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Job Description Business Intelligence Specialist

Free Job Description Business Intelligence Specialist

Job Summary-Job Description Business Intelligence Specialist

The Business Intelligence Specialist (BIS) is an essential member of the Management/Strategy Team, responsible for the production, development and promotion of a range of statistical information and associated services to enable improved productivity and efficiency. This is a challenging role providing in-depth, specialist information, reports and recommendations by analysing highly complex, multi stranded data to performance manage our users.


Main responsibilities-Job Description Business Intelligence Specialist

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job Description Business Intelligence Specialist


•Develop proactive systems to manage performance. This will require creative ways to predict, and improve utilisation via the development of systems to predict performance so action can be taken before the event rather than after the event. This requires interactive and intelligent systems.


•The above will require the post holder to investigate, analysis and predict outcome of highly complex data with multiple, sensitive outcomes.



•Implement systems to ensure there is continuous review of the data to ensure the CMG maximizes all of its opportunities to improve productivity, efficiency and quality of its services.


•Design and recommend improvement measures and set up reporting mechanisms to capture the relevant data on the required basis.


•Highly developed communication skills are required as a means to manage the complex and challenging messages to effectively and positively manage the messages whilst engaging the audience


•Presentation of data sets in an effective and confident way requiring the use of highly developed interpersonal skills to build strong effective working relationships


•Develop systems to ensure data accuracy and build credibility in the messages that are delivered. Generates, manipulates and formulates data into clear, concise reports which are adjusted to the needs of the recipient from highly complex to simple reports.


•To take a strategic lead to help drive productivity. This will require the ability to manage a project effectively and pre-empt user requirements to manage performance.



Educated to Degree level (or relevant experience) and 2 years information and analysis management

Significant specialised knowledge



Highly specialist knowledge  underpinned by theory and practice


In depth specialist knowledge information analysis


Excellent Knowledge of  Information terminology  












Specialist knowledge of Payment By Results


Project Management skills, in depth knowledge of statistics and  information analysis


Understanding of  performance monitoring processes


Clear understanding of the requirements of the  Plan and the  Improvement Plan.



Planning and organisational skills


Plan and organise a broad range of complex activities


Formulate and adjust plans, strategies, formulating long term strategic plans involving uncertainty at speciality level and which could impact on the bigger picture


Project planning in all aspects of the business area when required.


Formulate  policies and procedure where required


Manage conflict



Required to judge highly complex facts/situations requiring analysis, interpretation and comparison of a wide range of options.


Design of information systems to manage planning and management of resources


Excellent numeric skills.


Business case development


Analytical and interpretation of highly complex information and ability to translate into easily understood messages.


Ability to manage effectively conflict from senior teams when opinions challenge the data presented


Ability to deliver complex statistical presentations to staff


Approachable, reliable, decisive, tactful, well motivated, respectful and supportive.


Ability to concentrate for long periods of time on highly complex and multi stranded analysis

Capacity Planning and market assessment analysis


Technical expertise in data analysis such as Access, Excel, Business Objects, SQL


•To influence decision-making at all levels and support the implementation of new operational processes, performance management systems and changes in culture required to deliver maximum value.


•To achieve the above by leading change at the front-line, through collaboration and strong communication, analytical assessment of the potential to improve and design and implementation of new ways of working.


•Provide accurate analysis of efficiency and productivity on a regular basis for all users. This will require detailed analysis of many variables and as such you will be required to build credibility for your analyst to the teams.



•Will use in depth specialist knowledge to provide professional advice and analytical support to all internal and external stakeholders as necessary which will be used to manage performance of resources


•Contribute to the cost improvement program by presenting new ways to improve efficiency and productivity


•To undertake detailed, complex investigation into sensitive areas to ensure that they are able to respond to National Guidelines.


•Ensure the production of high level strategic and performance analysis, to manage performance in theatres at service levels.













•Responsible for alerting Management Teams on issues which many need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. When appropriate present evidenced based solutions/options.


•Provide advice to individual project teams on collecting, reporting, analysing and using collected data, sharing learning and teaching tools and techniques to improve individual’s skill in using information effectively


•Ensure close working with the other BIS and Informatics Team to ensure that the job role does not replace or undertake their general duties. This role should compliment adding a greater depth and intelligence which we can use to improve it business, performance management and engage the speciality teams.


•To lead capacity planning and market assessment, including activity forecasting and predictions.