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Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Echocardiographer Job Description

Echocardiographer Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Echocardiographer Job Description

As a senior practitioner in Echocardiography, it is to perform a range of highly specialised cardiac ultrasound investigations, including adult and child transthoracic, 3D and contrast (for left ventricular opacification) echocardiograms, dobutamine and treadmill stress echocardiograms, assisting with

transoesphageal echocardiograms, performing accurate and reproducible measurements and

quantification, interpret findings and independently issue final clinically diagnostic reports, to a competent (highly specialised) professional standard.


To assist in the routine administration and organisation of the department, help provide

support and carry out delegated organisational and supervisory duties appropriate to the grade/level

of the post holder, as required.



As a professional Echocardiographer, to contribute accordingly to the maintenance of

standards and quality in service development of the Echocardiography service provided, including

active involvement in the training of related staff, whist also developing one’s own professionalism

and expert stills and knowledge.

KRA 5 – To foster and develop good working relationships, through adequate, timely and appropriate

communication, with all other staff and patients, with whom the post holder interacts with in the

course of their work.




1.1 To undertake highly specialised echocardiographic investigations including adult and child transthoracic, 3D and contrast (for left ventricular opacification) echocardiograms, dobutamine and treadmill stress echocardiograms and assist with transoesphageal echocardiograms utilising a range of advanced techniques including pulsed and continuous wave Doppler, colour flow

mapping and tissue Doppler imaging.


1.2 To perform standard and complex measurements and techniques of quantification, to an accurate and reproducible level, interpret findings and independently issue final clinically diagnostic reports, to a competent (highly specialised) professional standard.









Qualifications BSc Radiography or D.C.R.(R). ,




BTEC Higher National Certificate in MPPM or BSc (Physiology Related)

BSE accredited


Knowledge and Awareness

Knowledge and experience in performance and interpretation of echocardiographic studies


Skills and Abilities

Both effective independent and team worker

Good analytical and judgemental skills

Supervisory skills


To assist the Principal Echocardiographer to provide and organise the day-to-day routine clinicaltechnical

services of the department.   This will include carrying out some administrative, environmental and housekeeping tasks as well as having professional responsibility and involvement in organisational and supervisory issues, as appropriate to the grade/level, in addition to the clinical duties detailed above.

To performing and develop expertise in a full range of highly specialised Echocardiographic procedures/techniques. To perform Echocardiographic scans, perform accurate reproducible

measurements and quantification; interpret finding to a highly advanced level and independently

issue clinically diagnostic reports.


As a senior practitioner, to take a proactive role, together with the Senior Chief

Echocardiographer, to provide organised and efficient clinical-technical input to, and output from the

diagnostic investigation services of the Directorate to patients.





1.3 To recognize the significance of investigation findings and act on them accordingly, to prioritise the performance of echocardiographic investigations according to clinical need and provide professional guidance in echocardiographic matters when appropriate.


2.1 To be an expert member of the team, together with the Senior Chief Echocardiographer, organising and providing the Echocardiographic service, producing consistently high quality recordings, measurements, and quantification and issuing comprehensive diagnostic reports.


Echocardiographer Job Description


2.2 To help monitor and maintain the standards of quality achieved by the Echocardiography department and also in developing the services in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness, in accordance with Trust policy, whilst developing one’s own professionalism and expert knowledge and skills.


3.1 To assist the Senior Chief Echocardiographer in organising and carrying out the daily work allocation of the department to ensure that the Trust’s caseload commitment to its healthcare commissioners is fulfilled throughout the working week.


3.2 To assist in maintaining an ordered filing and retrieval system and/or electronic computer database of patients’ recordings, measurements, reports and attendance details and helping to provide the necessary statistical returns of activity etc


3.3 To assist in the capture and storage of clinical data and audit outcomes. To provide any other information that may be necessary from time to time, and carry out administrative tasks and required.


3.4 To help with the maintenance of consumable stocks and replenishment of the same as necessary, working within the department’s budgetary and logistic constraints.

Echocardiographer Job Description


4.1 To obtain British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) accreditation in Echocardiocardiography, and maintain this by Continuing Professional Development.











4.2 To be trained and accredited under the auspices of the Resuscitation Council (UK) and to partake in providing Immediate Life Support (ILS) cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as and when necessary.


4.3 To assist in the training and supervision of all trainee staff in the specific techniques and skills in which the post holder is highly competent.


4.4 To ensure that all equipment in use within the Echocardiography department is in safe working order and fully functional.


4.5 To be self-motivated and resourceful, developing one’s own personal knowledge, skills, professionalism and expertise in the filed of Echocardiography, so showing evidence of continuous growth and personal, as well as professional development