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Equipment Engineer job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

The Management and Supervision of equipment operations on and offshore, including promotion and implementation of Company Safety and Maintenance Policies

Main responsibilities- Equipment Engineer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Equipment Engineer job description

Business Manager job description

Equipment Engineer job description

Provision of technical assistance to all Company departments on all aspects of Lay Equipment.


• Responsible for assisting in setting annual maintenance budget.

• First onshore based point of contact for Vessel/Barge System Equipment (i.e. on call).  Responsible for arranging stand-in cover when not available.

• Active participation in the assessment, recommendation and implementation of training and development needs of Technicians and other support staff working on Group Assets.  Responsible for ensuring that all operational and maintenance issues are covered.

• Management and supervision of equipment maintenance onshore with particular responsibility for safety.

• Management and supervision of equipment maintenance offshore or remote sites with particular responsibility for safety.

• During all maintenance and operational activities, liaise with and communicate the equipment status to the Equipment Manager.

• To provide logistical support of Equipment Group Operations.

• The preparation and upkeep of all documentation relating to the Lay System, including:

• Safety Risk Assessments

• PUWER Assessments


• Equipment Operating Procedures

• Maintenance Task Lists

• Work Instructions

• Daily Reports

• Weekly Reports

• Financial Reports

• Specification

• Photographic Records


• Responsible for the development and implementation of Companies preventative planned maintenance and certification programme ensuring it is carried out in accordance with legislation regulations, procedures and work instructions.

• Technical development of planned maintenance programmes in conjunction with Maintenance Planner.

o Responsibility for direct liaison with primary equipment vendors to ensure maintenance and modification works are carried out in a technically correct manor.

o To develop and maintain efficient spares programmes for all Group Assets in accordance with critical spares review procedure.

o To have a working knowledge of Rules and Regulations and ensure ongoing legislative compliance of all existing Group Assets.

o Responsible for keeping accurate records of maintenance and failures on all equipment.

o Rectify any equipment defects as defined by safety audits/inspections in accordance with safe working and operational practice.

o All of the above to include responsibility for Safety, Budget, Scheduling and Resourcing.




• Maintain responsibility and accountability through personal commitment and behaviour.

• Maintain behaviour in compliance with HSE requirements. Report any unsafe or environmentally unsound acts and conditions to their immediate Supervisor such that remedial action can be taken to manage the risk.

• Maintain a line of sight on the HSE objectives through Competence Assurance process.

• Be aware of organisation structure and safety standards.




Typical background and experience required:

Must have:

• HNC or equivalent in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering depending on experience.

• Relevant previous experience at an appropriate level in offshore construction and equipment maintenance.



• Not attempt to carry out work nor perform any task nor operate any equipment unless they have been correctly trained and authorised to do so

• Effect HSE Objectives through Competence Assurance process.

• Give an equal level of HSE care to Sub-Contractor staff.


• Keep their workplace in a safe and tidy condition.

• Use and maintain all controls, procedures and safeguards provided for your protection, the protection of others and the protection of the environment. Do not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of Health, Safety or Environmental Protection.

• Conform with the fire fighting and emergency procedures applicable to their place of work

• Be involved in the consultation process (talk & listen). Participate in Toolbox Talks and Pre Job Safety Meetings. Attend HSE Meetings as required.

• Remain aware of their HSE requirements under legislation and in support of the Company.

• Use the correct protective clothing and equipment for work, in accordance with working procedures, ensuring that it is maintained in a safe condition and immediately report any known defects to their Supervisor.

• Report all accidents and personal injuries to their immediate supervisor.

• Perform their work in accordance with their training such that they do not place themselves or others at risk. Co-operate with the Company in all efforts to protect the health and safety of yourself and others, and protect the environment.

• Comply with Health, Safety and Environmental Policies, Standards, Procedures and other information. Use the main access ways as provided; comply with relevant safety signs, signals and notices. Do not enter any area where you may be placed at risk or do not have authorisation to enter.