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Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Facility Manager Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Facility Manager Job Description

Facility Manager Job Description

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the supervision of the maintenance staff, including work assignments and scheduling, training, and evaluating the maintenance staff. The Facilities Manager oversees staff performed maintenance projects and assists in developing timelines for future projects. The Facilities Manager is the liaison for various contractors as they service and maintain the equipment. The Facilities Manager is responsible for maintaining accurate records of maintenance performed for historical and tracking purposes.

Operational Management


The Facility Manager is charged with day-to-day operational management of all aspects of the properties to assure maintenance of approved quality standards. The Facility Manager shall also prepare, coordinate and ensure that all fire, life safety, and other safety programs are established and followed.

Property Maintenance

The Facility Manager is charged with the supervision of all maintenance programs relating to the interior and exterior conditions and appearance of the property.

A. Regularly inspects property for safety and maintenance problems; directs and/or performs preventative maintenance/gardening work on grounds; makes recommendations regarding replacement versus repair, necessity of upgrading items, and cost of such supplies and equipment. Follows up on volunteer and vendor work quality.

B. Ensures that work orders and service requests are completed in a courteous, timely, and efficient manner.


C. Recommends need for contract and outside vendor services. Assist as directed with specification review, bidding and supervision of contracted services. Provides cost estimates for Facilities department projects and submits them to the Director of Administration and Operations.


D. Determines when work orders exceed the scope of the staff’s ability to respond and when necessary, coordinates repairs and projects with outside vendors.


E. Has thorough knowledge of all locations of power, water, and gas turnoffs, plumbing cleanouts, fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants associated with each section of the property.


F. Responds to water intrusion calls, evaluates damage, submits insurance report/claim, and arranges for repair work.


Customer Service

The Facility Manager is responsible, at all times, for a positive and prompt response to requests from attendees, volunteers and staff and for the implementation of ongoing programs to constantly assess needs and to assure problems are being solved promptly and to the mutual benefit of all involved.


Planning & Budgeting

The Facility Manager shall develop and administer the maintenance and facilities staffing budgets, subject to the approval of the Director of Administration and Operations.


A. Develops long-term maintenance related projects.

B. Evaluates projects and recommends performing the work with staff members or outside contractors.

C. Investigates and provides pricing information for equipment replacement/repair costs.


A. Establishes daily work assignments for Facilities department.






Job Specifications and Qualifications


Education & Training

College degree or formal training in facilities management required, as well as related coursework in engineering, construction and safety technology, licenses facilities maintenance, restoration and management issues.



Minimum five years of full-time experience supervising facilities operations and maintenance of a diverse portfolio of properties including residential.

B. Follows up on work assignments for efficient and thorough completion.

C. Maintains records of the types and frequency of service requests received and completed.

D. Makes recommendations concerning contracted services.

E. Develops and maintains a purchasing and tracking system for major equipment; anticipates equipment needs and purchases them with Director of Administration and Operations approval.

F. Develops an inventory tracking system for parts, small tools and supplies.

G. Reviews parts and supplies on a weekly basis; maintains inventory records and processes supply orders.

H. Maintains facilities maintenance department records and filing system.

I. Purchases inventory material for maintenance crew. Maintain an inventory record, provides controls over materials and equipment.

J. Oversees and keeps records on all maintenance equipment.

K. Provides emergency call back up.



The Facility Manager shall prepare a monthly report to Board on maintenance productions and projects and submit reports for weekly and semi-annual property inspections.



The Facility Manager shall participate in continuing education programs and in-house meetings and training sessions, as approved or directed by the Director of Administration and Operations. The Facility Manager is responsible for on-the-job training activities for subordinates and trainees, to assure proper training programs are being implemented, and to assess the progress of the individual(s) involved.


Personal Development

The Facility Manager is expected to implement, control and become thoroughly conversant with, and be knowledgeable of (but not limited to), the following aspects of Facility/Property Management











A. Approves staff timesheets and requests for personal time off.

B. Reviews staff performance as set forth by the employee manual.

C. Makes recommendations to the Director of Administration and Operations regarding hiring, training, firing, transfers and promotions of Facilities department.

D. Gives input on personnel ads and job descriptions.

E. Holds regular staff meetings and communicates association policies and procedures, serves as liaison between the facilities department and other staff.

F. Plans, organizes and gives direction to the maintenance staff in the execution of maintenance and repair work.

G. Schedules and oversees the various maintenance programs which are performed by the in-house staff.

H. Performs annual maintenance staff evaluations.

I. Oversees the training of the staff for quality of work and compliance with association and industry standards.

J. Interviews maintenance applications.

K. Supervises staff during snow removal and coordinates with the Director of Administration and Operations.

L. Processes weekly bills for maintenance line items.





A. Conducts periodic safety inspections on all properties and job sites.

B. Conducts new hire safety training, provides ongoing training and education on safety-related issues.

C. Maintains safety reports for the maintenance personnel.

D. Updates and maintains the emergency preparedness instructions. Holds emergency preparedness meetings at least on an annual basis to review safety policies and procedures.



In the execution of the responsibilities, the Facility Manager is held accountable for his/her independent actions, within the guidelines of the Job Description, employee manual and budget, with primary emphasis on visible, hands-on management of the properties.