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Free Job Descriptions

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Free IT Job Descriptions

A good example is for the generic `help desk`  position.  We have different jd`s for a Help Desk Technician, ICT Analyst , ICT Helpdesk Analyst, ICT Senior Analyst, IT 2nd Line Support Technician, IT help desk , and IT Helpdesk Analyst.  By covering these bases you can check the similarities and differences between ther various job titles and also review what may be required for a more senior role or a second line role.  As such, if you are writing a jd for a company you can mix and match the various responsibilities in each free IT job description and produce a useful composite which suits your requirements.




Trainee Job Descriptions

If you are seeking hundreds of free IT Job Descriptions you have come to the right place!   This is by far the largest collection of free information technology jd`s on the web.    They are from real jobs and will give you the actual picture of what is expected in any IT job.  


The whole of positions is covered from Director/Executive through to entry level.  In typical IT fashion some roles are the same but carry different job titles in different organisations.   Within this site you have the opportunity to compare and contrast.

Free IT Job Descriptions

Free IT Job Descriptions



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We also have jd`s for more senior IT roles such as

Head of Database Marketing, Head of Technology





To the left you will see a menu on which to review different categories of job such as management, IT, sales.   It will lead you to all of our IT job descriptions


Just below the menu you will an A-Z of our Free Job Descriptions UK.  Have a browse of these jd`s to find some that you need if you know what letter the jd is likely to start with.  


Hopefully they will give you a few ideas or save you some time.

Browse the site

IT is well known for its project work and we have numerous free IT job descriptions relating to projects including IT Project Manager, IT Project Manager[2], IT Project Manager [3]

Search Function

As well as browsing the site at the top left of the website you will find the search function.   All that you have to do is click on it and make a search.  Be advised that the search may take you out of the website

In nearly all cases there are headings for each job description:


1] Job Summary


Provides a short paragraph about what the job entails


2] Main Responsibilities


The main duties and tasks required to be undertaken.  Sometimes this section is known as "job duties"


3] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


What sorts of knowledge and experience and qualifications are required of a member of staff to undertake this sort of role?



What information is available

There are many reasons for needing to check out free IT job descriptions for different jobs.   You may be an employer who needs to write a jd quickly and doesn`t know where to start.  From experience it is useful to have something which acts as a starting point.  In many cases on this site you will find several descriptions for a particular job and you can then compare them and perhaps use a little of each one to compile the jd.


Perhaps you work for a job agency who needs to better understand a job for which you may be taking a brief.  let`s face it, however experienced you are there is always a new job title/position which is a bit unfamiliar and needs checking.


Sometimes it is very difficult to get a feel for exactly what tasks are required to be undertaken in a job.  This is a good place to start and the volume of job descriptions in different types of roles can assist with career choice.


Hopefully our free website will help you whatever your reason for visiting.  Good luck!