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Free Job Descriptions

"The database of free job descriptions"



























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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Job definition provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Check out the A-Z of jobs on this page below

Job Definition

A job definition is sometimes known as a `job description`, `work description`or `job duties`.  All of these describe the duties and taks within the position that an employee is expected to perform.   Generally speaking the job definiton will list the key or main responsibilities.


Presumably you have found this site because you are interested in the job definiton for one or more jobs.  On this site we have one of the largest databases of free job descriptions on the internet.  


There are literally thousands of JD`s here and all of them relate to real jobs, not hypothetical jobs.


There are literally thousands of job defintions on this site.


Just check out the A-Z in the panel below the menu on the page left.  You can browse to find the job definition that you need.  It is particularly relevant if you know the first letter of the jd.  Failing that you can undertake a search from the top left search feature.


On the right is the list of position definitions for jobs which begin with the letter `C`.   These are is a small fraction of the job definitions on this website.





Within each jd we include key responsibilities, position [job] summary and also note the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the job.


What this website does is to give you a database of work definitons which enable you to have a starting point from which to study or write a job definition.  


These WD`s are drawn from every type of occupation including HR, Management, Sales, Accountancy, Executive, Marketing and many, many others.   They are for real jobs.


If you take, for example, the Sales section on the menu left, you will find job definitions for all types of sales job from retail, to Sales Management, sales Director etc.  In addition you will find JD`s for the back up positions such as Sales Analyst, Sales Administrator etc.  We aim to cover most jobs.






For each job definition you will normally see three headings on each page


1] Job Summary


Provides a short paragraph defining the job in simple terms anmd what  the job entails


2] Main Responsibilities


The main duties and tasks required to be undertaken.  Sometimes this section is known as "job duties"


3] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


What sorts of knowledge and experience and qualifications are required of a member of staff to undertake this sort of role?



You will see the red buttons  through this website.  Each one contains a job description, just click on a few and take a look.  


These tend to be those that people are actively seeking.


Likewise there is a sample left, check out some of these links.