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IT Services Infrastructure Manager job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Manage the Infrastructure team and ensure delivery of agreed service levels from both internal  and external 3rd party suppliers.


Manage capacity utilisation by monitoring current usage and forecasting future demand and then bringing new capacity into service in a timely and cost effective manner. Develop, maintain and periodically test service continuity plans for all IT infrastructure.

Main responsibilities- IT Services Infrastructure Manager job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities- IT Services Infrastructure Manager job description

 IT Services Infrastructure Manager job description

Management responsibilities


Management of a team of Infrastructure Specialists, overseeing their work and ensuring delivery against their responsibilities and projects.


Develop the skill and capabilities of the staff within the team


Consistent and effective performance management of staff including setting clear, specific and measurable objectives that are reviewed at least every three months.


Ensure all staff members have a training plan and actively encourage the uptake of training agreed within the training plan.


Ensure robust procedures and practices are developed and maintained

Using the team, ensure that robust documentation and procedures are put into place which meet the business expectations.

Advanced core skills including Mathematics and English Language to GCSE or equivalent.


Expert level knowledge of IT Security best practices


Expert level knowledge of IT Service Continuity Management best practices including ITIL standards













Broad infrastructure and technology background including proven background in security management In-depth Active Directory Knowledge


In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP based networks (both LAN & WAN) Experience working in a similar role in a comparable organisation In-depth experience of working with security monitoring tools and methods


In-depth experience of managing recovery from an incident or major disaster In-depth experience of PCI DSS framework and associated regulatory requirements


In-depth experience of DPA requirements · CISSP and/or CISA certification would be desirable but not essential


Basic knowledge of Computer Forensic tools and procedures


-Infrastructure architecture documentation is comprehensive and up to date so that accurate and current documentation for the infrastructure architecture is available to all stakeholders as appropriate

-Infrastructure operating procedures are implemented, documented and followed to ensure that any changes to the environment are executed in a controlled and structured manner

-Infrastructure management and operating procedures reflect up to date best practices so that all stakeholders are fully aware and so manage the infrastructure appropriately


Ensure Infrastructure is proactively managed so wherever possible problems are trapped before they occur and mitigating actions are taken to prevent them occurring


Infrastructure is fit for purpose and capable of providing the agreed level of service and deliver the performance that matches SLAs for services


Ensure infrastructure is fully compliant with all required security standards so that any relevant audit can be successfully conducted


Maintaining availability of infrastructure  

Manage changes to the availability policies and processes ensuring they are properly approved and communicated to staff before being implemented so that all relevant stakeholders are fully aware and updated

Manage the creation of availability and recovery design criteria to be applied to new or enhanced infrastructure design ·


Ensure the levels of IT availability and resilience required are cost justified so that the business case for implementing infrastructure resilience/availability is tangible





Managing Capacity Utilisation

Ensure that appropriate levels of monitoring of resources and infrastructure performance are set and that the information recorded is kept up-to-date and used to support Capacity Management activities and ensure that the infrastructure capacity can be adjusted to match demand in a proactive manner. (This may involve liaising with third party providers to collect the information)


Manage production of capacity plans in line with the organisation's business planning cycle; identifying capacity requirements early enough to take account of procurement lead times so that new infrastructure components/services can be procured, installed, tested and implemented in a timely manner to ensure capacity requirements continue to me met


Document the need for any increase or reduction in hardware based on Requests for Change (RFC’s) and cost constraints to ensure all changes are fully justified and understood.


Managing Infrastructure Service Continuity

In conjunction with the IT Service Continuity Manager, manage the implementation of effective Service Continuity Plans for all types of Infrastructure and Third Party Hosted Infrastructure. This will ensure that all IT Service Continuity Plans are consistent and dovetailed with all Service Continuity plans


Ensure Service Continuity Plans are testing in accordance with agreed test schedules and results are documented and reported to It Management