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Exit & Transition Lead job description

Job Summary-Exit & Transition Lead job description

The Exit & Transition (E&T) Lead for services re-procurement will be responsible for defining the activities required to exit the Technology Framework Contract (TFC) safely from an operational perspective and transition services under new contracts. The E&T Lead will develop a clear understanding of the existing components of the services in terms of people, process and particularly technology, and a comprehensive view of how these must change in the new services.

Main responsibilities-Exit & Transition Lead job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Exit & Transition Lead job description

Free Job description Exit & Transition Lead


This role is responsible for defining and guiding effective exit of services contracted under the TFC and transition to the new contract.


The key accountabilities and responsibilities are outlined below:




•Drawing on knowledge from technology management and the Subject Matter Experts, develop an initial view of the likely impact of transition for each procurement and the possible options for addressing it, as input to the transition planning and procurement requirements documentation.


•Working with technical experts, E&T specialists, the SIAM team and HR, review data provided by the incumbent to assess the commitments related to people and assets, and thereby identify appropriate exit strategies, cost drivers and liabilities.


•Working with the Services team, the SIAM team and E&T specialists, identify processes directly related to interaction with the incumbent, and document the interfaces and exchanges as the base-line for possible future change.


•Work with technical experts and key stakeholders to identify cross-Tower and inter-project dependencies, confirm timescales and scope.


•Contribute to the statement of requirements for transition to be included in ITT documentation as appropriate, complementing the definition of the required services.


•Contribute to drafting and review of legal documentation related to exit and transition, and define initial acceptance criteria.


•Actively seek out relevant lessons learnt from other projects or organisations to enable the project team to learn from previous experiences.












Bidder Review


•Guide the E&T specialists’ assessment of bidder proposals for managing transition against the understanding developed in the definition phase, and advise procurement of further questions and assurances to be sought.


•Lead the Transition workstream in the later stages of the Competitive Dialogue process if required, engaging directly with suppliers’ transition experts.


•Ensure comparison of bidder process proposals with the existing arrangements to identify the extent of change required, and the relative risks to daily operations and relationships.


•Identify any cross-Tower or inter-project implications of bidder proposals and assess the impact and possible mitigations, escalating as required.


•Review any case examples provided by bidders and engage in site visits or taking references as required.


•If bidder proposals or incumbent commitments change during procurement, advise on the impact and possible mitigations.


•Manage stakeholder expectations to secure buy-in.




Post-Contract Award












•Work with the Project Manager and E&T Specialist to integrate each successful bidder’s transition proposals with the expectations and current contract’s exit provisions to create a unified plan covering any Business Process Re-engineering, technology migration and bridging arrangements.


•Work with Finance to develop the budget and business case for the chosen exit and transition plans including internal costs, declared supplier costs, contingency and liquidated damages exposure.


•Work with HR to manage any TUPE transfer or retention issues through transition, and ensure that appropriate resources are assigned to the project.


•With the E&T Specialists, along with the Commercial team represent the requirements in all dealings with the incumbent supplier in terms of contract exit planning and execution.


•Lead definition of the User Acceptance Criteria/Testing regime and any roll-back arrangements for the new service along with the  technical experts and validate with the user divisions.


•Ensure that any benefits required of the new contract/s are fully understood along with their means of delivery, and that business process re-engineering and change management is effective in the user and service management communities.


•Ensure that all service and technical information required is up to date and shared effectively with the incumbent and new supplier.


•Work with the Project Managers, SIAM team and specific E&T Specialists to ensure that the transition project is delivered on time and to quality.




•Contribute to handover to BAU contract management, the SIAM and operational and support functions in accordance with agreed processes.


•Review and finalise any documentation created as part of transition and ensure that knowledge is transferred to the service management team.


•Contribute to a post-implementation review,




This will include detailed impact analysis of issues such as TUPE liability, asset transfer or write-off, and changes to operational or administrative processes which will require active management.


The E&T Lead will play a major role in mitigating the possible risks associated with contract re-award, as the programme authority on foreseeable change and the options for responding. He/she will work with the procurement Project Managers, Commercial Management team, the SIAM team and Technical SMEs to develop initial logical transition plans in order to test timelines and set expectations going into the procurement process. The E&T Lead will work with E&T specialists aligned to each procurement to define the transitional requirements in procurement documentation and dialogue, and lead the review of bidder proposals for managing transition in the specific context.


Following contract award, the E&T Lead will work with the Project Manager, E&T Specialists aligned to each procurement, Technical SMEs, the SIAM team, Commercial team and HR to shape and cost the planned transition activities for the new contract, and guide them through delivery into Business as Usual.

He/she will work with relevant divisional representatives to ensure necessary changes in company and 3rd party working practices are effectively rolled out.


The post requires an in depth knowledge of the implications of contract transition with an ability to manage stakeholders, contributors and suppliers to facilitate decisions that are in the company’s best interest.

•Proven experience of managing complex operational and technical change, preferably in the context of contract re-assignment. (Essential)


•Proven experience of information and impact analysis, with ability to model multiple options and track change and risk. (Essential)


•Working knowledge of benefits management and business change. (Essential)


•Significant communication (verbal, written, listening) and influencing skills. (Essential)


•Knowledge of relevant legislation, including Data Protection, TUPE, procurement, contracts, health and safety. (Essential)


•Knowledge of project management good practice and reporting disciplines, with experience of working within a programme team (Essential


•Familiarity with legal documentation and procurement procedures, with experience of drafting contributions (Desirable)