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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

ICT Teacher job description

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-ICT Teacher job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-ICT Teacher job description

ICT Teacher job description

To provide professional leadership and management of the all classes, to support and develop the students in the class and hold them accountable for their progress.  To manage, your own professional development with the support of your line manager in order to secure high quality teaching, the effective use of resources and improved standards of learning and achievement of all students in your classes

1. To agree, monitor and evaluate the student progress targets for the classes taught to promote pupil achievement and to make a measurable contribution to the class, faculty and whole school targets.  


2. To have teaching plans, which contribute positively to the achievement of students you teach and which actively involves all students in its execution.


3. To engage all students in your classes in the consistent implementation of schemes of work which encapsulate key learning strategies

4. To provide regular feedback for students in a way which recognises good practice and supports their progress against targets and has a tangible and measurable impact on student learning.


5. To assist the Head of Faculty in the ongoing review of the standards of leadership, teaching and learning in the subject area, consistent with the schools self-evaluation procedures.


6. To ensure that you and all students in your classes understand, and are actively implementing, the key aspects of the school’s values and beliefs and all aspects of school agreed policies including the school’s behaviour and inclusion policies.


7. To support your team leader in ensuring that budget allocations to the team are spent in line with priorities and the principles of best value, and to ensure that all resources are kept in good order and safe.


• Degree or equivalent plus teaching qualification


• Evidence of continuing professional development.



• Evidence of excellent teaching and classroom management skills


• Successful experience of teaching in inner city comprehensive schools.


• Successful experience of teaching across the age and ability range


• Successful involvement in planning, implementing and evaluating initiatives to raise achievements


Management and leadership skills:


• The ability to motivate and lead people


• The ability to plan collectively.


• The ability to build good relationships with all students and adults












Professional knowledge and understanding:


• Evidence of excellent knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for the subject and the capacity to engage students in the learning of the subject


• Understanding of Key stage 2 to 3 transition issues


• Understanding of the 14 to 19 curriculum


• Knowledge and some experience of school self-evaluation


• The ability to use ICT effectively to support tasks and activities



Skills, abilities and personal qualities:


• The ability to promote and maintain the highest standards in all aspects of the work in the school.

• Team player with energy, enthusiasm and perseverance.


• Very good organisational skills, encouraging positive collaborative working practices

• Good communication skills, showing sensitivity and strength


• Mentoring and coaching skills, showing ability to be both constructive and critical

• Ability and skills to manage change


• A commitment to developing curriculum activities within the Technology Faculty


• Evidence of a commitment to equal opportunities policies and an understanding of their effective operation within schools.