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IT Support job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

To develop, maintain and support the relevant systems in accordance with specifications / operational requirements

Main responsibilities-IT Support job description

IT Support job description

1. Communication and Relationship Skills

a) Establish and maintain effective written and verbal communication with individuals and groups of customers and stakeholders of all levels, explaining difficult and highly complex IT processes and issues often being the specialist contact.

b) Arrange, lead and participate in meetings with various levels of internal and external customers and stakeholders to:

• discuss and agree service requirements

• progress problems and issues

• answer queries.

c) Facilitate discussions on IT related matters, dealing with conflicting requirements and priorities of customers. Refocus discussions where necessary, to resolve conflict and establish acceptable conclusions.

d) Provide oral and written advice to customers in the use of systems and services developed by the directorate.

2. Analytical and Judgemental Skills


The post holder must be able to:

a) Identify and interpret customer requirements, risks, and issues, giving a range of evaluated options and solutions.

b) Provide a structured approach to diagnosing, assimilating and critically interpreting project objectives, risks, and issues.

c) Investigate, diagnose and resolve faults/problems from internal/external stakeholders to a satisfactory conclusion.

d) Analyse and design processes to ensure that specifications / guidance continue to meet the needs of users.



3. Planning and Organisational Skills


The post holder must be able to:

a) Lead development activities for allocated work packages. Plan, schedule, co-ordinate monitor and adjust the resources (human and physical), activities and priorities in order to deliver work packages to agreed objectives, standards and deadlines.  

b) Assist line management in producing resource estimates for tasks allocated to the team.

c) Develop team plans and ensure that they dovetail with project and quality plans.

d) Plan and prioritise responses to requests for assistance.

e) Plan and prioritise system maintenance tasks.


e) Provide oral and written analysis and advice on the interpretation of data produced by those systems and products.


f) Conduct formal training seminars on the use of the systems and products.


g) Produce technical documentation that provides all necessary information to allow continuing maintenance and development of systems and services.

f) Plan and prioritise fault investigation tasks.



4. Responsibility for Policy / Service Development Implementation


The post holder must be able to:


a) Develop and maintain an understanding of policies and strategy.  Assess the impact of these policies and strategies across the stakeholders IT systems and services assisting in the development of proposals for change where appropriate.

b) Provide recommendations to line management on technical and business issues which will inform the development of directorate &  business plan.

c) Provide specialist analysis and advice to colleagues on the use of data to inform NHS wide policy decisions.



5. Responsibility for Financial and Physical Resources


The post holder will be responsible for the configuration, installation and safe use of computer hardware


6. Responsibility for Information Resources


Responsible for adapting/designing information systems to meet the specifications of customers and stakeholders as part of project and infrastructure upgrades.


Provide timely and accurate reports and information extracts as required by line management.



8. Responsibility for Research and Development













The post holder will be responsible for:


a) Contributing to the research and evaluation of new Information and IT technologies to establish their benefit to the work undertaken.

b) Implementing complex third-party solutions and where appropriate integrate them with existing systems to add value to the services provided

c) Testing applications to ensure that the systems developed meet the stated business requirements.


This is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities and the post holder may be required to undertake other duties which fall within the grade of the job, in discussion with the manager.


This job description will be reviewed regularly in the light of changing service requirements and any such changes will be discussed with the post holder.