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Forensic Computer Examiner Job Description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.


To provide specialist advice and assistance to investigating officers where computers/computer networks and digital data storage devices have been used in crime.


To forensically examine computers and all connected digital media and provide specialist evidence at court of this examination.


Main responsibilities-Forensic Computer Examiner Job Description

a]  To provide specialist advice regarding all aspects of computer forensic examination, to specialist departments and investigators.


b) To be responsible for carrying out forensic examination of computers and digital storage devices to provide relevant copies and explanations of data recovered, in line with ACPO Good Practice for Computer Based Evidence.


c) To provide specialist evidence of all processes undertaken and give evidence at court where required.


d) To meet expert defence witnesses in order to prove the validity of the forensic methodology used by the unit.

e) To provide practical assistance on how to store and prepare computers for forensic examination.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Forensic Computer Examiner Job Description

Essential Requirements



i) Proven decision-making and communication skills.


ii) Able to problem solve different and varied issues through innovative and creative thinking very often in areas without previous points of reference.


iii) Able to effectively brief senior staff and represent the Force on matters relating to computers, networks, the internet and digital storage devices in relation to crime.


iv) Possess a sound understanding of legal and evidence issues in relation to crime investigation, in particular laws of evidence admissibility and disclosure.


v) Be skilled in analytical processes.


vi) Possess a thorough applied knowledge of forensic investigative techniques.


vii) Be experienced in the preparation of complex reports and statements of evidence.


viii) Be fully conversant with the ACPO guidelines on computer evidence.


ix) Possess a thorough working knowledge of computer devices and peripherals, DOS and Windows operating systems, network technology and in particular, the Internet.















Desirable Requirements

 Forensic Computer Examiner Job Description

i) Possess a good understanding of computer legislation.

ii) Possess a working knowledge of operating systems such as Unix, Solaris, Linux, Novel and Apple.


iii) Possess a working knowledge of TCP/IP technology, with particular reference to computer network/internet vulnerability and hacking techniques.



iv) Working knowledge of scripting and computer programming.


v) Experience of dealing with CPS, Counsel and the Criminal Courts in matters relating to computer based evidence.


vi) Have attended and passed an accredited training course concerning computer based evidence.


vii) Understanding of EnCase V6.



Forensic Computer Examiner Job Description


f) To be responsible for keeping the unit up to date with changes in technology and case law, developing best practice and disseminating it accordingly.


g) To research and test new products and techniques against increasingly powerful and complex machines and media.


h) To be responsible for delivering training on Hi-Tech issues.

i) To administer an archiving system that allows safe and secure storage of all media, while allowing easy access to authorised personnel.

j)     To specify and identify equipment that provides the necessary capability to         efficiently undertake the work required.


k)     To carry out any duties commensurate with the purpose of the post that may      from time to time be determined.