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Digitisation Operator Job Description

Job Summary

To digitise, preserve, and maintain  archive material to specified standards.


Responsible for all aspects of the digitisation & technical handling of film, videotape and audio material held in the collections; provision of copies of complete programmes for transfer prior to repeat transmission and duplicated sections for Archive customers; provision of expert advice and operational support across all areas and medias currently retained.



Main responsibilities-Digitisation Operator Job Description


1. Responsible for achieving the best possible picture and sound quality within given constraints e.g., quality control checking of television and radio programmes for repeat transmission and other purposes. Post holders assess whether the components are acceptable for these purposes and, when necessary, take the most appropriate action, e.g. clean and repair; replacement of sections; transfer of sound; complete replacement etc


2. Maintenance of Archive holdings to an appropriate technical level for use by customers of the Archive. The work entails regular checking, and critical assessment of sound and picture material. Work on original material (programmes retained for archival purposes) and programme masters is also carried out, including re-cutting; the repair or replacement of copies; preparation for making duplication material, sound transfers; synchronising sound and picture material where necessary, for transmission, maintenance and archive purposes

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Digitisation Operator Job Description

Free Job description Digitisation Operator

3. Dealing with technical enquiries received from Archive users and staff. This involves giving advice on the use of film, video, audio, duplicate material, untransmitted material, data media and Stockshots


4. Liaising and instructing laboratories, and post production facilities on the various aspects of obtaining and servicing copies of picture and sound material



Specific duties and responsibilities:


1. Operate all monitoring and selection equipment and to identify fundamental picture and sound faults


2. To assess & quality check the physical condition of a range of video and audio formats and be able to recommend or take appropriate action, e.g. employ various cleaning techniques, apply digital solutions or engage specialist assistance


3. Operating an extensive range of equipment to enable the replaying of archive material for viewing and copying both for broadcast and non-broadcast purposes


4. Operating an extensive range of equipment used for the purpose of transferring archive material to modern broadcast storage files and formats


5. To assist in the day-to-day smooth running of the Group areas, e.g. organise and maintain appropriate supplies of the required paperwork and raw stock; external ordering & ensure a smooth passage of original, and recorded material, to and from the Digitisation Group areas


6. Maintain a safe working environment


7. To assist in the analysis of the technical work carried out by the department by keeping records


8. To provide a viewing and listening service and to project a positive and helpful image to all users of the Archive’s preservation services

9. To contribute to the training of new staff

Knowledge and experience


1. Knowledge and understanding of a wide range of film, video, audio & file storage formats, both analogue and digital


2. Significant operational experience of working in a film, video, audio transfer and recording environment and have a thorough knowledge of film, video and audio technology, both analogue and digital. Operational experience of software/hardware encoding from a variety of video & audio formats to the latest deliverable file specifications.


3. Able to deal with laboratories and Post Production Facility houses, archive users and contacts of all kinds, many of whom have little or no technical knowledge










4. Knowledge and understanding of laboratory processes


5. The ability to understand the requirements of Library's customers and to establish excellent working relations with them


6. An interest in programme making, Post Production processes and techniques, past and present, and the possible impact of future developments upon them


7. An interest in, and an appreciation of, the role and functions of Information & Archives


8. Meticulous attention to detail


9. To be able to assess picture and sound quality and the physical conditions of the Archive holdings


10. To take decisions based on those assessments in order to satisfy the Archive or customer's requirements


11. Able to work unsupervised


12. Able to work as part of a team


13. Able to meet deadlines/targets


14. Digitisation Operators are expected to have knowledge and experience of techniques and processes involved in the job. This will have been obtained by completion of a training course at one of the recognised colleges; appropriate experience in a professional television organisation or experience in the section itself. Operators must have a well-developed sense of accepted technical values and be conversant with methods of making television and radio programmes

Colour vision and hearing sufficient to undertake the role.