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Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Handyman job description

Handyman job description -Main responsibilities [cont]

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Handyman job description

Perform quality and efficient handyman work including installing and plumbing utility devices and other work that he/she possesses skills to address needed work completed.

Handyman job description

1. Evidence of reliable work experience/records of performance and attendance.

2. Must possess physical capability to perform under heavy labor for long periods of time.

3. Preference shall be shown to candidates who illustrate a related work record to plumbing and handyman experience.

1. Attends work on a regular basis with amount of days missed not significantly impeding the performance.


2. Uses time effectively and collaboratively plans an appropriate schedule with his/her supervisor.


3. Effectively communicates with others with regard to preparing, organizing, or carrying out task completion.

4. Logs work and task completion.

5. Follows proper procedures for procurement of needed supplies and materials.


6. Assembles, installs and repairs pipes, fittings and fixtures for heating, water and drainage systems, according to specifications.


7. Assembles and installs valves, pipe fittings and pipes composed of metals such as iron, steel, brass, copper and lead; also non-metals such as glass, vitrified clay and

plastic; using both hand and power tools.

8. Joins pipes by use of screws, bolts, fittings, solder, plastic solvent and caulks joints.


9. Tests pipe systems with water and air pressure.

10. Installs and repairs plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, commodes, bath tubs, water heaters and pumps.


11. Performs maintenance on air handling units, unit ventilators and changes filters, belts, oils and greases motors.


12. Uses other skills he/she has shown to possess to carry out other tasks assigned by

his/her supervisor.