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Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist job description

Job Summary-Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist job description

Main responsibilities-Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist job description


Contribute to user experience research strategy across the company

evolving and championing user-centred design to deliver great experience for staff and other partners.


Support and develop the HCI Specialist team within the UX&D team.


Work with the Creative Directors, Accessibility Specialists and colleagues on a daily basis to manage all aspects of user experience research:


Planning and reporting – creating research plans, tracking and reporting budgets against activity within the plans on a timely basis.


Design and briefing – working with teams to define and design the research, create the research brief, and either conduct or commission research as appropriate.


Ensure user participation – identify and recruit participants for research.


Build and manage user-panels as needed.


Design and facilitate research – work with teams to scope and prepare any stimulus material, scripts and session plans for research activities.


Sharing – coaching and training other members of the team to take part in research activities.


Reporting – interpret qualitative and quantitative data from research, analyse data and extract actionable findings.


Communicate findings to relevant stakeholders effectively using the appropriate materials


Feedback – organise feedback sessions around research, working with teams to help define solutions to issues identified. Ensure the findings are considered in team decision-making process.


Archiving – working with the UX team, ensure all findings, reports,

presentations etc are catalogued for future reference.


Industry awareness and sharing – Keep up with industry developments in best-practice and user research methods. Capture and share those that could be applied more widely


A senior role to manage a team of HCI specialists ensuring the team’s workload is correctly distributed, and individuals are contributing to the overall development of the teams’ skills, profile and influence.

Knowledge Skills and Experience-Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist job description

You have proven experience of providing HCI advice to user experience and product



You’ve got a thorough understanding of HCI expertise - this includes lab studies,

expert evaluations, creating surveys, interpretations of quantitative data, participatory

design sessions, rapid prototyping, ethnographic research methods and persona



You’ve got experience of employing HCI based methods and tools such as mental

modelling, task analysis, scenarios, use cases, wire frames, paper prototypes,

labelling schemes, flow diagrams, site maps and comparative analysis.


You’ve got experience of analysing the navigation structure and interaction design of

user interfaces, and providing that analysis to colleagues from a wide variety of



You have proven experience in designing and conducting usability testing in a

variety of situation from guerrilla research, to contextual, to lab-based.


Your written, verbal communication, and presentation skills are excellent. You can

effectively communicate the reasoning behind your approach, methods, results and

recommendations, both verbally and in documentation.


You can prioritise and plan your work so that you perform well under pressure and to

multiple, tight deadlines.


You have a Masters Degree in HCI and around 3 years experience working in the




You’ll need to be great at the following:












• Communicates even complex information, concepts or strategies easily, using a

range of methods


• Uses clear arguments– emphasises clear benefits and disadvantages


• Tailors messages to the audience and looks for opportunities to add value


Analytical Thinking


• Simplifies complex problems, and supports others with their problems


• Gathers relevant data and ideas from a wide range of sources & stakeholders.

Distils quickly


• Probes for accuracy and relevance of ideas


• Thinks clearly and decisively, particularly when faced with unexpected problems


Working for equality of opportunity


Orientation to learn

• Actively seeks feedback from multiple sources and responds positively


• Self aware of own impact. Able to adapt own style


• Aware of own feelings and emotions; can recognise and manage personal stress

under pressure


Managing Relationships


• Quickly builds rapport with others, building strong internal and external



• Actively participates and cooperates in team working – working with others to

identify potential solutions to problems


• Builds bridges where none previously existed


Managing and developing people


• Set clear and challenging objectives which are reviewed regularly


• Gives motivational and developmental feedback, with positive results


Drive for results


• Positively embracing new ways of working & demonstrates a personal willingness

to adopt change


• Sets high personal standards of behaviour to which others aspire – a role model


Resilience and flexibility

• Deals with ambiguity and change effectively


• Demonstrates the ability to change direction in response to changing work



Planning and organising


• Set clear challenges/targets for team


• Keeps appropriate people well informed of plans, progress & decisions


• Effectively anticipate, avoid and deal with problems



Human Computer Interaction HCI Specialist job description


To be the specialist in assuring digital products and services are usable.


To work closely with the Accessibility team to support co-ordination between efforts.


To define and manage all aspects of user research (formative, evaluative, qualitative and quantitative) and feedback all significant findings to key stakeholders.


Provide expert HCI research advice on projects across a range of scales, working with a mix of in-house teams, design agencies, or software vendors and integrators to ensure the best possible experience.


Working for equality of opportunity


Collaborate closely with stakeholders and partners from inside and outside

Contribute to the wider UX community in the company.