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Freedom of Information Officer provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

To be responsible for receiving, assessing and subsequently disclosing information in response to requests made to the organisation under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FoIA). Ensuring that these requests are handled in accordance with the relevant legislation, with appropriate consideration of business risks to the organisation and the service as a whole, and other factors such as guidance from the Information Commissioner.

Main responsibilities-Freedom of Information Officer


Freedom of Information Officer Job Description

Ensures appropriate national consultation prior to release.


As a principal decision maker ensures an appropriate level of disclosure of information under the Freedom of information Act 2000 takes place in a timely manner and in accordance with legislation.

Taking specific responsibility for the decision making process, including high profile or sensitive matters ensures that the organisation responds appropriately to all requests for information and pays full cognisance to its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act.



To provide advice on the legal implications of Freedom of Information and associated legislation and regulation (e.g. Data Protection Act and Environmental Information Regulations) relating to the disclosure of such information to members of the public, national and local media, politicians, other agencies, and all grades of staff within the organisation.

Balance the legal requirements of the Act against the interests of the organisation and the community it serves. Handled with appropriate skill and care this ensures legal compliance and minimises risk.


To conduct internal research to locate all paper and electronic records held that relate to particular requests.



Freedom of Information Officer Job Description

To review this information to ensure appropriate content and identify related risks.


Assessments ensure that accurate and legally compliant decisions are made regarding the disclosure or non-disclosure of information.


To liaise, advise and negotiate with information owners concerning the potential release of sensitive and complex information.


Keep key stakeholders are properly informed of the legal requirements and provided with sufficient information to accurately balance the legal obligations against the risks of disclosure.


To assess the harm that the disclosure of requested information might pose to the organisation, or members of the public. Then evidence any such harm to validate the use of exemptions to withhold information, where that is the appropriate course of action.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Freedom of Information Officer


Freedom of Information Officer Job Description


To protect against the inappropriate disclosure of information, while retaining compliance with the legislation.


To evidence and appropriately articulate the public interest test when this is required by the legislation to support the use of qualified exemptions.











To protect against the inappropriate disclosure of information when compliance with the legislation requires consideration of the public interest.

Freedom of Information Officer Job Description


To prepare a weekly briefing for Chief Officers detailing all requests received and all responses made by the Freedom of Information Office.



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Ensure that Chief Officers are fully briefed regarding current Freedom of Information requests and responses.


Ensure that the press office is fully briefed on disclosures made to the national and local media by logging all relevant disclosures on the Solcara press database.


To ensure that Press Office has sufficient information to carry out their role and appropriately respond to contact from the media.


To provide cover and deputise for the Freedom of Information Manager by providing advice and decision making capability on Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulation and other related issues.


To ensure resilience of service provision and compliance with the legislation.


To represent the organisation at any relevant local, regional and national working groups and meetings as required.


To enable the organisation to identify and respond to best practice in the FoIA compliance field.


To manage the release of information including the FoIA disclosure log.
















Audit the `Publication Scheme` at regular intervals to ensure that compliance is maintained.


Ensures that the organisation meets its legal obligations, promotes public confidence through appropriate proactive release of information, and potentially reducing the workload in responding to requests.


Take an active part in the Freedom of Information Appeals Procedure, by preparing case files for those being reviewed and preparing correspondence when required.


To ensure that the organisation complies with the Code of Practice issued under Section 45 of the Act.



Freedom of Information Officer Job Description





Ability to work under pressure and prioritise workload effectively in order to meet compliance deadlines.


Qualities of integrity and diplomacy, with the ability to discuss sensitive matters with confidence and tact.


Precise and effective oral and written communication.


Evidence of the ability to make robust decisions and resolve potential conflicts between information owners and requestors.


Demonstrable ability to continuously maintain and develop knowledge and expertise in relevant legislative and procedural areas


High level of skill in Microsoft Office products particularly Word and Excel, or similar relevant ability.



Freedom of Information Officer Job Description



A qualification in Information Rights legislation, Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB, post graduate certificate, diploma or above) or relevant practical experience and willingness to undertake training.

Freedom of Information Officer

Initiates the Freedom of Information Act compliance process.


Identify any vexatious or repeated requests and prevents the waste of valuable resources on inappropriate requests.


Assess whether or not the request requires referral and log advice received.


To ensure legal compliance by providing advice on the issues, such as the public interest factors, affecting the disclosure or non-disclosure of requested information to appropriate business area managers, staff, partner agencies, members of the public, politicians and the media.


Freedom of Information Officer Job Description