection of one another

• Demonstrate a logical and structured approach to time management and task prioritisation

• Proactively keep abreast of industry developments, skills and technologies and share information, ideas and best practice with other design team members and divisions

• Participate in team activities and team planning with the aim of improving team skills, awareness and quality of work

• Engage professionally with customers when required

• Work independently and/or within a team as the work requires

• Work within the boundaries of our agile working methodology


Technical experience / skills required

• Significant exposure working on B2C websites, or equivalent B2B sites or applications

• Ability to understand business requirements and provide creative and technical solutions that work within the technical boundaries

• Excellent working knowledge of cross-browser issues on both PC and Mac

• Experience of working within an agile software development environment

• Good attention to detail

• Experience in commercial interactive coding

• Competent in Java, PHP, Spring, Hibernate, Restful web services,  Java Rest Frameworks  and appropriate Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

• Knowledge of configuring and deploying applications to web application containers such as tomcat, Sun Java system Application Server and BEA Weblogic

• Ability to assist in producing functional specification and project timescales for new projects

• Knowledge and experience of using content management systems

• Proven experience of TDD and/ BDD

• Experience of unit testing tools such as JUnit

• Experience in troubleshooting and resolving code defects and system issues under time pressure

• Ability to fully document all application work undertaken

• Experience in carrying out quality reviews of other developers’ code

• Interest in mature and emerging interactive technologies

• Ability to manage a team, allocate tasks and report on progress.

• Knowledge of application design modelling languages such as UML

• Experience working with application frameworks such as Struts and Hibernate

• Experience of other programming languages such as C++, C#/.NET, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails

• Linux and Solaris administration skills, apache skills















Personal Skills

• Ability to manage and facilitate the change process

• Ability to manage a variety of conflicting time and resource demands

• Flexibility in thinking, with the ability to embrace changes in the business

• A high level of interpersonal skills, with an ability to build relationships

• Ability to work effectively as a team

• Ability to produce innovative ideas which are practical and imaginative

• Takes a proactive and focussed approach and personal responsibility for getting things done.

• Ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

• Ability to lead and coach a team.