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IT Security Engineer job description

IT Security Engineer job description job description

Part of a dedicated team delivering IT Security Expertise and technical advancement.

Main responsibilities-IT Security Engineer job description [in more detail below]

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-IT Security Engineer job description

Free Job description IT Security Engineer

Required to act as the focal point for the provision of information security expertise, ensuring all aspects of IT security policies and procedures are implemented and audited.


Daily monitoring of the IT Infrastructure using technical expertise and looking for patterns and potential issues. Working in close connection with Senior IT Management including the CTO, Technical Infrastructure Manager, Information Governance Manager and Senior IT Technicians. Delivery of security training and awareness sessions with end users.




To promote awareness of Security Policies, Data Security Standards and Codes of Practice/Compliance by communicating with staff across the organisation to ensure Information Security requirements are understood and complied with;



To administrate and monitor using specific IT Network Security applications including [but not limited to] the cvompany -wide antivirus, email encryption, file encryption, firewall logs, file screening, server audit, medical devices and host protection systems. This requires continuous re-assessment of suitability for purpose and making or recommending any required changes.


To design, implement and enforce IT Security Policies to ensure alignment with related corporate policies. To ensure provision of relevant IT documents and procedures for use as evidence toward the commitment to meeting full compliance with Information Governance and data security requirements.


To understand and provide expert advice on the security risks facing IT data.


To be responsible for the technical IT security strategy, proposing and implementing systems and processes to continuously reduce the risks and effects of hacking and cyber-crime.


To be responsible for keeping abreast of IT security news and developments and to provide expert technical advice based on expert analysis of this information.


To be responsible for forensic investigation of IT security incidents/breaches, providing regular reporting using the appropriate assurance framework.


To be responsible for regular security testing with high quality reporting. Responsible for the subsequent hardening of IT systems based on results of regular tests.


To be responsible for implementing a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system and to be responsible for the monitoring, analysis and escalation of incidents captured.






•To develop IT Security Systems planning for new threats and the continual auditing of existing services.


•To provide technical advice in respect of appropriateness of IT security products within the company








Will be required to be responsible for all aspects of system administration and network support services with a strong emphasis on Citrix (Virtualisation), AppV 5.1, Vmware, Networking or Security ensuring that the services are efficient and responsive to the needs of the business. To provide an efficient technical and systems support function to users of departmental systems.



•To prepare and undertake acceptance test plans for each component of the infrastructure delivered also ensuring compliance of these systems with the requirements of the data protection act.


•To contribute to the production of investment cases for the continued support and enhancement of the infrastructure to ensure new business requirements can be met.


Delivery of Services


•To communicate and work effectively with the IM&T department, users and suppliers to ensure successful implementation of project infrastructures in line with agreed quality standards, timescale and budget.


•To be the prime contact for technical Security Issues.


•Provide technical leadership and serve as key liaison between system suppliers, users, managers, IT Department, other stakeholders in defining and delivering their IT security infrastructure requirements.


•To consider the impact of security on implementations on service delivery and agree the most appropriate time for infrastructure to be installed, or decommissioned for repair or replacement.


•To regularly undertake audits of the IT security and formally report on findings.


•The formulation and management of sound resilience strategies to ensure adequate fallback in the event of a serious IT Security incident.


•Take part in out of hours on call for the department


•Maintain detailed records of audits and events having them available for examination as required to authorised parties.


•To liaise with the System Managers for matters relating to IT Security and Business Continuity.


•To Provide advice on pertinent legislation









Technical Strategy


•To understand complex technical and organisational issues in order to set strategy and standards for the IT Security


IT Security


•To assess the risks posed through virus attacks, spy ware, etc. and to propose, deploy and manage specialist security products to protect the Trust from such attacks.


•To records risks both locally and as part of the Assurance Framework


•To develop policy and procedure in support of improving IT security for the organisation


•To develop and implement security policy and procedures and monitor their effectiveness


•Responsible for the front line defence of networks and data


•Analyse security risks and report on findings


•Develop plans to deal with incidents, ensuring best practice forensic processes are followed


•Attend Data Security Board and Information Governance Steering Group


•Provide technical reports


•Be responsible for the management of IT security systems


•Monitor and escalate and abnormal activity on the network


•Provide regular testing of systems and advise/report on improving security


•Responsible for arranging penetration testing of the network and systems


•Be responsible for monitoring and if required deployment of patching and security updates

Communications and leadership


•Compose and deliver IT security training and/or advising sessions to IT technical staff.


•Must be able to provide and receive complex technical information, instruction and advice.


•Must be able to communicate complicated technical matters to non-IT experts to ensure risks and processes are properly understood.


•Communicate professionally to a wide range of staff, including senior managers, consultants, and external suppliers.





MCSE or equivalent level (or) Degree Level (or) Equivalent knowledge skills and experience

Demonstrate commitment to ongoing personal development




Expert knowledge of current IT cyber security issues

Excellent customer service skills

Management of a complex IT Infrastructure within large enterprise level organisation.

Contingency and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Demonstrate a proven track record as a technical lead on the development of business critical applications to defined timescales.

Good knowledge of quality standards, legislation and best practice

Up to date knowledge of technical applications

Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Experience providing IT focused Enterprise Architecture and strategy.

Windows Operating systems and Active Directory Management

Anti-Virus domain infrastructure




Specialist technical knowledge of security Issues and products so that complex security issues can be quickly diagnosed and resolved.

Capacity to undertake complex risk assessment and develop risk mitigation plans

Organisational skills.

Strong communications skills, verbally and written.

Report writing and procedure /policy development

Good time management. Capacity to communicate complex matters to non technical persons

Ability to organise self and others and to work on own initiative.

Ability to work to deadlines, prioritise tasks and manage in a busy pressurised climate.

Ability to prioritise and plan use of resources.




In Depth Knowledge of the laws as it applies to IT Security and recommended standards as applied by appropriate bodies


Extensive IT knowledge across many of the below areas:

o IT desktop applications

o Operating systems

o Networking

o Computer technology

o Database technology

o Security

o Virtualisation

o Citrix

o SAN Technologies

o Microsoft Server and Supporting Services


Free job description IT Security Engineer