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Financial Investigator Job Description

Job Summary


To work within the terms of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 and Criminal Justice Act 1988 in relation to the identification and confiscation of assets.


Main responsibilities-Financial Investigator Job Description

To investigate offenders within the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Police Reform Act 2002, the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988.


Plan and prepare financial investigations, present case material including disclosure of unused material and prepare financial statements and attend for Court if necessary.


Investigate money laundering disclosures made by financial institutions under the relevant acts.


Provide guidance and support to the Force in all matters relating to financial investigation, Special Procedure Production Orders, POCA production orders, search and seizure warrants, customer

information and account monitoring orders.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Financial Investigator Job Description


Able to conduct investigations sensitively and discreetly,

particularly at a local level, ensuring that possible suspects are unaware of enquiries. Has a complete and

thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and is able to apply this knowledge to findings from

investigations and give advice to others. Able to assist with or conduct interviews, applying legislation to

responses from interviewees and exploring weaknesses in statements.




-Can conduct basic computer searches and can

correctly interpret data generated. Can create and amend records according to role requirement. Knows

established rules and protocols. Understands impact of data quality and is self monitoring on data quality issues.


Financial Investigator Job Description




Able to analyse basic intelligence submitted and/or

make decisions about whether it should be followed up or not. If further research is necessary, be able to carry

out that task or delegate to another officer. If required, able to put together basic information packages for others based on the intelligence gained.




-GENERAL-Has received some training in reliable interviewing techniques and is able to apply these techniques fairly, consistently and to good effect. Identifies the key issues for examination and

tests these using open and probing questions. Identifies weaknesses and inconsistencies in the account and

seeks clarification. Keeps good written records of the interview for future reference.




SUSPECT-Experienced in using the PEACE model. Able to manage an encounter with a solicitor practising "active defence". Able to effectively apply an up to date and in depth knowledge of legislation relevant to interviewing and fully understands the implications of S76/78 PACE.














Experienced in using the cognitive interviewing technique in order to obtain detailed and acurate accounts which will withstand scrutiny at court.




Has a thorough understanding of all legislation,

policy and procedure relevant to the current role. Able to apply this and offer advice to colleagues as necessary.


Financial Investigator Job Description




Experience of interviewing (ideally of an investigative nature) e.g. PEACE trained.


Experience of compiling Court files would be advantageous.


The post holder should ideally hold a full current driving licence or be able to travel around the force area using alternative transport.


Previous experience of interacting with other agencies/organisations and developing and maintaining relationships


Experience of interviewing of an investigative nature


Financial Investigator Job Description


Experience of decision making and working to tight deadlines and managing workload with consideration of priorities


Financial Investigator Job Description


Ability to communicate assertively and flexibly


Experience in obtaining information in an inquisitive but tactful manner and presenting information in an objective impartial style


Experience of verbally briefing audiences on

relevant subject matter


Experience of interviewing e.g. PEACE trained


Experience of conducting investigations sensitively and discreetly


Prepared to undertake training to become accredited as a Financial Investigator with the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA)




Displays a general appreciation of changes

effecting the police service. Understands the inter-relationships between the roles of the various operational and support activities, and how organisation structures and police systems work. Possesses a detailed

understanding of working procedures, practices and policies relevant to the current role and the roles of

subordinates and ensures that these are followed at all times. Is clear about force goals and effectively

contributes to local business plan objectives.




Able to prepare an accurate report based upon a set of papers or a series of complex

information within given time limits. Able to review files, intelligence packages and/or other reports and make





amendments that result in improved quality. Able to manage, interpret and represent data as required.

Undertakes research work as required.




-Has a basic level of search awareness. Understands the principles of stop and search and their application. Able to deal with associated paperwork, handling of exhibits and gathering of evidence. Has a good working knowledge of PACE powers and warrants and application of the same.


Develop and maintain close liaison with SOCA, HMRC, Financial Investigators in other Forces and other agencies to assist in successful prosecutions and ensure the defendant is deprived of any benefit from crime.


Deal with enquiries from other jurisdictions received in accordance with the Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990


Provide specialist support to major investigations in relation to financial enquiries




-Has the credibility sufficient to be registered by NCIS as a financial investigator following attendance at the finance course (enabling the post holder to be authorised to receive information from financial and other institutions).