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Main responsibilities-Doctor job description children



1. Work closely with the Named nurse, designated nurse and Doctor in supporting all activities necessary to ensure that the Trust meets its responsibilities in safeguarding children.


2. Be responsible to and accountable within the managerial framework of their employing trust.



7. Training

a) Together with the Named Nurse, ensure that the Trust has an appropriate training strategy for safeguarding children (protecting children).

b) Will play an active role in the delivery of training to health personnel and multi-agency and disciplinary groups.


Doctor job description children


8. Monitoring a) Advise employers on the implementation of effective systems of audit in order to monitor the agreed local child protection policies and procedures.

b) Assist with the collection of data in serious case reviews and developing the chronology of such children and families (unless directly involved with the case, when it should be the responsibility of someone else).

c) Assist with monitoring the quality, acceptability and effectiveness of training.

d) Advise on the implementation of recommendations from Serious Case Reviews.

e) Advise the Chief Executive of the Trust Board (via designated personnel or children?s lead) in their responsibilities to ensure that the performance indicators in relation to child protection are met.


9. Supervision

a) Together with the Named Nurse, advise on appropriate systems for supervision and support of all health employees.

b) The Named Doctor should support other professionals in their skills where child protection matters are concerned.


10. Personal Development The Named Doctor will attend the relevant local, regional and national continuing medical educational (CME) activities in order to maintain up to date skills in the area, equivalent to at least 10 CME points per year.


11. Appraisal The Named Doctor should be appraised on an annual basis. Reference will need to be made to someone with specialist knowledge on child protection in order to ensure the appraisal of the child protection role is appropriate.















Doctor job description children





12. Accountability a) The Named Doctor is accountable to the Chief Executive of the employing bodies, i.e. England and Wales: Chief Executive of Employing Trust


13. Authority

The Named Doctor should have the authority to carry out all of the above duties on behalf of the employing body and be supported in so doing by others.


14. Resources Required for the Post

a) The Trust will agree Programmed Activities (PAs) and time commitment for the post and will agree a corresponding adjustment of the Named Doctor?s other clinical duties. This should comprise a minimum of 3 PAs per week, based on a child population of 50,000 (see Appendix).


b) The Trust will supply appropriate secretarial support for the Named Doctor, paying particular attention to the training requirements and at a time when the Named Doctor may be involved in a serious case review.

c) At the time of a serious case review, consideration should be given to relieving the Named Doctor of some of their duties.


d) There should be support and supervision for the individual. This is an acknowledgement of the stressful nature of this work. Doctor job description children [cont]

Doctor job description children


b) Advise police and social services on health matters with regard to safeguarding children in the locality / hospital.


Doctor job description children


Doctor job description children [cont]


4. Advisory Role

a) Support and advise the Trust Board on child protection matters (this should be done in conjunction with the Designated Doctor).


b) Support, advise and work with the Designated Doctor on all questions of planning and strategy regarding child protection services.


c) Ensure advice is available on day-to-day management of children and families where there are child protection concerns to all specialties (including, but not limited to, primary health care, Accident and Emergency, orthopaedics, obstetrics, gynaecology, child and adult psychiatry). This advice may be specific to the hospital in which the Named Doctor works, for example, ophthalmology.



3. Inter-Agency Responsibilities

a) Participate in Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) activities, which may include sitting on ACPC or sub-committees as appropriate. These responsibilities should be shared with other Named and Designated Doctors.

d) The Named Doctor should advise that there is an appropriate service for children who may experience CSA, including the taking of forensic specimens.


5. Clinical Role

a) The Named Doctor will take an active role, together with colleagues within the Trust, in seeing child protection cases (this does not mean that the Named Doctor alone should see all child protection cases, but be part of a team of Doctors who do). This should include all aspects of child abuse, including sexual abuse and neglect.


b) The Named Doctor should support and advise other professionals on the management of more complex cases of child abuse, for example, fabricated and induced illness.


c) The Named Doctor should advise on the gathering and interpretation of evidence in child protection.

d) The named doctor should advise on report writing and presenting of evidence to Case Conferences and within the court setting.


6. Coordination and Communication

a) The Named Doctor should work closely with the Designated Doctor and Nurse and other Named professionals within the geographical area in which they work.

b) Sit on the local Health Professionals? Advisory group.

c) Have a means by which their voice can be heard at the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) (usually via a health representative group).

d) Liaise with the executive lead for Child Protection on the Trust Board.

7. Policy and Procedures

a) Ensure that the Trust has appropriate child protection policies and procedures in line with national guidance and with ACPC (local Safeguarding Children Board, ISCB) guidance.

b) Play a part in ensuring that procedures are distributed and understood and in alerting professionals of any changes made in the light of new developments (local and national).