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Job Description Dental Nurse

Job Summary-Job Description Dental Nurse

To provide an environment which is both efficient and caring, escort patients into the clinical environment and prepare them for their consultation and treatment.  Assist the clinicians during treatments whilst at the same time giving due consideration to the care and support of the patients throughout their stay in the department

Main responsibilities-Job Description Dental Nurse

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job Description Dental Nurse

Free Job Description Dental Nurse



1.Promote high standards of patient care for all patients, including children and those with special needs.


2.Maintain high standards of working practices adhering to policies in the management of all dental patients


3.Ensure general cleanliness and hygienic practice


4.Prepare and sterilze dental instruments and hand pieces, ensuring traceability where appropriate.


5.Check all equipment is in working order, document as such and report faults to the Lead Nurse to ensure remedial action is taken.

6.Lay out instruments and equipment using aseptic techniques.


7.Ensure that all requisite materials are available e.g. impression materials, filling materials and dressings.


8.Receive patients and provide escort as required.


9.Negotiate the level of nursing intervention with patient, responding to queries relating to patient treatment


10.Ability to assess and evaluate patient needs independently.


11.Give appropriate basic care independently and new/complex care with minimal supervision.


12.Clear and reset dental equipment in between patients ensuring cross infection control procedures are adhered to.


13.Implement research based practice.


14.Measure nursing outcomes through audit.


15.Participate with the multi-disciplinary team in decision making regarding patient care management.








•Registered Dental Nurse


•Registration with the GDC





•3 years relevant clinical experience


•2 years in a maxillofacial unit/Orthodontic department






Ability to work within a team


•Good written and verbal communication


•Willingness to learn


•Awareness customer care issues


IT Skills



Knowledge•Up to date clinical knowledge and Health and Safety issues


•Understanding of all current hospital policies.


•Evidence of further Post-Registration Education





16.Management in own clinical area of clinical practices to agreed competency level.


17.Participate in the multi-disciplinary decision-making process regarding change in care.


18.Recognise and assist with dental and medical emergencies.




19.Support the development of nursing policies and procedures.


20.Document patient care without supervision / supervise the accurate documentation of care and evaluation.


21.Demonstrates awareness of others emotional, physical and psychological situation, and responds sensitively.


22.Continually monitor and support the maintenance of stock levels in accordance with local stock management processes.


23.Acts as a preceptor in both the clinical and non- clinical settings.




24.Communicate nursing interventions to relatives and carers with rationale













25.Advise and support patients, relatives and visitors and ensure good professional relationships are maintained.




26.Ensure that all relevant information regarding patient care is recorded, reported and where necessary, acted upon and communicated with departmental staff as appropriate.




27.Liaise effectively with all staff working in the department in order to promote a co-ordinated approach to overall patient care and good customer relation practice.


28.In conjunction with other members of the department team, work to agreed standards of care helping to develop new ideas and methods within the department.


29.Ensure that correct  policies and procedures are followed with regard to any accidents or incidents relating to patients, staff and visitors.


30.To have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of self and others to comply at all times with the requirements of health and safety.


31.To ensure confidentiality at all times, only releasing confidential information obtained during the course of employment to those acting in an official capacity.


Education and Training/Self-Development


37.Identify own training and development needs and undertake appropriate training/education as required.  


38.Participate in an annual individual performance review process where objectives will be agreed, performance monitored and personal development needs discussed.


39.To attend all statutory and mandatory training as and when required to do so.


40.Act responsibly in respect of colleague’s health, safety and welfare following safe work practices and complying with Health and Safety Policies.