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Health and safety Fire and Security Manager job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Health and safety Fire and Security Manager

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Health and safety Fire and Security Manager

Health and safety Fire and Security Manager Job description

The role of the post holder is to undertake the duties of a Fire Safety Manager and act as the Organisation’s lead competent person in fire related issues.

To ensure the Organisation meets its statutory and common law obligations the post holder must provided Specialist fire safety, health & safety advice, devise and deliver statutory safety training in regards to Fire safety and health & safety.

The post holder will also participate in the Organisation’s Risk Management activity as specified in the risk management strategy.


• Introduce and develop measures to reduce Non-Clinical accidents and incidents in the Organisation by assisting Organisation Managers and employees to implement the Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

• Maintain the Non-Clinical Risk Register with appropriate and achievable action plans.

• Promote and maintain a positive Fire, Health and Safety culture in the Organisation by encouraging effective communication and co-operation between the Organisation and its PFI partners.

• Provide co-ordination of the Organisations departmental representatives for staff safety.


The secondary role is to support the Organisation Security Advisor overseeing the Organisations contracted security service and to carry out initial investigations into all incidents of violence or aggression towards Organisation staff.






• To manage the day to day application of the Organisation’s non-clinical Health, Fire Safety and Risk Management policies across the Organisation.


• To carryout regular safety audits on all Organisation buildings for compliance with Health and Safety legislation and ORGANISATION Guidance.


• To work closely with managers and  PFI Partners to ensure that all non-clinical risk areas are subject to regular risk assessment and appropriate controls are in place.


• To lead in investigations into all serious incidents/near misses and assist in carrying out root cause analysis and learning from experience reviews to produce recommendations on control measures to prevent reoccurrence.


• To participate in the role out and application of the Organisation’s Risk Management strategy.


• To develop practical systems for ensuring the personal safety of ORGANISATION staff whilst at work including lone workers, private contractors and agency staff.



Education and Qualifications • A minimum or 5 years experience in the management of Heath & Safety


• Educated to degree level or equivalent acquired through training and experience.


• NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety


• IOSH Membership


• Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers Qualification



• Member of the Institute of Fire prevention officers


• Member of the National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers


• Accreditation as an ORGANISATION Protect, Local Security Management Specialist. (LSMS) or Local Counter Fraud Specialist


• Proven ability to provide practical solutions to operational problems


• Possession of effective influencing



• Experience of middle management responsibilities.


• Risk Management qualification / demonstrable knowledge of non-clinical Risk Management (or willing to undertake)


• Completion of Nationally approved

     Root Cause Analysis training (or

     willing to undertake)


• Ability to produce investigation and security survey reports.


• interpersonal and oral communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organisation


• Experience of preparing reports for committee’s


• ECDL or equivalent

Skills and Abilities



• A minimum of 5 years experience of working within the ORGANISATION and a good understanding of its processes and systems.


• Experience of delivering training.


• Experience of working within the security or risk management field.


• Competent to initiate proactive and ongoing awareness of security, crime prevention and criminal issues relating to the ORGANISATION.


• Experience to conduct technical/non technical site security surveys.


• Experience to conduct site risk analysis on exiting sites and proposed new developments.


• Extensive fire safety experience gained within the Fire Brigade/Armed Forces/Health and or Local Fire Authority or comparable industrial organisation.





• An understanding of the Health & Safety within the Healthcare sector.


• Working knowledge of all relevant statues, codes of practice, British Standards, ORGANISATION Security Management Service guidance


• Demonstrable knowledge and experience of managing and applying corporate risk assessment process.


• Extensive knowledge of Fire legislation, thorough working knowledge of all relevant statues, codes of practice, British Standards, Building Technical Memorandum & Building Regulations


• Law enforcement procedures in fire safety, health and safety and law enforcement with regard to security.


• Understanding of the significance of legislation relating to human rights, disability discrimination act, data protection, child protection and investigatory powers.



• To assist the PFI Contracts Manager in keeping the Health and Safety Committee appraised of the Organisation’s progress with the non-clinical Health, Safety and Risk Management issues.


• To work closely with the Organisation’s Clinical Governance Team, Moving and Handling Coordinator and Occupational Health Team.


• To ensure that the Organisation’s Non-clinical Risk Leads and Staff Representatives of Health & Safety carryout risk assessments on all identified significant risks and produce action plans and implement suitable control measurers.


• To monitor implemented risk action plans and report on the progress towards their completion.


• To provide advice and support for the Organisation’s compliance with the Care Quality Commission standards related to non-clinical Health & Safety issues.



• To keep records of minutes and documents produced by the Health and Safety Committee and/or working groups and monitor the progress of these bodies with regard to any action plans.


• To lead with the research and writing of new non-clinical health and safety procedures, safe systems of work and policies.


• To deliver and/or co-ordinate the training of the Organisations staff on all non-clinical health and safety related issues.


• To provide support to staff throughout the organisation who will become involved with the Health, Safety and Risk Management policies.


• To liaise with the Union Health & Safety representatives.


• Undertake other relevant duties commensurate with the post.




• To be the named competent person for fire safety related matters.
















• To advise the Organisation of their initial and continuing responsibilities in respect of the law


• To provide specialist advice to Executive Directors, Managers and Clinicians in relation to aspects of fire safety within the Organisation.


• To liaise with risk management in connection with the Organisation Risk register in relation to fire risks.


• To be active as a member of the Organisation multi- disciplinary committees in respect of Fire Safety Policies and Health and Safety (Fire).


o To be a member of the Organisation health and safety committee

o To be the Chairperson of the Organisation local Health and Safety Fire and Security committee meetings, when required.

o To attend other committees and working groups as requested.


• In accordance with Fire Safety legislation and ORGANISATION Estates Firecode requirements, identify training needs for all staff at individual, departmental and Organisation levels and ensure provision is appropriate to demand.


• Develop training plans to address identified training needs in collaboration with learning and development department and schedule and manage the Organisation’s fire training programme. Liaise with other staff involved in the provision of training to ensure a planned and coordinated approach.


• Promote information about training activities widely and carry out all administration associated with training activities.


• Deliver appropriate training courses including training for the Organisation Induction programmes, Fire team, consultants, and  to demonstrate where appropriate the use of appropriate evacuation equipment within the treatment and care areas of the building and the non clinical areas (evac chairs, ski sheets, blanket drag – and dealing with the non cooperative person and the heavy weight person). This training can be considered as highly complex and is to be done in conjunction with the Organisations Moving & Handling Advisor in a simple method for persons to understand.



• Monitor and evaluate fire training activities and address any concerns raised by participants, record and report on attendance at fire training sessions using the Organisations Training Information system.


• Identify and organise training for the ‘Fire Teams’ and ensure new members are adequately inducted.














• Ensure night staff receive regular training and that those staff who hold the incident team leader bleep can respond appropriately in the event of a fire – do engage in out of hours training.


• Review all the Organisations Building Fire Plans and related ‘Fire Team’ procedures and practices.


• To assist in the development of the Organisation Fire Safety Policy and procedures and their practical implementation across the whole Organisation.


• To carry out fire risk assessments and to assist managers in their responsibility for fire risk assessments to be carried out in their workplace as the competent person (having the specialist knowledge and skills) in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and HTM05-01Manageing healthcare fire safety.


• To carry out the fire risk assessments with a high degree of precision. Some areas can be considered as unpleasant working conditions (basements, roof voids, plant room areas etc). To assist and where necessary initiate and coordinate series of site meetings  with consultants, architects, local authorities contractors, PFI partners  and other professionals to discuss and ensure that the fire prevention aspects of any building programme is in line with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, Building Regulations and building policies


• To carry out fire risk assessments when required to specific patients for evacuation purposes


• To provide fire safety advice, contributing to the care and well being of the patients/ clients and staff. This involves inspection of the facilities/ services for patient/ clients which may prevent them from being able to evacuate promptly from a scene of fire.


• To provide statistics and information required for the Annual certificate of fire safety management for signing by the Chief Executive.


• To provide professional advice on the types of fire prevention equipment and fire fighting equipment and to purchase and select suppliers taking into account of cost, quality and reliability.


• To utilise the Organisations ‘DATIX’ Risk Management computer software to produce reports on fire safety incidents and fire risks. To ensure all fire incidents, near misses and false alarms of fire are entered onto the DATIX Incident reporting module.


• To provide data for completion of the appropriate sections of the Organisations ERIC (Estates Returns Information Collection) returns and provide statistics for the annual report on fire safety for Board consideration.


• To regularly undertake formal annual fire risk assessments and/or audits for premises occupied or owned by the Organisation.



• To support the Organisations Security Advisor and Local Security Management Specialists (LSMS) on measures to tackle violence and general security management measures.


• Ensures that security incidents are recorded and reported to appropriate bodies, that incidents are analysed, and that action is taken in response to incidents so that appropriate preventative measures can be put in place.


• Investigate security incidents in a fair, objective and professional manner so that appropriate sanctions and / or preventative actions can be applied.


• Work with the Organisations LSMS’s to ensure that, where appropriate redress is sought from those who commit security incidents and where a loss of resources is involved.


• Works cooperatively with the Organisations Contracted Security management company and to build effective communication strategies on security matters.


• Ensure that risk management techniques are applied to security management and that appropriate links are made with the Organisation risk management systems.


• Establish and promotes local measures to tackle violence against staff and professionals in accordance with the SMS national framework and guidance.


• Promotes a pro-security culture within the Organisation so that patients and staff accept responsibility for contributing and maintaining security standards.


• Develop and deliver training programmes for Organisation staff in respect of security management issues.


• Contributes to the Organisation’s major incident planning process and responds appropriately to emergency situations.





This job description is intended to be an interpretation of the general scope and proposed responsibilities of the post at the time of writing and does not form part of the contract of employment. Therefore, you may be required to undertake other duties and responsibilities commensurate with your role.  The job and priorities for action will be periodically reviewed.  This will be done by the line manager in consultation with the post holder.


The post holder will maintain patient confidentiality at all times, will recognise and adhere to the Organisation’s Standing Orders and standing Financial Instructions, will be responsible for


Accurate computer data entry and data quality and will carry out their duties with regard to accepted standards of professional practice.


The Organisation aims to promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential.  The Organisation welcomes applications from diverse candidates.  Criminal records will be taken into account for recruitment purposes only when the conviction is relevant.  Having an ‘unspent’ conviction will not necessarily bar any candidate from employment.  This will depend on the circumstances and background to the offence(s).



The post-holder is expected to demonstrate the Organisation values and behaviours at all times.