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IT Investigator job description

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-IT Investigator

Responsible for conducting forensic investigations into the use of or suspected use of IT systems in the commission of the following:

I. The loss, suspected theft or deliberate damage of company property

II. Suspected fraud

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

IT Investigator Job Description


- You will be responsible for effective management and performance of forensic examinations of computer systems including other associated digital media and devices in particular those involving high technology internet cases


- Conduct detailed forensic examination of Disk Images and other hardware peripherals to enable information retrieval, breaking passwords, finding hidden or otherwise "invisible" information on the media to extract evidence of misuse / criminal activity

- Use experience and knowledge of a wide variety of advanced computer technologies and theories to conduct analysis of evidential sources

- In data recovery cases, determine the most appropriate method of protecting original evidence and recovery of deleted, erased, hidden and encrypted data

- Engage in proactive and reactive use of investigative tools for the identification of offenders and prevention of crime including the use of covert surveillance techniques


- Prepare case files, expert reports and evidence for use in court or as part of an internal disciplinary hearing or other dispute resolution forums, whilst also ensuring effective management of exhibits, including electronically recorded material in connection with investigations.

- Provide written witness statements to the police, or discipline authority detailing involvement in investigations as appropriate; attend court, disciplinary hearings or tribunals to give evidence as required.

- Ensure effective management of cases through appropriate stages

-Ensure adherence to proper safety precautions, identify risk, develop control measures and act accordingly to prevent accidents. You are responsible for the safety of self, others, materials, and equipment. Use safety equipment as required.

- Accurately record and report incidents .

- Give advice & reassurance to victims and witnesses as appropriate.

- Prioritise case load in accordance with departmental objectives.

- Gather and disseminate information & intelligence with a view to turning it into actionable information

- Perform other related duties as required by management to meet the needs of the organisation.









Demonstrated ability to evaluate and maintain hardware and software necessary for the performance of computer related investigations.


Show flexibility in availability to assist in identifying, securing, documenting, and seizing high technology evidence.


Experience with various networking environments and operating systems


Highly effective inter-personal and communications skills, including the ability to:


  • Write clear and concise reports and other professional documentation, using Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Internet

   • Communicate effectively and deal appropriately with all levels of staff, both technical and non technical on a one to one basis or in small groups. In particular, being able to explain complex technical concepts in everyday language

   • Establish good working relationships with a broad range of departments and teams o

   • Work independently, schedule and prioritise own work;

   • Work in a team, often in times of stress and pressure;


   • Use tact, initiative, sound judgement and discretion including facilitative and consulting skills

   • Be a team player with mentoring and professional development capabilities to other members of the department to maximise efficiency









Up to date knowledge of the latest computer hardware and software technology with an understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, WHOIS, NAT, and basic Internet protocols.


The flexibility to accommodate frequently changing client briefs and changing workloads within the allocated teams.


Ability to accurately administrate, track, collate and report investigative information


Demonstrable ability to handle sensitive / confidential information





Investigative experience in a UK Police Force or other law enforcement agency; or who has similar investigative experience in a corporate security team and are an Accredited Counter Fraud Officer.


A working knowledge of UK criminal and civil law including the Theft Act(s); Understanding of Computer Misuse Act 1990 (as amended); Protection from Harassment Act 1997; the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE); Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1997; the Data Protection Act; Freedom of Information Act 2000; Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) & European Convention on Human Rights Act 2000 (ECHR). Experience in applying such knowledge and offering practical advice on its application.


Up to date knowledge of the latest computer hardware and software technology, as it relates to investigations and recent relevant criminal legislation.


Have knowledge and experience in computer crime investigation using Encase Disk Imaging software and all other relevant applications, to independently conduct comprehensive analysis in all types of forensic microcomputer and computer media searches and examinations.


Knowledge of computer science and laws related to computer evidence recovery as well as procedures for the collection, preservation and presentation of computer evidence, which has been deleted/erased, fragmented, hidden, or encrypted from data storage devices.


Experience of liaising with the Police Service and other such agencies at all levels.


Professional training of computer investigation techniques and legal aspects.


Ability to give evidence in criminal and civil court, internal boards, and/or provide written statements when and where required on results of seizure and handling of evidence, and results of analysis


Experience in conducting and directing investigations of Internet activities, including intrusions, web hosting and programming, IRC (DCC and XDCC) transmissions, Usenet postings, FTP site operation, peer-to-peer systems, and e-mail


A knowledge of the law as it applies to the deployment of covert devices in criminal investigations in the commercial environment.



III. Abuse of IT systems

V. Malicious Communications directed at staff

V. Harassment of staff

VI. Leaks of Confidential Information

VII. Other such incidents as required


2. Provide advice on security and safety of staff and assets especially as it relates to Information Technology


- Assist in the investigation of IT aided criminal activity and / or incidents amounting to misconduct or gross misconduct including: theft, fraud, computer abuse, malicious communications (including bomb warnings), harassment etc. and where required, to act as the lead investigator, in order to identifying those responsible and prevent further such incidents

- Provide an effective IT forensic investigation service by conducting examinations of computers and the media generated by computers to develop evidence as the supporting investigator in this specialist area of forensic computer science

1. Takes all steps possible to ensure that all Organisation users have read and understand the Organisation’s Acceptable Use Policy and any other policies relevant to end-users and their managers.


2. Undertakes such other duties as may reasonably be required of you commensurate with your general level of responsibility and the general scope of the post, as determined by the IT Customer Services Manager

Policies and Procedures


Organisation employees are expected to follow Organisation policies, procedures and guidance as well as professional standards and guidelines. Copies of Organisation policies can be accessed via the staff intranet or from your manager.















Much of the work is of a confidential nature. This means that no discussion should take place about the care, needs, or activities of any service user, except in the clear interest of that service user or other members of staff. Staff are reminded that personal information concerning colleagues is also confidential