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IT Support Engineer Job Description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-IT Support Engineer Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Responsibilities-IT Support Engineer Job Description

IT Support Engineer Job Description

Knowledge of:


Database design, structure, and management.


Basic operations, service and activities of local and wide area network systems.


Basic operational characteristics of a variety of computer systems, applications, hardware and software.


Methods and techniques of installing network hardware and software.


Basic principles and practices of local area network administration.


Principles of report preparation.


Basic principles and practices of troubleshooting network problems.


Modern office procedures, methods and equipment including computers.



Ability to:


Manage multiple databases


Make clear and comprehensive reports and keep detailed and complex records.


Review, analyze, and interpret reports and statistics.



Data and Network Specialist (continued)


Ability to: (cont.)

Develop and conduct staff trainings


Provide support to complex wide area network design and implementation projects.

Coordinate schedules and meet deadlines


Understand and carry out written and oral instructions


Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Travel to geographically dispersed sites


Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:



Two years experience in database management and supporting local and wide area networks, computer network design, installation, and customer support.



Equivalent to a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in computer science, network engineering or a related field.

To deliver an excellent IT support service: ensuring users receive a timely resolution of support requests and benefit from training to enhance their use of IT facilities; assisting with maintenance

and development of networks, key databases and websites; ensuring departmental administration is

carried out effectively



Level 1 Support; basic tasks like resetting passwords, creating new user accounts, installing software, taking remote control of computers, etc.


Level 2 Support; more complex tasks like trouble-shooting, investigating, resolution and/or escalation of problems/issues with computers, servers, software, hardware and other network components.


1. IT Support

Your main duties and responsibilities are to maintain all aspects of the IT Helpdesk

Support role and the IT Helpdesk system in order to provide an excellent IT support service to all covering all hardware and software



1st point of contact for all IT and communications issues and/or requests, ensuring users

receive a timely resolution of support requests and are kept up to date at appropriate stages of

each work order. You must be able to interact well with a wide variety of users with different

technical abilities.


a. User support (1st and 2nd level), including: creating, maintaining and troubleshooting local and

network (Active Directory based) user accounts, and applying other user account settings such

as VPN settings, creating mailboxes, print management software, spam and website filtering

software etc.


b. Hardware support (1st and 2nd level) including: installing, configuring, upgrading, maintaining

and troubleshooting all hardware types in use i.e. desktops, laptops, servers, printers, PDA’s,

smartphones, mobile phones, digital phone systems, projectors, sound systems etc.


c. Software support (1st and 2nd level) including installing, maintaining and troubleshooting: -

i. All client operating systems in use, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and successive


ii. All desktop software in use, for example, Microsoft Office Suite, Corel Draw, Adobe CS


iii. Security software such as Windows updates/patches, Sophos anti-virus, firewalls and

any other security software/ practices in use.

d. Database support (1st and 2nd level) i.e. troubleshooting basic/common database issues as well

as more technical tasks, including: -

i. Creating user accounts, password resets, configuring security settings / groups, etc;

ii. Be able to work with users and departments in helping to design and implement new

database projects;



IT Support Engineer Job Description

IT Support Engineer Job Description

.iii. Create database reports and queries using Microsoft Access;

iv. Be able to make basic database programme amendments;

v. Escalation of more technical issues to the appropriate member of the IT Dept.

e. Network Support (1st and 2nd level) i.e. troubleshooting basic/common network settings on

client machines, servers, printers and other network hardware such as:

i. NIC’s, modems, switches, Print Servers, VPN routers, routers etc.;

ii. Repairing and installing network cabling etc;

iii. Telephone system support for users, configuration updates, issue investigation and

working with system maintenance supplies;

iv. Troubling shooting of network services/protocols such as DHCP, DNS, FTP, PPTP,

Firewalls etc;

v. Escalation of higher level issues to the appropriate member of the IT dept.

f. Website Support (1st and 2nd level) including:

i. creating and maintaining website user accounts/security groups;

ii. basic website tasks such as creating articles, download material etc;

iii. good understanding of CMS based websites;

iv. updating of website modules and components;

v. Website testing;

vi. Escalation of higher level issues to the appropriate member of the IT dept.















2. Staff Training

Responsible for developing, planning and delivering in-house training courses and materials (by using

purchased resource material) for common software in use in the organisation such as;

a. Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher)

b. Corel Draw

c. Adobe products such as CS Suite and Acrobat etc.

To also contribute to the development and monitoring of IT Department policies such as: -

a. User security policies;

b. User best practices documents;

c. Business Continuity plan, etc.


3. IT Department Administration

Responsible for the administration of the IT Department, with assistance from the Support Services


a. Helpdesk System Administration:

i. Work order creation, investigation, escalation and completion;

ii. Communicating progress and resolution of work orders to users;

iii. Hardware registration and updating on the hardware assets register.

b. Software licensing database;


c. Filing of invoices, software licenses, important communications and other such materials:

d. To suggest and implement improvements to the IT Department administration procedures:


e. Other ad-hoc administrative tasks.


4. Liaise with third party suppliers of IT and Communications services / products:

a. in the repair or maintenance of any IT equipment;

b. Broadband suppliers;

c. Telephone lines and system suppliers;

d. IT software and hardware suppliers.

5. Keeping personal skills and knowledge up to date and in line with the technologies and software in use

in the organisation, e.g.:

a. Keeping up to date with the latest client and server operating systems i.e. Vista, Windows 7,

Server 2003, Server 2008 etc, by way of in-house training using purchased material or course

attendance, and preferably by taking the Microsoft exams;

b. Keeping up to date with the latest release of software commonly in use in the organisation in

order to allow you to successfully support, troubleshoot and train staff, i.e. Microsoft Office

2007/2010, Adobe CS suite etc, by way of in-house training using purchased material.

6. User monitoring - the IT Support Technician will be required to monitor computer users and report to the

IT Manager where users are contravening IT procedures.













7. To play a full part in the ongoing work of the IT Department and complete other departmental tasks that

are appropriate for your role as designated by the IT Manager.

8. Opportunity to be involved in other IT projects and introduction of new technologies and/or practices

that are appropriate for your role as defined by the IT Manager.