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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Digital Planner Job description

Job Summary-Digital Planner Job description

The Digital Planner supports the Sales team by managing responses to digital sales briefs, setting up campaigns and working on campaign implementation, optimisation and technical troubleshooting.  



Main responsibilities-Digital Planner Job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Digital Planner Job description


A successful performer in this role will:


•Manage a number of simultaneous tasks and projects by prioritising effectively and monitoring progress


•Build contingency into their plans to accommodate changes and/or obstacles


•Consider the “big picture” and overall delivery schedule before accepting additional tasks


•Explain their views clearly using supporting facts and information


•Offer alternatives to encourage agreement and acceptance


•Systematically collect all the relevant information to identify the root causes of problems


•Resolve potentially conflicting information


•Adapt their personal style in response to the needs of others in the team


•Go out of their way to share information, expertise and learning with colleagues


•Keep up to date with technical and functional developments in the business


•Attend all necessary training to keep up to date with the requirements of their job




Free Job description Digital Planner


•Develop a reputation as a trusted advisor within the sales organisation by providing insights on new digital products and the commercial opportunities they present


2.Launching and Implementing Campaigns  


•To set up and launch campaigns on time and in line with client expectations


•Review revenue and inventory data to check that placements are delivering to expectations


•Follow up with clients / agencies and internal departments to gain feedback on campaigns and address any potential issues or concerns


•Check that campaigns have delivered in line with Insertion Orders and that revenue is recognised appropriately  


•Provide regular performance reports for agencies and the sales team detailing click-through, impression levels, on schedule indicators etc.


3.Technical Troubleshooting and Campaign Optimisation

•Conduct technical troubleshooting and resolve any issues identified


•Monitor campaign performance and optimise campaigns to increase effectiveness and audience reach


4.Client / Agency Engagement


•Establish relationships with key contacts in clients / agencies to facilitate the smooth implementation of campaigns


•Visit clients / agencies to promote the  digital proposition and educate them on digital products and opportunities



5.Developing Professional Capability


•Meet / exceed all performance objectives


•Keep up to date with industry trends, new product developments and the competition to develop a reputation as a digital advocate and advisor within the sales team



1.Proposal / pitch content quality

2.On-time campaign delivery  

3.Campaign optimisation

4.Campaign performance reports

5.Campaign management and implementation



1.Managing Digital Sales Campaigns  


•Respond to advertising briefs from agencies / clients and work closely with sales to brainstorm options and propose solutions


•Provide information for proactive pitches


•Present financial proposals and media plans to clients / agencies


•Review inventory availability and inform contacts in the client / agency business on placement options



Working closely with sales and operations, the Digital Planner provides in-depth knowledge of internal technical processes and digital solutions and draws on this information to educate the sales team(s).